The Ultimate Z390 Motherboard – Aorus Extreme Waterforce Tested

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Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Extreme Waterforce:
Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro:
Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi:
i9 9900K:
i7 9700K:

Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Overclocking:

NCASE M1 Mods:

Current gear!
Sony a6300:
Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN:
Sigma 19mm f/2.8 DN ART:
Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN:
Sony OSS 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6:


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Denislav Georgiev says:

Another high quality review from Optimum Tech

poki6041 says:

best block ever

Jake Cheong says:

U need some *THICC* water tubing

Felix R says:

“The best Z390 Motherboard” whats about the BIOS?

Fan Syo Yu says:

Intel motherboard?

No thanks

Robert Schad says:

Do the EVGA DARK please

Cleorina says:

This motherboard remind me off my old Gigabyte X58A-UD9… ahhh i miss good old days some motherboard are overkill…

Nor Azam says:

I think the itx is better since this behemoth of mobo don’t even have thunderbolt 3. Seems stupid

[GOAT]Power says:

which one is better z390 extreme waterforce or z390 dark?

stormchasingk9 says:

My 6700k at 4.6GHz can run at 24C overclocked on a Corsair 280mm AIO. (I’m in an AC room at 60F). You mean to tell me after these few years, Intel managed to add twice as many cores but at three times the heat? Sheesh.

Hector Domino says:

Well done G, nice copy from Asus.

Jet K says:


Madrid Gevara says:

Can you please do a no how video with parts suggested, for a liquid build this board. Sorry for my ignorance. I’m still learning

Natan Skorput says:

so, first ASUS, now GIGABYTE? What happened to anti-static bags??

ExalyThor says:

I had such a bad experience with g31, z68 motherboards and gt 430 and r9 290 gpus to the point where I avoid gb at all costs.

Hàn Tuấn says:

solid board, but the water tunnels in the block look ugly AF

Dual Scimitars says:

This board is useless for ln2. And if you want quality cash price unrestricted. Dont buy gigabyte at all…

Tjocksnorris äventyr says:

400-500$ motherboard with a block on…a monoblock from EK cost like 150$, dosn’t cover the southbridge though but do you really need it? and it has RGB etc if you want…

David says:

Let me tell you something. My Aorus z270 Gaming 9 is superior to this board in almost every way. It “only” cost $500. So aside from that admittedly sexy but ludicrously overpriced water block, where is your $900 going? Where’s the goddamn PLX chip for 900 F’ing $!! I’ll take the z390 Dark over this any day and add VRM water blocks later if they’re needed.

Wolfram H. says:

Best Z390 Board? Test the Asus Maximus XI Apex against it and say that again…

jaden mason says:

It’s a senseless board. If I want to overclock my cpu I chose a board without a monoblock. For the price I can get a evga board and custom waterblocks, which will perform better then a monoblock.

Chris Canty says:

I thought EVGA was trying to claim that crown with the Z390 Dark (minus the waterblocks).

Ice Invein says:

No wonder you can’t find them anywhere. They only produced enough to send it to reviewers

TGDxDrakoon says:

In my opinion it just looks kind of ugly

Optimum Tech says:

Would love to see an X299/X399 Aorus Extreme Waterforce – for Z390 though, it’s a tough buy.

J P says:

The unboxing is almost worth the price 😛

A Casual Gamer says:

don’t even think it looks that good…

mfdsuk says:

Great looking board that goes in the bin when you upgrade the 9900k as Intel don’t offer upgrade paths.

charl chaos says:

that board is designed for people with more money than brain cells, its ugly, and the temps arnt that good. but great vid as allways now show us somthing real people could afford…

softminimal1 says:

The thing is if you were to buy the waterblock from a third party it would probably cost you the price of this motherboard.
So in reality it’s a pretty good deal.

OmerTheGreatOne says:

This truly is extreme or more precisely: XTREME.

MrKZdemos says:

fuckkkk man i wish gigabyte sponsored my super high end build lol. this mobo would have been perfect

Betrayed Predator says:

Z390 Dark is a better buy

Monoblocks aren’t good for temps and VRMs dont get exactly hot

Mosfets are rated to something like 125-150C and only produce minor amounts of heat even on LN2 if it’s a reasonable VRM.

Gunter Klaus Muller says:

Needed on an am4 socket

James Mills says:

This interested me but at $900 this is a joke and why I’d still rather air cool.

doormatt2728 says:

EATX is going to catch alot of people out when they buy this mb, many cases dont support it, i would recommend if you are looking at doing custom loop go with asus maximus XI formula; std ATX form factor, has many of the same features and has a screen on it, but need to your own cpu block.

Robert Olson says:

i’m running stock with it.. 26c for stock speed 3.9. full load is 52C.. that’s 4.7.. 5.0 is 68C.. my led on the main part of the mono block stopped working.. i’m not going to return it for a fix because i’ll never get it back in forever.. have to buy a water cooler to replace it in the mean time.. its not something you want to take off and on. it has too many sticky pads and past..

Rick Bailey says:

wouldnt mind having that water block on my z390 master but im pretty damn sure i wont get better then 5ghz @1.38 volts

Cuyler Kahan says:

I would say that it’s good, but one of the main selling points are RGB, and RGB fusion is hot garbage.

Taylor Jordan says:

do all mobos have igpus built in?

D2daK87 says:

Intel 2019… Ewww no thanks

Human Personson says:

Stock temps under watercooling is 60c… god damn

Radu Raducu says:

Push it further to 5.2ghz.Would be amazing to see the temps

Infinite Gaming says:

i was like … “ok this board will be kinda pricy …” then i saw the price

elvewizzy says:

Shivers in RGBFusion…. So aweful

Hell Blazer says:

Imo this board is perfectly suited for the upcoming intel 28 core socket.. It would not only be a luxury but might be seriously needed to hit that 5ghz oc

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