$8 HP K1500 keyboard + $5 iHome retractable travel mouse review

Cheap input devices.


Gerhard Prins says:

20 pap indicates wich plastic the keybaord is made of

Harun Al-Muhajir says:

I had to watch this at 0.5x because of all the action.

Jumpingflashlight says:

My favorite cheap keyboard is the dell sk-8115 (among other names). It was the standard keyboard that came with dells for years and you can get them at thrift stores for nothing.

noraa danielle says:

I wonder what the person who wrote the write-up on the back of the penguin VHS would think if they saw you using it?

TheTrueVoiceOfReason says:

For your mouse, you could go to the Dollar Store and buy a USB cord, clip off the micro or lighting end and solder it in place of the retractable unit. If you want the retractable feature, buy one at Big Lots and do the same thing. I used to do that for the kid’s mice for their laptops when their preferred mice would malfunction.

iamnomad101 says:

3:41 What’s wrong with the liquid spilling out of the keyboard onto my desk?

DiegoDan says:

I bought a Dell AT101W on ebay recently. Best deal for a cheep mechanical keyboard out there in my opinion.

Squid Doodle says:

As for the typing feel, one thing that really surprised me when I first started typing, on this is how snappy the keys feel.
hjjjjjfhhdkkfnnnjjjhhhhhhfffru – It’s like the put extra tactile feeling rubber domes in there… yturrii576854i


…thats legitimately my keyboard at the moment…oh dear

northhankspin says:

You should consider reviewing items that people want.. like nice keyboards… I think we all know not to cheap out and you get what you pay for. Duh

twocvbloke says:

You know it’s “high quality” when they list the standard status LEDs as a feature… 😛

neoqueto says:

Not trying to be rude – what is the reason for which you don’t buy new & high quality computer equipment/peripherals? Is it that it’s just not worth it? Even some gaming stuff is really solid.

ComputingWorld says:

Fun fact: Cheap keyboards tend to lack a metal backplate inside them.

Xeraser says:

New VWestlife video! Woooo!

TechBaffle says:

Probably not bad for $8! I have a similar generic keyboard which flexed in the middle too. I remember getting it cheap a couple of years ago as a backup because it had Windows-98 logo start keys! I’ve just bought the Cherry MX-Board 3.0 as it was on sale. First mechanical keyboard I’ve used but I’m getting used to it! It’s quite nice to type on and not too clicky because it has MX red keyswitches.

Andrei Andreev says:

Btw, people could consider getting a used apple keyboard. Just make sure to check every key for slackness 🙂

infinitecanadian says:

I am typing this on a chiclet keyboard that I have had since 2009. It outlived my last computer of the same year. The ’20’ is the recycling symbol for paper. There are a number of recycling symbols, like ‘5’ for polypropylene and ‘6’ for polystyrene. By the way, wired computer mice aren’t going anywhere; my new computer came with a wired mouse.

16-bit Panda says:

4:36 I didn’t know RiceGum made a keyboard

CompuTech says:

I actually had one of those keyboards. They’re alright. I use an HP 5187 PS/2. I need to get an IBM Model M. The HP 5187 Isn’t bad. I do like the feel of it especially for a Rubber Dome keyboard. It has a matte-shiny finish. This thing is a titanic.

Jotech 1991 says:

I bought the Dell KM636 wireless keyboard combo with mouse for 20$ directly from Dell website and I love it should have bought more of them

Veteran Bicycle says:

I thought you lived in New Jersey? Beverly Hills?

archechme says:

20 pep is what plastic it is made out of

LegionsOfAnon says:

“VHS tape about Penguins.”
RIP Grape-kun

gareth1971 says:

20 PAP: Cardboard

talldude123 says:

I agree with it being hard to find retractable mice. I bought one back in 2008 at Best Buy (Dynex) and it’s lasted many years.

Pyragony says:

I heard from a lot of “tech savvies” that the best cheap input devices are made by Logitech. Care to put that theory to test?

Jordan Tomblin says:

My school uses cheap keyboards like this, and it’s the worst keyboard I’ve ever typed on. Logitech K120

AndroidFanboy says:

I wonder how long that’s been in the box.

iamnomad101 says:

1:52 Well, it’s productive as it lets me know if I accidentally hit Caps Lock and typed out a bunch of text in ALL CAPS.

(Sorry for multiple comments, but the YouTube app won’t let me do anything else while writing a comment.)

Dezta93 says:

that description about the lights make me laugh

Xodium says:

I guess caps lock is cruise control for productivity with this keyboard.

Matthew Bauer says:

I have used this (or a similar) keyboard in the past. I think it is the same keyboard that comes in the box with new HP desktops. The HP OEM keyboards like this one are awful to type on. I prefer Dell’s upgraded multimedia OEM keyboards.

Shrek says:

I bought a new Model M, about $80 nowadays. Nothing beats buckling spring!

TD Tech says:

I have a dell Multimedia Pro keyboard, and by far, it’s the best OEM keyboard. I think its worth your investment. It’s my Dailey driver

Alexandru Ifrim says:

you ordered that keyboard from europe? (i saw “european union” written on the back of that pictogram-guide)

iamnomad101 says:

3:41 What’s wrong with the liquid spilling out of the keyboard onto my desk?

Operator Andrew says:

I have the exact same keyboard without the HP logo.

Nikola PekovicAR says:

The D has almost a kind-of “crunch” to it when pressing down
-VWestlife 2017 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kevin Bhasi says:

3:44 Pretty sure that’s just there as a holdover from old Compaq laptops and keyboards, that had that as a sticker, then HP also had that as a sticker, then they got lazy and put that as a part of the main label and didn’t include the actual guide, which I’m sure my Compaq Evo laptops would have included when they were new.

8:15 A similar thing has happened to me with a Targus black retractable mouse I have, but at the mouse side. It still works fine, but I no longer retract it all the way, instead, to 1 click (or notch) before its fully retracted. Then, a client I repaired a PC for gave me a new Logitech M305 which I use when I have my laptop at home (because it’s a Dell Inspiron 3000 2-in-1 with a bad hardware design where the touchpad disables when the lid is closed all the way, later resulting in unresponsive or erratic behaviour), however, I only use it at home, and only use the other mouse when I’m out of home, because I don’t want it to suffer the same fate as my Microsoft Sculpt Touch mouse (where its “touch strip” got damaged and I didn’t have the original receipt to send it in for replacement)

Day Dream says:

I go to Goodwill for my keyboard needs

TheZooman22 says:

Wow a $5 mouse … I guess if you don’t like dealing with the batteries in a wireless mouse its an option.

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