$12 Mouse Vs. $160 Mouse: We Try Cheap Vs. Expensive Gaming Mice in Fortnite

Today, we try cheap vs expensive gaming mice in Fortnite to see which one’s the best buy. Can a more expensive mouse help you get better at Fortnite?

PICTEK Gaming Mouse: https://amzn.to/2J2sKTe
Asus ROG Spatha: https://amzn.to/2u2y8B9

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Woah says:

Well, I guess my tesla mouse isn’t so bad after all.

Pro Gaming 1208 says:

I would prefer a 80$ one

Lil.bike.pumpp says:

I own the cheap mouse and it’s reasonable

Ryan Moyer Vlogs says:

I owned the pictek mouse before I saw this video and I currently use it and I love it

K0A1a says:

Steel series all the way!

Dellissueus says:

8,200 dpi is not as much
my razer deathadder elite is 16,000 dpi and its only 50$

Dispencer says:

That rog mouse is a great overkill. I really want the features of that $12 mouse but build quality of that ROG mouse…. and price could be around $50-ish?

PresidentGamer says:

I use a cheap lenovo mouse for gaming. XD

NapkinYT says:

Some boys sold the final mouse air 58 for 300$

gaming dude says:

Why does 12 dollor sound too expensive for me

Why Tho says:

The spatha is not worth its price what so ever

semmy says:

that mouse is 12 DOLLAR?????????

paalo sordoni says:

That ASUS ROG Spatha is too big,and probably to heavy.Fact is now there are a lot of cheap mice with decent sensors on the market, most important is shape,weight and sensor, a lot of cheap mice are using the pwm 3325 sensor which is a very good sensor.

wowslayer48 says:

Lol i have that cheap mouse… top buttons are for dpi and colors are to indicate which dpi setting you are on

StokesSam10 says:

Oh I’m getting a $12 mouse. Somehow I don’t find this offensive.

ZxKx says:

(Tomoko T7, the cheap mouse) I have this mouse since october 2017 and its still working super great. You can make a rgb effect on the software, cool fact of you ever buy it!

Fresh says:

i have a 5$ mouse

gucciganghax says:

My mouse costs 7$ and i got it from walmart lol

Aud says:

That’s my mouse in the thumbnail

KBGaming- Games And More! says:

I’m so frustrated, they 12 dollar mouse is more expensive than mine and better :V

My pc can’t even power roblox, no joke, I’m suffering ;-;

Patryk Szulc says:

My mouse has a 16000 DPI laser sensor, is that bad?

joseph huston says:

I literally use that brand of 12 dollar mouse oof. Works fine for me

CKII says:

hah 160? my mouse is PURE GOLD and.. i cant even move it

Nolan Santos says:

I had the 12 dollar mouse

caleb cyr says:

I have the 12 doller mouse lol

Muhammad Rafi Aqsa Latuconsina says:

My one costs IDR569.000 I don’t know the dollar one.

karun says:

I’m using a 2 dollar mouse

Cracker Jack says:

lol i use the 12 dollar mouse

samuel Ishak says:

My mouse cost 35 $ lol

Andrei bro says:

Omg the cheap one is like mine

Otaku- Chan says:

Wtf its a fcking tseries mouse

Mr. Deadpool says:

The 12$ dollar mouse is the mouse i use

William Young says:

It dosent change the color it changes the DPI

GT rkt says:

I have the 12$ one

grantux gaming says:

i had a fury thunderstreak mouse its about 10 $ the scroll wheel broke the side buttons broke as well the sensor over time was really glitchy and with my experience the color chaging buttons change the dpi also so yeah of course im not with the same mouse anymore im with the razer deathadder its awsome for those who a cheap mouse upgrade before its gets bad, 20 – 80 $ are good

Spyromancer says:

awesome video guys!

1,000 subscribers with Two videos says:


Aud says:

1st one is mine

Scoop says:

The mouse had the Tesla logo on it

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