A Gaming Mouse that Vibrates?!?! – SteelSeries Rival 700

Waoh… vibration motors on a mouse… whats next?
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Review unit provided free of charge by SteelSeries. This video is sponsored by NZXT. As per HWC guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer.

Gear list:
Panasonic GH4 – http://geni.us/2hzK
Panasonic G7 – http://geni.us/24nm
Canon C100 – http://geni.us/vDI
Sony RX100m3 – http://geni.us/dtb
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Blagaflaga says:

So does this show hit markers with first person shooters like PlayStation or Xbox controllers?

ZnXii says:

1:15 skip ad

- who? says:

I’ve always turned off vibration on my controllers. No way in hell I’m using it on my mouse

xSS4x says:

lol, i’m quite happy with my not flashy Zowie FK2 that doesnt rumble or has any LED 😛

Gabriel Faro says:

Perfect video quality man.. keep up the good work : )

Active grass says:

boss : heyyy lets just mix dildo and mouse together
worker : ayy lmao
boss : ayy lmao

**steelseries rival 700 released few months later**

Zlothra says:

I thought the case in the ad was an old TV or CRT monitor.

Bim Barbieto says:

I haven’t heard of this until now and I really do wish this was more common. I was playing Mass Effect: Andromeda the other day and decided to give an Xbox One controller a try. Movement felt a bit more natural, but aiming and combat felt so clunky compared to keyboard and mouse. However, the one feature on the controller I loved was the vibration. I had to give up vibration for more accurate controls.

Mad Kwama says:

Let the masturbate jokes… commence!

ryan rai says:


mundoloving says:

wtf is that into and why is it so long

Xian H says:

To be honest,the price these companies asks for their mouse (I.E : SteelSeries,TT,Corsair,Logitech) is too much higher than the actual profitable line.For example Sensei Pro (Which I user) can be sold around $40-$50 with the revenue line up (Hardware for the gaming mice are really cheap specially when you self manufacture them).Configuring a mouse’s code line to hardware setup is less cheaper than console joysticks;for example dualshock 4 costs more than Sensei Pro to produce but much more cheaper than any tournament level mouse.I just don’t know why they are rising the price of the mice day by day at a criminal level.

Axiomatic says:

does it sulort rainbow 6 siege?!?! its soooo sexy but i dont think it does

masterxeon1001 says:

you just talked me into cancelling my order.

LMR says:

4:19 Help me!

Tushar Sadhwani says:

*randomfrankp needs to make this from an actual vibrator now.*

Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

perfect for girl gamers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Benjamin P. says:

lol my girlfriend want one.

TUmaDO says:

james donkey 007 is fully modable ,and it has vibration

Jotta 33334 says:

am I the only one restarting the video to hear the sponsor music ?

Blackwing2345635 says:

3:20 sad trombone? LUL, rly?)

A.A. B. says:

aiming hazard

touchainz entertainment says:

so this mouse doesnt vibrate per bullet on cs go?

Buccaneer says:

My mouse is worth 10 dollars.

guigo gedon says:

Freaking Gold Novas man. Need a vibrating mouse to know you got a kill. Fine. Your money.

Killerket says:

better than zowie fk1 for cs go?

Firefly says:

I love my rival but come on SS, we don’t need more gimmicks, game sense was bad enough. I’d also to see just a normal rival with everything good about this mouse(sensor, switches, etc.) for a cheaper price.

Alex GG says:

you can disable the vibrates ?

TheGamingDildacorn says:

It comes with a PMW 3360, not PMW 3366. It even says PMW 3360 on the bottom of the mouse. I’m not sure if there a huge difference in performance, but from my knowledge only Logitech mouses support the PMW 3366.

AnimeLapse says:

“vibration is subtle, without effecting my aim.”

As he uses an entire clip of 5.7 at an enemy, crouching almost standing still. 5:57

mort 4u says:

like me could grab a new one for 69,- euro 😀

86Corvus says:

SteelSeries Rival 700 – by idiots, for idiots.

Giovanni ⑥⓪⑨ Mauro says:

It’s only $80

Buddy Mckay says:


Agods Jp says:

wot is this a peasent controller?

Anonymous Reptilian says:

A vibrating mouse?!
Razer: (heavy breathing)

Costinha 08 says:

Without consider the extra stuff you prefer on price-quality the steelseries 700 or zowie?

hhh says:

owh, so that’s why there are so many girl gamers now all of a sudden

Alexander Weingart says:

Whats the Song called at 7:06 in the background?

ELI The Janitor says:

Thanks for not answering cunt, Think ur so nice on ur fcn stupid camera ur just another cocksucker who doesnt care about ur suba or viewers.

{Xyro} Nitronixus says:

Anyone gonna comment on how Dimitry is so good with CSGO????

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