$9 Mouse BEATS The Finalmouse Air58 Ninja, We Try It in Fortnite and CS:GO Danger Zone

Today, we try a gaming mouse that claims to be lighter than the Finalmouse Air58 Ninja. We put it to the test in a game of Fortnite and CS:GO Danger Zone to see how well it performs. Can this $9 mouse make you better at Fortnite?

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AsTro LuNix says:

Who here has been here since 10k

Jayden Parke says:

What’s the game there playing it looks hella fun

Paperdave says:

You guys are cool. You guys are the few people I know who are a tech channel and actually show/play games. I appreciate this. Other popular channels don’t do this.

Jessie Casem says:

Hopefully you guys get the Finalmouse so that you can review it for us. Love your vids and gameplay btw. Also can you upload some CS Destruction on your gaming channel, it’s almost been a month 🙁

Lo0zr says:

there are no side buttons…

Damien says:

after seeing this I bought one for 9 bucks worth a try if the mouse is good doing a paracord mod might not be that bad making it cost like clsoe to 30 bucks if I decide to do that. but all in all even if its not for me 9 bucks is pretty cheap to try it out

Ehaboo says:

Can you guys try out different consle controllers? Such as the scuffed controllers

Dede Yusuf says:

that’s it. you get a sub

Birb - Rocket League & Fortnite says:

Does it have side buttons?

Jared says:

But why is there no thumb buttons ?

Zado says:

Very cool 🙂

Ice Xiao says:

Mad Catz ceased operations on March 30, 2017, and filed a voluntary petition for relief under Chapter 7 of U.S. Bankruptcy code to initiate an orderly liquidation of its assets.

HentaiLover666 says:

wow! great video. keep it up, proud of you!

Surfing Sheep says:

Are you guys pewdiepies brothers?

Maddhatter_Gaming says:

The first match of Danger zone I played I won xd

Thanos says:

I hated this mouse… So uncomfortable.

Frøgie says:

Why are nowadays people mostly uses their entire arm to move a mouse? Lmao. I’m a wrist person and it feels so uncomfortable to me when I use my entire arm

GD Snow says:

The thing I love most about this channel is that they are gamers and review it from the perspective of a gamer

NotNeo27 says:

use rapoo 39/40g mouse

TYP_KALQ1000 says:

That gaming chair

Mc Nehaia Isaac Dumalanta says:

I cant even buy a $ 2.99 mouse…

trystan 37 says:

Lol at 7:47. I killed him with a sniper

John OuO says:

The black red and white one looks like a Lamborghini

TuRtLE says:

So, should we buy it ?

kaydens knifes says:

I wonder if they get to keep what they test

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