BEST Ergonomic Mouse of 2019 – Logitech MX Ergo vs MX Vertical – Comparison Review

Logitech MX Ergo Trackball vs MX Vertical Ergonomic Mouse – Comparison Review – Best Ergonomic Mice of 2019?

Hey guys this is my FIRST time reviewing something like this, I really hope I explained it well and wasn’t too biased, the ergo just worked a lot better for me, the vertical is definitely comfortable as well compared to a traditional mouse! Show the video some LOVE and comment below! 🙂

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Zhehan Tang says:

Does the precision of trackball intervene with my architecture design work flow? Illustrator Rhino CAD and 3d MAX etc.

Md Hafiz says:

Need more light on your face and table.

Wah Wat says:


Travis Lohmann says:

Been using the MX Ergo for the past 2 months. Really loving it. It took a good 2-3 weeks for me to personally get used to it, but boy…. it’s something.

Ronald Lam says:

YO! I totally didn’t know my completely different mouse had a side scroll button. Excel will never be the same…. Mind blown.

Mike Wat says:

Hey guys this is my FIRST time reviewing something like this, I really hope I explained it well and wasn’t too biased. The ergo just worked a lot better for me, the vertical is definitely comfortable as well compared to a traditional mouse! Show the video some LOVE and comment below! 🙂

Matthew Evey says:

Try pronouncing what you are saying! At 2:21 the vertical mouse is a bit WHAT?


get ergo…the vertical is failure…..

Michael J. Pelletter says:

Useless reviews 2019

Clair Lam says:

I needed this!! My wrist always hurts with my current mouse!

James Bowles says:

Good video.

NickGivesLs says:

Another banger! Keep it up :p

Tech Jungle says:

I may give the trackball a go. Good review!

Nikunj Jassal says:

Yo mike what’s that keyboard model?

Melanie Rusch says:

awww i wasn’t expecting to win anything XD maybe now i can buy that konmari book! 😀

Isakvent says:

I don’t trust the ball, might destroy my thumb.

Mateusz P says:

what is this little heater thing

dena81 says:

Love that people are reviewing ergo mice! I’m so excited to see a new trackball as I need minimal movement of my wrist to keep my carpal tunnel from flaring. Definitely putting the mx ergo plus on my to buy list

James Bowles says:

You sound like the guy who did the Slap Chop commercial lol

Hermes Martinez says:

Thanks, you save me from buy the ergonomic vertical shit mouse hahah. I prefer the other one for my work c:

LucaG says:

Hey man! Great comparison, I’m actually here from your reddit post where you talk about which camera to get (a7iii, eos r, gh5) was wondering what you ended up with and what kind of setup you’re using!

Would be sick if you included those kinda links in the desc, too. :^) Keep up the content!

Lavablock says:

great video, but might want to brighten up the lights on yourself. kind of felt like i was being happily interrogated haha, great video!

Amanda Geyer says:

I’ve been using trackballs since the late 80s, even to the point of bringing my own trackball to job-sites when I was a temp doing data entry. When Microsoft stopped producing the trackball I’d been using for over a decade, I literally, I [feces] thee not, cried. At that point, Logitech was producing equipment that was sufficiently durable for my needs, and I switched. Now, I’ve been using the M570 for… at least 10 years, and have been contemplating upgrading. This video has convinced me to take a look at the Ergo, especially for the rechargeable battery aspect of it, and the variable angle. Thank you for posting this review. I don’t think I would have found out about the Ergo otherwise, as I generally just buy my mice on Amazon because I know which mouse I want and don’t give a [poop] about competing products.

Richard van Tricht says:

Ordered the ergo for the office today.. i have a smaller laptop mouse now which is annoying as hell. Only need to order keyboard wrist gel for my keyboard as well

Hans Langer says:

free tip; buy ergo mx on bestbuy, they are the only one that sell the plus version, and is much better

Andrew Elek says:

mice, not mouses

Simply Myla K. says:

Oh my gosh! I won! Thanks MW! I Literally liked before watching and also planned to stop by Best Buy tomorrow to check out both of the mouse’s! Thank you!
(Edit) you’re on your way to 1M subs in no time!

okänd says:

You don’t need a keyboard to map the button on top of the mx vertical to scrolling. Just select “Gesture button” and either “pan” or custom and map the directions to the scroll actions depending on what you need.

Hidderry Yu says:

Nice video. But if you use MX Ergo for about 4 hours + continuously, my thumb will be dying….I just have to switch back to my MX master for a daily office use…:) However, it is really comfortable when I am not working or gaming.

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