Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse REVIEW Best gaming mouse? AW958

Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse AW958 REVIEW Best gaming mouse?
Gaming mouse with 12000 DPI optical sensor. Featuring AlienFX™ with RGB lighting, up to 13 programmable buttons and striking Alienware design.
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Yukirov says:

The Review is good, why do this have only 2k Views and 20 Likes?

LordKorval says:

That’s a really heavy mouse for FPS

WeOn1 says:

HOow? Did you get paid to say that from dell? I just bought the mouse because of your vid, this mouse sucks and really bad. The left and right clickers feel so loose and feel too hard to click, nothing compared to my old ass corsair. Seriously tho, the mouse has no way to grip it, it is just the worse. You are just buying for the brand nothing else. +(UPDATE) And after a few hours of using this mouse heavily, it sucks really bad. Design is poorly made. The left and right clickers are trash, the scroll wheel is too loose, feels like the whole thing is coming apart. DO NOT BUY, seriously. Coming from a guy that owns Alienware 17r4 1070, and a Alienware Aurora R6.

Mohsin Baloch says:

You deserve more than 1 million subscribers

Yasin Abid says:

zzzz this guys voice, blocked nose voice

CrosspadMasher says:


iiSnipoX PUBGM says:

I stole the display one from best buy so i don’t have the extra wings 🙁 are they available on ebay or amazon?

Dap3tan! says:

first fist

joseph arthur says:

i see six buttons to the left. i see two buttons on the top with a scroll wheel that has three (top, left, right). 123 45 678 so that is eight buttons i am counting. not 13 . but where are the other buttons cause the “DPI Button” that changes the light is absolutely not programmable. (on top)

SwimAP says:

How is it compared to the Deathadder elite

Grand Moff Tarkin says:

Their other version does have the lights. It doesn’t have exchangeable side plates, back plate or weights.

Shax says:

mann your hand shake like crrazy

Alcovitch says:

It’s wired. No thanks.

Maxime Robinne says:

Hi ! I’ve this mouse and I can’t use my ultimate in Overwatch which is on mouse button when I hold the shooting button, do you have the same probleme ?

DDFStar says:


Joseph - My Life In Metro Manila says:

Does the scroll click or is smooth without clicks.. I want this mouse but need the little clicks for video editing. Thanks.

God Bouncer says:

Quick question for the side click on the scroll wheel can you set those to a keybinds on a game?

ZialFPS says:

Mouse is garbage. Get a Zowie EC2B, Logitech G703, Logitech G-Pro, Corsair Glaive, or Razer Deathadder. I have quite a few mice and the Alienware is the shittiest one I’ve bought.

iBHurricane says:

I just bought the Alienware AW3418DW Monitor through dell and got $80 dollars back in rewards. I really like this mouse and will purchase this mouse for around 5 bucks when my points load into my account. Cant wait!!

Greenfrogg55 - says:

Can it connect to the alienware laptops?

Theo K says:

does it have side scroll?

Haonan Zhang says:

I do like the mouse as i prefer heavier mouse. Its look is like g9x and the logitec mx master/performance had a baby.

Daniel Σ says:

This mouse is ass

Brendan Manetz says:

Found one on amazon for $65 US

Goran Pavlović says:

I kinda like it, is it good for csgo? And what mousepad can be used against this mouse?

I Like Cinnamon Buns says:

I got same mouse but the lights don’t work 🙁

D RD says:

have been busy lately, have a few of your videos to catch up, but wondering what is your take on the 8th Gen CPUs, I cannot wait for a six-core, XPS 15, 9570?

Dogemaster :D says:

Not the best best is the g502

Travis Leonard says:

Big problem with this mouse, especially for me because I have big hands but this also applies to others as well. If you like playing shooters or games where you will be flicking the camera around to get a view or shot on someone, this mouse is gonna suck to use. If you are playing a game, any game at all, its very difficult to pick up the mouse. Like I said this is necessary if you are flicking the mouse around. Its not easy to pick up when you are playing, I wasn’t even able to pick it up, I just had to let if rest on my mouse pad. Sure its comfortable but I like the ability of more so holding the mouse in my hand rather than it just resting on the mouse pad. So if you are one of those gamers than you will not like this mouse.

James Chang says:

Tally Ho! Does your mouse button and scroll wheel has excessive free play? Having gone through 2 replacement I had decided to go for a refund…

ToxicTrooper19 says:

There is two choices i have here either upgrade to the highest end logitech mouse and keyboard or go to this

Brad B says:

I love this mouse. I have to say honestly it took a week or so to get use to but I think thats normal for any new mouse. I love it for the feel and weight. I love the mmo buttons and ability to change the wings. Totally in love with this mouse and the best one I have ever owned. I am thinking of backing the new Lexip gaming mouse though, Star Citizen gamer…

y jimmy says:

just got mine,the left click is abit loose,there is a slightly gap….does yours have the same issue?

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