Top 5 Best Z370 Motherboards for Intel’s Coffee Lake CPUs

MSI Z370 Godlike –
Asrock Z370 Pro4 –
Asus Prime Z370-P –
MSI Z370-A Pro –
Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming –
Asus Prime Z370-A –
MSI Z370 Gaming M5 –
Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming –
Asrock Z370 Extreme4 –
Asus Maximus X Formula –
Asrock Z370M Pro4 –
Asus ROG Strix Z370-G Gaming –
Asus ROG Strix Z370-I Gaming –
Asrock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming-ITX/ac –
MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC –
Gigabyte Z370N WiFi –
Asrock Z370M-ITX/ac –

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Top 5 Best Z370 Motherboards for Intel’s Coffee Lake

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Agent 47 says:

I went with an ASUS Prime Z370-P because I have an i5 8500 which is a locked chip, VRM should be enough for this chip, but I wouldn’t recommend a budget board like this for anyone planning to use a high end K chip, like the i7 8700K for example.

FutuRetro says:

take a shot of whiskey every time he says “ZED THREE SEVENTY”

Zoe Edwards says:

Is there a reason the z370 Godlike is practically impossible to find? Was it a limited edition or did it have problems?

Chad Hay says:

I went with a aorus gaming 5, i just loved the way it looked and was the same price as the ultra gaming. I was thinking of canceling the order for the asus maximus x but it is $80 more not sure its worth it. But i never had a problem of my asus x99 pro mb. And ive had 2 msi boards with 0 problems. And one gigabyte board that still works with a q9550. I just hope the gaming 5 doesn’t have vrm issues.

C North says:

ASRock fatality mini itx is the best hands down.

MrHanBrolo says:

Something that is offered on the evga mATX board that isn’t offered on the MSI or ASUS Maximus board is an x8 slot for PCIe NVME SSDs so you don’t have to place them directly under the GPU!

Tropicocity says:

The quality on this video is amazing!

shoshenkis says:

Asus client service sucks ASS, same with their repair service. They twice sent me a failing part in return (costing me a fortune in courrier fees) without ever solving my problem, plus their callcenter gives an insolent service, unworthy of an internationl corps. And let us not talk about their oh so easy to burn or break stuff. ASUX.

lurven666 says:

This guy really dont like Asus

Blaise 07 says:

Asus z370E?????? How is that

fenixriver1 says:

“The ASUS z370-A PRIME feels like a $140 board” The end.
That was fucking enlightening. Thanks.

Helmholtz the Mule Watson says:

You really should mention that Asus is the only manufacture offering a proper warranty if you are going to bash them for 15-20 price difference.

DANNY valut says:

Which is the best gaming motherboard in asus z370 series or maximus

Siwoo Kim says:

Asus strix z370e is for me with the i7-8700k XD

Åłëxãńdęr Łéûńg says:

Gigabyte Z370-N ‘has shoddy VRM’, but the MSI Z370-A Pro ‘is recommended’ despite having similar looking VRMs. Bias?

Keiktsu says:

i got the MSI Z370 gaming plus for around 140$ , is it good?

soulfulfool says:

i got asrock killer sli yet it failed to post so now i order gaming m5, hoping msi is way better at this game

Steve Ives says:

Man, you really hate ASUS huh?

Robert Lapp says:

You literally read a techspot article word for word?

fak1t says:

Is dude drunk or what? Fot that price nothing can beat the asus prime A, the other ones have problems with vrm or llc+

J Boy says:

relative to the MATX, the ASUS Z370-G would be greatly more efficient (heatsinks) for OC; agree?

Sebastiaan Kuus says:

Your entire review is stolen from other review sites. Litteral sentences like ‘swiping left..’ and ‘like a champ’. Very dubious, and you should give credit where credit is due!

Vishal Karanam says:

Is it the Z370N WiFi good to get? bcz thats the only thing available near me

IrishStyley says:

Went with ‘z370 extreme4pro’. Very stable in my opinion, works great with CorsairVengeance at 3000mhz, cpu temp idle at 32c, and a good bios interface, with a decent tuning utility. No regrets, so far.

asorlon1 says:

best is asus or gigabyte,

Mike F says:

What an ASUS hater! I have the ASUS Maximus X Code Z370 and it’s amazing!!

EntropicRussian says:

This is nearly verbatim from an article I read online 5 minutes ago lol

Atakan Eryiğit says:

MSI Z370 Gaming M5 or MSI Z370 GAMING PRO CARBON AC? Which one is better? WHY? Please help me.

John Croft says:

Im getting the Asus Z370 H, in 2 weeks, love the black and red and does what i need when i get the 8700k to go with it

Fire says:

The sad thing is that we have to pay so much for something that can be made for 1-5 dollars.

Alex F says:

MSI Z370-A PRO doesn’t have HDMI out, only a display port

Tech News for Tech Noobs says:

I’m just voicing an opinion here….but this video almost comes across like Asrock paid you to promote their boards while simultaneously trashing Gigabyte. Saying gigabyts ITX had great features but don’t get it because of VRM’s? Or any other Gigabyte boards aside from the Ultra and Gaming 7? Or even EVGA? They have boards as well. Just all “hey….go for ASRock and MSI people….ignore everyone else”

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