WORLD’S FIRST Mini ITX AM4 Motherboard REVIEW!!! Biostar Racing X370-GTN

I actually GOT ONE!! The Biostar Racing X370-GTN is finally here. Let’s take her for a spin!

Biostar Racing X370-GTN (mash F5 until it comes back in stock!)

AM4 Chipset differences via GamersNexus:

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WORLD’S FIRST Mini ITX AM4 Motherboard REVIEW!!! Biostar Racing X370-GTN



Aun Shah says:

i just got this mobo. i love it so much. its my first premium mobo.


This is literally never in stock. Obviously there is a market for ryzen mini-itx mobo so why is biostar the “only” company making them? Another question who the hell is Boistar?

Van Nessa says:

mini itx for office not for gaming.

GumpPower says:

the 1600X is my ryzen of coice.. 6 fast cores, very good price

Button Banger says:

Awesome mining board.

Electrical-Network says:

Somebody Please Help! I can’t boot with this motherboard and Ryzen 1600x CPU. As soon as I plug in the CPU power cable the power supply shuts off and nothing happens. But when the CPU power cable is unplugged, the GPU fans turn on as does the CPU fan. Please help if you know what is going on. Thanks!

Bills BuildAll says:

twice you said it …….AMD Does not have SLI . > Crossfire Kyle …


thanks for the video 😉 now im get one for my nice job 😉

amit dutta says:

its a really great motherboard. thanks for the great review bitwitkyle

Ryen Burns says:

That B350 board still isn’t out…I wonder what the hold up is

Bitwit says:

Thanks for watching!! One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that it would have been nice to see built-in WiFi so hopefully we see some AM4 mITX offerings with onboard wireless

Whistling Bungghole says:

Do you have a mic sticking out of your shirt?

crazywaterz says:

Seriously all of you bozos bitching about the lack of WiFi STFU. Not everyone is a teenage nerd playing games at Lan parties. There are plenty of mini ITX boards with WiFi for that purpose. In fact the lack of WiFi and plethora of other ports instead is THE reason to buy this board. You can slap a cheap A-series to start with on a B350 and upgrade later to a Ryzen. And if you do want WiFi later that’s what the pile of available USB ports are for. Plug a fucking USB WiFi and get a life. At the moment there are like 15 different mini ITX boards for AM4 wtih Ryzen support to choose from and more coming 1st-2nd quarter of 2018.

Doondalley says:

Could you fit a cpu cooling fan on this motherboard without it blocking anything like ram, etc.?

Nintendork says:

We need M.2 SSD RGB.

Kim says:

It looks so sexy! Unfortunately I’ll be putting it into an SG13, so it won’t be visible…

Prence says:

This is awesome. My next build is going to be Ryzen, having it in a mini ITX form factor will be icing on the cake.

1967 kID says:

$110.00 lo no brainer man

mdnor matnor says:

go amd go

23caterpie says:

Would be all over this if there were Wi-Fi. ARG!!!

Faizudin Achmad says:

nc one for budget or mainstream user but it has no wireless on board T_T

1967 kID says:

I need help what motherboard do 3200hz am4 with no hassle I do know a lot but are all bios support it or not and with one’s I what to get s yr started with my ryzen build r7 1700 I got everything, need memory modo

Fridgemusa says:

Biostar are underrated IMHO 🙂

Evil Genius says:

SLI support is included in case users want to bifurcate the PCIE slot. You CAN do SLI with an itx board.

Soumik Das says:


ffs says:

“does having a 4 pin power connector affect overclocking?” actual TLDR: No it does not, managed to reach 4.1GHz. I’m disappointed by the lack of wi-fi though.

Raimiii says:

Help Me!!!!!!
Can the mainbord with the 4 Pin CPU power also run a gtx1050ti without and more power ??

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