Alienware AW958 Gaming Mouse Review Unboxing

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The BEST Gaming mouse? The relatively obscure Alienware AW958 Gaming mouse has a lot to offer with a top sensor and over the top customization for both grip sides, weights, RGB lighting, and palm rest. Only downside of the mouse is its weight and size.

My Current Top 5 Gaming mouse I use:
1. Pwnage Altier
2. Razer Lancehead
3. Razer Deathadder Elite
4. Logitech G Pro
5. Logitech 502

Honorable mentions:
Steelseries 700
Alienware AW958

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My Gaming profile: Veteran 15+ year FPS, MOBA player. Counter-Strike (Cal-M), League of Legends (platinum rankm main mid and ADC), Overwatch
Mouse Grip: Claw
Mouse acceleration: off
DPI: 1600-2000
Handsize 7.5 x 3.5 inch
Mouse sensitivity: High
Mouse pad: Thunder 8/9

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Gamer Forever says:

The only people that puts aw down are people that can’t afford one

The_ Loot_GaMer says:

great video mate!!! love it may actually pick it up!! subbed to ur channel.. great content

Jmeon4eva says:

Im planning on getting the Advanced, the step below this one, it’s not as high functioned, but good enough for me, and better in price at $40 on dell right now.

Eric Aoki says:

Thank you for this review.
I’ve been considering buying a new gaming mouse and I can’t decide between the AW958 and Razer’s Naga Hex v2.
I play mostly MOBAs, so I was looking for a mouse with 6 left-thumb keys. Which one would you recommend?

I’m currently using a Deathadder Chroma btw.

MinecraftHacks 1234 says:

Other guy: How about Razer…
Me: Maby..

Michal1982Michal1982 says:

This mouse looks like renewed Logitech G9x with PWM3360 sensor. 😛

Li Mingxuan says:

Hi, I have some questions. First, does it made of steel? It looks like made of plastic. If this was made by steel is gonna be really good! Also, does FX light work for any laptops? I have a Alienware laptop before but recently I switch to ASUS. So I just wanna know if the FX light could also be use at other laptops/PCs.

SuperMonster7 says:

So I bought this mouse and this is my first day of using it. Compared to the old Alienware mouse, I do have to say on the mat the mouse is SUPER comfortable. Where the problem lies in this mouse is when I try to pick up this mouse with my claw grip. my thumb, ring, and pinky just slide off at the edges of the smooth mouse attachments. The best way to fix this is to play without the attachments on, which is actually also super comfortable. So in my opinion, this mouse is super good, a little overpriced, big, and might not be your type if you pick up the mouse constantly to reset its position the mat, but I may just need to get used to it.

Equillek says:

People say the mouse and keyboard is bad guys believe me it is so goood that I can get good gameplay and the keyboard and mouse are Superr FAST

STE4MZ anims says:

this isn’t unboxing >:’O

SH3LL SH0CK3D says:

Can this work with windows 10 laptops?

Edit: never mind

Doug Adams says:

The reason that the software popped up right away is that it was installed already on your alienware laptop.

3RROR 401 Gaming says:

Good review

Curtis West says:

i bought the alienware advanced gaming mouse and i don’t care for it. sensor and buttons are superb, but its very slippery and heavy. i really think some rubber grips on the side would have been a nice addition.

Li Mingxuan says:

How do you think Razor MAMBA TOURNAMENT EDITION and this AW958 mouse? Which one do you think is better? I believe they have the similar price.

Matthew Cobley says:

Is it any good for left hander users?

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