Threadripper 1950X & ROG Zenith Extreme X399 Motherboard Review


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YonnyMestampo says:

Are you going to do a test to compare the different performance results between memory speed and frequency on Threadripper?

captinobeans says:

whats the temps like without overclocking and no air-con?

Luredreier says:

Regarding the IPC, Skylake/Kabylake does *not* have a higher IPC pr say.
Remember that IPC is application specific.
But both Ryzen/Threadripper and Skylake/Kabylake (both X and non-X variants) have a max sustained IPC of 4 instructions every clock cycle (although there’s one exception with Ryzen/Threadripper)
Ryzen/Threadripper can in *very* specific corner cases reach 6 IPC for a single instruction or 5 sustained, but then we’re talking about hand optimizing both the threads on each core with opt code, planing when each and every instruction is going to be run.
You might do that for a single very frequent loop in a very, very, extremely optimized application.
Don’t expect that kind of things to happen in games except in corner cases for individual clock cycles more or less by accident.
In pretty much all other apps Ryzen and Skylake/Kabylake will trade blows.
Pure integer performance Skylake wins.
Pure scalar floats Ryzen just barely pulls ahead.
Mixing the two with both threads hammered Ryzen pulls ahead with more IPC for the core as a whole, mixing the two on a single thread and Intel is able to push a tiny bit more through that one thread on average.
Of course this depends on the workload.
For instance in encryption Ryzen does better single threaded but Intel scales better with threads (in other words if you have 4 Ryzen cores and 4 Skylake cores then Ryzen will scale better from 1-4 threads and Skylake better from 5-8 threads in encryption while the opposite tends to be true for your average workload)
And so one and so forth…
Ryzen/Threadripper seems to be better then the price equivalent Intel CPUs in bandwidth.
But Skylake/Kabylake is way better in memory latency and on average cross-thread communication latency (except between the 4 cores/8 threads on the same Ryzen CCX)
And so one and so forth…

The interesting bit is things like AVX.
For regular AVX Ryzen and Skylake are equivalent with Ryzen having the edge of being able to do a tiny bit more *other* then the AVX workload *while* doing AVX (we’re not talking a full instruction here, just parts of it, so only parts of the pipeline of AVX and those other workloads are shared while other parts seem to be separate).
For AVX2 and AVX 512 Intel got the IPC advantage with Skylake-X *however* because of the way Skylake-X clocks down during AVX, AVX2 and AVX 512 workloads Ryzen still edges out a win in actual performance for all of these when you’re running mixed workloads and Skylake-X needs a lot of AVX(2/512) instructions to win.
And if you’re honest with yourself…
How many AVX 512 instructions can you throw at a CPU before it makes more sense to move the workload to the GPU instead?
So the end result at least in my mind is that Ryzen/Threadripper and Skylake-X/Kabylake-X trades blows there as well.

Of course Ryzens weaknesses like memory latency and cross-thread communication latency *does* matter in latency sensitive applications.
And games most definitively are among those…
So, yes in *games* you’ll find that Ryzen gets a lower IPC, but it’s not really because of the cores themselves as much as the un-core…
Basically the cores are not feed fast enough in terms of latency and the software isn’t able to fully utilize the steps AMD has gone to try compensate for those issues…

Theodore Moxie says:

1800x or the 1950x for gaming? both have asus extreme eatx motherboards

Mutation666 says:

Power results look super weird compared to PCper and Ars and they were way lower.

Trevor Hutchinson says:

No dude 2 of the dies are just silicon …. No codes or anything, just for the balance of the HIS. Smh


wow how could you not no they are dummy cores , laszest ?

Amit Ghai says:

i have been following you for past many years and i trust you completely , when i first saw linus tech tips review i was like damn the power consumption is way too much and then i saw your video and i knew it cause i trust you people don’t lie i knew it the threadripper with two ryzen 7 cpus stacked up so close to each other had to generate heat and should be power hungry , hardware unboxed is a paid shill

jules changed_to_increase_privacy says:

Thats no moon, thats a CPU

Llewsab Ekim says:

Really enjoyed your review. I subscribed.

Dracule Mihawk says:

Does threadripper 1950x come with a bracket to work with the thermaltake water 3.0 triple?

wtfskilz says:

“SMT or what their calling it”
I almost don’t want to watch the rest of your video you sound very arrogant.

SMT is the technical term for that type of multi-threading… .and there is only two types there is SMT and Cluster Threading. Intel’s marketing team branded SMT as HT. Because they thought it sounded better, and it gave the impression, that they were the only ones with that technology… although there were multiple other companies, like IBM that were using the same type of multi-threading.

throughsoul says:

Do you have any information on plans to enable RAID arrays from the m.2 drives now or in the future? On the DIMM2 slot? I understand Intel X299 boards have that option, and especially in the VROC add in cards on the Rampage VI. Can others chime in with data please?

file1man says:

Ek shows new cpu coolers for threadripper $79 to $100 for cpu plate alone & we are waiting for jay 2 cents who has promised to use the ek full sized copper plate on threadripper

mik995px says:

gamers nexus didnt seem to have that much problem with power consumption, but he measured it from the CPU power pins directly, not from the wall… I wonder what consumed a lot more in your system. would be interesting to find out! 🙂

Kevin Chimusaru says:

As far as a board for launch, its pretty EPYC hehehehe

Anona Mouse says:

Hmm, a circular cold plate on top of a rectangular IHS with 4 spaced out dies…

How good can that coverage be?

Right now it looks like Noctua is the only one that addresses this.

1967 kID says:

Intel is mad bicuase amd came up with a sweet way to add more cores on the fly they can even go higher if they want, it’s funny Intel with all that cash did not think of this way to upgrade there cpu Intel played us all,amd just need to try to hit 4.5 or 5.0 to put the nail in Intel’s coffin. Nice job amd.

Harry Lin says:

all the Tctl temps are exactly 27C hotter than the Tdie temps. Does that indicate the 27C is added as headroom?

Alegzander1990 says:

691W ? Show me another media outlet that even got NEAR that number.
Sorry to tell you this, but there’s either something seriously wrong there, or you’re FULL OF SHIT brah…

What benchmark was running when you got that number ? You didn’t run Furmark on that 980 that you’re using at the same time, right ?

The specs you’ve posted on overclock3d are the following :

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X
ASUS X399 ROG Zenith Extreme
Corsair LPX 2666MHz
Corsair LPX 3200MHz
Corsair MP500 M.2
nVidia GTX 980
Corsair HX1000i

You’re telling people that this system draws 691W, right, RIGHT ?

aarif gangat says:

Beware!. None of the AIO cooler plates are specifically designed for TR. The cooling plates are way to small. They only cover half of TR. The only dedicated cpu coolers I have seen for TR are the air coolers made by Noctua. Their cooling plates are fucking huge.

CyborgTechie says:

i could care less for threadripper or ryzen in general. Overclocking sucks ass on it

Aby says:

Congratulations, I am not a big fan, but do follow some of Your videos now and then as You actually do come up with good ideas to make videos about….that being said, I consider Your review on TR4, the best among all the most important and relevant channels including dedicated AMD ones, Your highlights and conclusions are impeccable and Your thoughts abut the use of the CPU and what it is meant for are spot on, something that others reviewers focusing so much about single threaded performance, which is from this year end of life cycle, have given pathetic importance about.
There is no way a gamer would ever spend even the cost of the cpu for a whole system anyways, and gaming at 200 fps or 130 because You are using a TR chip doesnt really make any difference at all, except for one being stupid to allow the CPU to run all those unnecessary fps and getting his room boiling hot and helping stock prices of energy providers skyrocket.
The considerations Yo have made and discovering about the back plate getting very hot is extremely important information, that no one was smart enough to learn about
Excellent review, You get My thumbs up on this one

Derp'e'ty'derp says:

Something seems to be off with your 1950x @OCd power consumption – noone else has seen even close to such numbers. An error?

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