ASUS ROG GLADIUS 2 Optical Gaming Mouse Review.

Republic of Gamers (ROG) have just released the Gladius 2 with some new cool lighting effects but does it perform? They’ve added the Pixart 3360 optical gaming sensor and it’s turned into a beast!

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curiousgeorgieo says:

mmm 2000hz gladius 0.5ms latency mmm mmm

MrElco1017 says:

Does anyone know a release date for the US? Been looking everywhere and can’t find anything

RadafusGaming hack - crack - tuto - gaming says:

GLADIUS = 3988 = beast
GLADIUS 2 = 3360 = beast

moral of the story : if you have the gladius you dont need the gladius 2 period

3988 = 50g
3360 = 40g

TheHatori1 says:

Nice review! Is Gladius 2 any better than in Gladius 1, apart of higher DPI and RGB?

Eduardix10 says:

I need help I received recently gladius 2, and I can’t find that software, can someone help me?

TheMightyJan says:

i found that mouse in my country and i will buy it :3

Neναnαrτ says:

It’s the destroyer of wallet just like the Mamba and Spatha

Witapro says:

The gladius 2 looks dope as *F**K*

Raaskyl says:

Did you try re-binding any of the buttons? I bought this mouse but have had issues rebinding the sniper button to a keystroke. It doesn’t register in some games like Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2. I’m not sure if it is the mouse or the Armoury software but my previous mice from Logitech and Roccat had no trouble rebinding buttons.

Hit The Dirt Full Throttle says:

I have claw grip, do I still have to get the mouse?

Witapro says:

*this is so much better then the razer deathadder* like if you agree!

Jakeam says:

What is a keyboard? 05:05

Josh Faumuina says:

What is the song playing at the beginning? I can’t focus on buying on stuff without it.

RenaissanceWok says:

Oh shit, you’re good.

douwess dekker says:

u deserve more like …ur parents is maybe proud of u XD

Nixeus 404 says:

There are lot of great rgb mouse options in the market, it’s ridiculous. But the only thing I’m looking for is the ec2-a with the 3360 sensor.

Taaank CPC says:

The second wire is made if you use the mouse on a laptop computer. This is why it’s shorter than the other.

BlackPalankaa says:

looks so similar to the original rog gladius , which is still in my opinion one of the best gaming mouses in the world

SoulzShadow says:

Wich one do you recomend Gladius 1 or 2 and what’s the difference between them besides the Gladius 2 has more DPI and RGB light?

top kek says:

just a better version of Razer mice

priyatna Badboys says:

Which is better asus gladiud II or Razer Lancehead TE ?

Chris Glazier says:

This review convinced me to buy it

Alexander Svensson - KALM 7C says:

How to donwload Armouru

Just Han says:

1stplayer blacksir got that underglow too, its only $16, and pretty comfortable for csgo

Julius Hejgaard says:

insane good vid

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