Apple Magic Mouse 2: Unboxing & Review

A quick look at the new Magic Mouse 2 with an internal rechargeable battery and lightning port. This video includes a comparison to the 1st generation.

Stay tuned for videos on the other Magic Accessories and the 2015 iMacs.


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Royce551 says:

The design of this mouth is pretty damn weird, you cant charge while using it, so you risk having your mouse die while you are doing something important, the ergonomics is damn weird

Junior Nguyen says:

Will this work with windows laptop?

정범진 says:

how much is it?

Chris B says:

where do I buy that monitor your using????? I looked on Amazon and apple website and for the life of me I couldn’t find it. I have the mac mini and need the monitor for it

88pysquare Plays says:


gsotoaz says:

Yeah the Logitech mouses are a little bit better because they fit nicely in your hand. I mean the Apple mouse is still good, but I’d get the Logitech.

Blu Robin says:

I’ve got small hand so I like using the apple magic mouse.

tushar Tushar says:

is it work with other computer than Apple?????

GoldSkiller says:


TheGrayWolf81 says:

They should’ve added force touch and their Taptic feedback engine. They also should’ve made the mouse a little more comfortable than the old model. And the charging port. Why the bottom…? I feel like the last time Apple actually made anything “innovative” was when Steve Jobs was still alive and at Apple.

Jason C. says:

$79 for a mouse? NO thanks.

Seiya says:

what is this fuckery

Joshua Estrada says:

why doesn’t my mouse work? it doesn’t appear in the bluetooth menu and it doesn’t pair automaticly

Jim Galapo says:

Does the click feel lighter than the previous one?

Sahaya usha says:

Will it pair with windows??

TheGrayWolf81 says:

I just got the Magic Mouse. I still like the Mighty Mouse better, but nothing is going to beat my gaming mice (one of them being Logitech).

Deft ZA says:

Why not have the port on the front? use it while it charges.

Scott Karrasch says:

Hey Detroid, or anyone else who can answer this. I bought a Macbook Pro retina 15″ recently and a Magic Mouse. I try to connect my magic mouse and it connects but it won’t do anything. (I wanted a wired mouse but the store I was at was out of them) Is there any solution or is this a lost cause?

2012lel2012 says:

Will this mouse work with a pc?

Sim S. says:

2:14 ahhh my ears are bleeding

CookieTheCat ASD says:

Used to game with the apple mouse one… good ol days ;,) I almost miss them.


Tech 101 says:

Needs way more subscribers!!

Jiggly says:

Well. Does it work to PC? (Windows 10) Please answer. I would be so happy! 🙂

Pete Dako says:

Felt really good in the hand (at least for a store demo) but I think it should have a tiny trackball on it like the original wired magic mouse (which I still have a boatload of) ~ maybe Apple will bring back the a tiny trackball on the Magic Mouse 3?
The Magic Trackpad 2 is a winner though ~ and most users will have a trackpad on laptops too so having it on the mouse seems redundent — Hey that Logitech number at the end looks interesting

NatImNatalie says:

I still want an explanation on how to see how much battery or like charge it has, that’s what I want to know.

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