Best FPS Gaming Mouse? Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Review

Full in-depth review of the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Ultra Fast FPS Gaming Mouse.
With the G402 Hyperion Fury, qhether you’re lining up a headshot or dodging heavy fire, Hyperion Fury offers the blazing-fast tracking and pinpoint accuracy you need.

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1Dollaro inContanti says:

The g600 is one of the best mouses

Majcry says:

I just got this mouse loved the review man.

Dà Dévil says:

disliked for cancerous music quality.

filip rupnik says:

I have this mouse it is the best love it

thedark5577 says:

This or g502 for overwatch?

Simardeep Singh says:

Tht wrist cramp thing xD 3:46

Fancy Steals says:

QUESTION. The top left button on the g502 can easily be clicked when firing on a fps game. Is this the same with the g402? Are the top side button positioned better/away from the main fire button?

Tazwar Rahman Chowdhury says:

Can anyone tell if the mouse has 420 ips OR 500 ips? I saw 500 ips in the logitech page but here in the box i see 420 ips

shiva sardana says:

This still worth in 2017?

Fares Sdiri says:

I have the mouse and I have to say that I used faster, but, this mouse hits the sweetspot; it isn’t too fast not too slow, and u can change doing by just clicking the buttons, and it also has a sniper mode so that’s a bonus. (basically) IT IS AMAZING!!! definitely recommend!

Pavan Kumar TVN says:

Gaming Mouse available in online shop >>>>>

Tm Battlefielder says:

Logitch or Zowie? Please help me cant decide. I play Rainbow six Siege mainly. Hope you guys can help me out!

Darkiron says:

Im using the same mice as u revieved

eXoDus says:

i’m so lucky because I have Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum For me the Best Mouse in the World

lipzi says:

My g402 has seen better days

scr00ge says:

does it have rgb or nah?

Gazump says:

Your favourite genre is fps and you are using a wrist mouse pad, boo!

Ale Parise says:

I’ve used a Razer and Logitech mouse and keyboard. And I want to be honest I did not like the feel of the Logitech keyboard and mouse. So from now on I am sticking with my black widows and death adders.

נעמי מקינו says:

Does the Scroll wheel have left and right buttons?

Aroyjungza 123 says:

is this still worth buying now?

LoL guy 27 says:

Nahh g502 is better

noliem نوليوم says:

g502 is the best 4ever!!

Vaibhav Apraj says:

how many months did it worked for you?
and whats your current mouse now?

Frozenmagicaster - Gaming says:

I have that mouse

Powermatorz says:

How do i change the color of this

All about Drumming says:

im getting g 102 and g 302 for same price for which i should go

Lucas says:

I’d buy the Corsair Scimitar Pro instead of this, or now in 2018 the G502 (G502 is shit anyway).

Mr Invisible says:

windows 10 ?
can it run?

BrothersInArms says:

Thank u so helpful

Rabeel Hormez says:

I feellike a boss now my uncle has that mouse and he lives with me

Aaron Rowland says:

I’ve got a problem. The pads on the bottom one of them has started to peel off. I’m not sure if I should just rip it off

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