What is the best choice for a motherboard? – The Final Answer

What factors should you consider when buying a new motherboard?

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Der Hof 2007 says:

need a good mobo and chip for windows 7…

IronLover 64 says:

I need a gaming motherboard under 60$

chris crawley says:

Subbed. Been a lurker for a while now. Keep up the awesome work. Thanks.

Ahmed Badawy says:

You are a best Instructor

top cat says:

wise words (:

Best Custom Gaming PC says:

Excellent Video

amin bakhy says:

Hi there…I have problem to choose a great mother board for high end system while i need wifi and bluetooth too but not as to be lower performance boradsPls help me to choose btw this cards : Asus ROG STRIX Z270E GamingAsus ROG MAXIMUS IX CodeAsus ROG MAXIMUS IX HeroMSI Z270 Gaming M7

Ayman Bhuiyan says:

im getting a $1000 gaming pc inshallah

Ryan Alves says:

Got an rog strix z270e gaming board yesterday. Can’t wait to install it

Adi Tandon says:

“well into the future”. *amd ryzen*

Joe M says:

learned nothing. I came here thinking lets see what i need to know about buying a good gaming motherboard. “don’t buy stuff you don’t need,,” really i make it a point to try and not do that. Hard when you have no clue what you need for what your trying to do.

Reiden Lightman says:

Of course it’s subjective. Anyone who expected to get a concrete choice from this will be very disappointed. But those people need to learn that it is dependent on person to person which is why not all motherboards are carbon copies of each other.

Jonathan David says:

Very well done. I subscribed!

ali Naseem says:

a motherboard with 16 ram slots and 16×16 GB ram

Schroeder M. Schulz says:

wew linus back in 2012 is just like an adult linus in charlie brown.. i started to suspect that you are actually charlie brown’s friend

imawhale says:

Linus’ final answer is that there is no answer. Well I’m glad I clicked on this video.

Chris Zehetner says:

not sure why people would give this video a dislike ? what am I missing ? he is on point

Patterson Beard says:

water cooling if you can afford it.

robbe jansens says:

Nithing against 50$ mobo’s im running a h110 and it doesnt impact my fps and I saved the money against a z170 one and with that money I bougt an i7 6700 instead of an i5 6600k

Ali E Khan says:

very good work your doing now

Prakhar Agarwal says:

This was really helpful. Thanks a lot

Rio Colorado says:

Super dislike for such a shitty and unexplicative video.

ZPERO says:

can someone help me out understand all the motherboards that are or there for Intel Skylake?
With Ryzen it’s very simple: X370 for best overclocking, B350 for moderate overclocking and a lower price, and some other crap that doesn’t support overclocking.

But with skylake there seem to be so many boards out there, what if I just wanted good overclocking for gaming, and didn’t really care about all the other bells and whistles?
can someone walk me through all the chipsets available for the LGA 1151 socket?

Hannes Camitz says:

Seriously the server board look more badass in comparison to the “cool” board.

Pilot Inspektor says:

How to choose a motherboard according to Linus: Step 1: Draw a circle, Step 2: Draw the rest of the Owl.

Camper says:

buy me that asus board and i will drink the nitrogen

Martin Dew says:

you dont have to fucking scream lol.

Nate Johnson says:

What manufacturer is the best I hear on the internet so many different things. I hear Asus, evga, msi, or gigabyte. I own asus, but I hear they aren’t even that good.

Rick Lelienhof says:

Oké, after seeing a zillion movies of this guy i have this question. Why the h..ll are his hands orange on the inside?? 🙂

Sherlan Gittens says:

Best answer for this question. Thanks!

f tib says:

is an asus h110 a good motherboard?

Salsa Colombia says:

Can I check my email with the server too?

M Syauqi Hafidz says:

Can i get the motherboard fm2 adn fm2+

Lokalna F. says:

Finally a video that jumpes right to the point – first know what you need and that should be first, second, third, and fourth point on your list. The rest will take care of itself.

Patterson Beard says:

I’m still worried my builds won’t work

Neel oDesk says:

should u tell me sir plz which budget gaming motherboard is better Gigabyte or MSI ?

MaximDerPanda says:

the endlösung

ch3atcode says:

My $50 motherboard is the shit

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