Best Pro eSports Mouse – Razer Deathadder Elite Review (giveaway)

Big Thanks to Rebel Tech for giving me the Razer Elite to do this and review and for the giveaway.

Watch the review to get the Promo code and get R200 OFF on the Deathadder Elite at Rebel Tech.

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Pulse Main says:

Love this mouse the best ever

i54690KMC says:

This mouse is definitely better than the chroma, the rgb lighting is A LOT better and brighter. The sensor in this mouth is amazing and it’s never spun out in csgo


Did any one notice if you press the raser logo does it makes crippy sound please tell if you face it

Sil Sikkema says:

I subbed

VenomZ INDO says:

Should i buy this or Logitech G403 ?
Some people say Razer Deathadder feels cheap , is it true ?

Fart dik says:

cheap plastic feel my ass. I feel like it’s quality

MeRThi says:

Of course there’s no fucking lamp grill what’s that going to do plus the mouse switches are not plastic and its like the best price for a fucken advanced as shit mouse come on 250 ips 16000 dpi that’s unheard of in fucking Logitech shit and its only 119 au which is around 80 to 90 in the us correct me if I’m wrong on the us price (not from there) ok review man maybe get your shit straight and review better

Buddy ✓ says:


Crack Head says:

Does the death adder elite and death adder chroma have the same dpi settings??

FaderZ Infinity // Yogurt says:

*5 months later*


SaintLavron says:

The moment i heard that accent I knew it was a South African

Tomiply says:

Who cares about the front grill? You don’t see it anyway, unless you’re standing in front of the mouse, and it certainly doesn’t affect performance. Lol.

leoDa CAT says:

can u change the color of the led on mouse

latteguy03 says:

Just buyed the mouse… Watch the review after buying it…

L -iwnl- says:

I just bought the mouse today and i see this in my recommendations. (THIS MOUSE IS AMAZING BTW)

Alpha League says:

Do you guys have a solution to keep your mouse clean even if you have sweaty hands?

noob playz says:

Lol I lost I wanted a deathaddwr 🙁

PegaBlue says:

hey Nice video:) one question ..My hand is 17,5 cm .Do you recommend this mouse to me ?

Chaos31 says:

Anyone else have the issue when scrolling the mouse wheel, it sometimes doesn’t fully register.?

ツDanikaLMCs says:

I have a question, the software is available for every windows? Like windows 7-10?

Jose Romero says:

So the two buttons on the top can I adjust sensitivity on the PS4 if you wanted to play a game with a mouse and keyboard

Ryzen says:

da elite or zowie mouse?

Axelon says:


Zombie Improv says:

I like my mice curvy like I like my women.

Alexander Primel says:

every one say the Zowie series from benq are better than razer
i use razer naga since 6 years and the newer series have the problem that razer synapse makes some problems
for much ppl also me
for shooter maybe the zowie mice is better

Akeno himejima says:

Before I bought it: so over ratted wtf it’s only green and black

After I bought it: best mouse ever

Joshua Smith says:

Wait, did he just say “200 rand?” :0 YESS BOYS SA

obama7787 says:

How is the lift off distance

Baff ForFun says:

For *Minecraft PvP…*

Buddy ✓ says:

Yeeeeeeeeeeee boi

Dylexion TV says:

USB 2.0 or 3.0?

josistrash says:

I clicked on the video, heard the South African accent and subbed.

JC Aquatics says:

What game are you playing in this video?


great REVIEW man i just ordered this beauty + the razer headset 7.1 chroma 🙂 cant wait

Mc PvP says:

Are u South African I am too

Tobias Andersen says:

i thought you were a 1mil youtuber when i watched:)

ThotScanner says:

South Africa!?

We Do Tech says:

I’ve chosen the WINNER for the Razer Deathadder Elite 😀

Video will be out tomorrow announcing the WINNER.

macan cs says:


A. K. says:

What a joke with these ads spam. He aint shy.

Knightony GD says:

not the best

ZillaGames says:

I have the same mouse, I turned the color into a static red, it worked fine with synapse 3.0 but it told me to update it. I didn’t want to so I didnt, the lighting was still working, it was a red static like I chose, but after I started joining games it would turn white and start glitch in into colors like purple, yellow, pink and white. I went to synapse 3.0 and chose a static red but it didn’t save and was only white. Do you recommend me updating it?

The Combat Wombat says:

Check out the ZOWIE EC1A its the same but not BS and better quality

DentaArtz. • Alex says:

Yay WinWinWIIIN I don’t have an good mouse ;(

Simao Nunes says:

Rival 310 and 600 are better

The iron Fist says:

im a duck

Samuel Hsu says:

im do jealous that everyone gets a fancy deathadder mouse when im stuck here with a stupid mouse that doesnt even register clicks half of the time

XDPvPGodz says:

I love this video!!!

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