Asus ROG Pugio Review – The Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Want a lightweight RGB mouse that’s great gaming? Maybe the ROG Pugio is for you… Join PC Centric for the full review…
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That awesome intro music:

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nikographics - colorz. says:

No. This mouse is really underwhelming for the price. If you have small hands, this is a good fit, but anyone with medium or bigger sized hands you can forget this. The mouse weight is not a determining factor for this mouse. It’s a really tight fit and it’s easy to hit the side buttons.

It’s cool you can switch the switches, which is probably it’s best and only good feature. The ROG Armoury is a god-awful program. Steelseries software is ways ahead of ROG. Same goes for corsair.

Trivial says:

Great video! Your production quality has gotten a lot better since I started watching lol

Sir Arstor, Earl of Carim says:

braided cable on a “lite mouse” wtf. does nobody see why zowie mouses sell good. i had a braided cable twice and i will never buy one again.

HooKed says:

My redragon mammoth is all I will ever need in a mouse and I got that for £25.
Nice video though 🙂

Julien Lauzon says:

lighter and smaller , i would buy it , but its close to perfect gaming mouse good job rember asus and evryelse smaller and lighter as possible

Joseph Baez says:

How does this mouse compare to the Razer Orochi?

Lucio says:

feels like you’re a bit too close up to the camera imo

lgnfve says:

wow, u r kinda clueless on how to review a mouse. ck out rocket jump ninja before doing another one of these.

Itbankrock says:

Basically a cheaper and a bit different-looking ROG Gladius II (which I own and is REALLY a great mouse). Btw ROG Armoury software is still a sluggish software considering it takes up a lot of CPU usage when it’s running in the background. For the users: consider closing it completely if you find your perfect mouse settings.

oskar says:

Can you review the Samsung CHG70 ?

Vítek Petrů says:

If you do mouse review, show the f*cking mouse, not your face.

Jeremy says:

Can I use it in ubuntu fully?

Yoshimitsu The First says:

I’m pretty positive every mouse’s left and right click are variable in weight. I just tested it with my Mionix Castor and the right click is definitely intentionally heavier.

Sebastian Castellanos says:

Hey Marcus,recently seen your videos and really liked your channel overall.And i have a question for you maybe you can answer.Im having jagged edges/flickering issues in my games(almost all of my games),do you have any idea why this happens?PS. I have tried every AA,FXAA,MSAA solution both in game and via in radeon settings.Thanks in advance.

MrMatth 95 says:

where is my ambidextrous rgb keyboard?

Peter Blake says:

Intro video is very nice, music = just no.

Vyvaeth says:

Amazing video.

Shadow says:

ROG Gladius vs ROG Pugio?

Hasan Dura says:

This or gladius II?

PCTechHub says:

Quite like that mouse. Not bad for a Peugeot!
Shame cable isn’t removable and I still like a wireless gaming mouse. I’m not a good enough player to worry about the input lag.
Great b roll

stavmangr says:

Are you going to review the predator z35p monitor soon ?

NadesGaming says:

Looks good. This or FK2 guys?

Sumit Bhatia says:

Can you compare this to the Redragon Mammoth M801. So i have the Redragon M801 and wanted to see if there are better mice which will improve my game. So i got the Razer DeathAder and Logitech G502. Tried both of them for 20 days each but went back to the Mammoth. Your review seems to me like that i might like the Pugio. So i use the side buttons a lot for walking and reloading in games and in the other mice it was just hard to use those buttons.

Mikey D says:

There needs to be an open standard for RGB. One app to control all lighting, regardless of manufacturer.

TheMaratrix says:

What is this rgb mousepad?

I Am Nobody says:

No word about the fairly low placed side buttons? I don’t have big hands, but it is very hard to grip the mouse with your thumb without accidentally clicking the back side button. You have to grip the mouse very carefully/gentle in order to avoid these accidental clicks.

How goes Razer software and stability together? Synapse is one of the most unstable, buggy apps I have ever used.

liorio wibowo says:

hi guys, im at the top, lets make a joke

Vincent Ernst says:

Nice the new intro 🙂

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