The BEST Z390 Motherboard??? – Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Master Review

Now that the Intel Z390 launch is here, it’s time to see what Gigabyte have to offer with their feature rich and ever so stylish Z390 AORUS Master motherboard. Paired with an Intel Core i9 9900k we take a look at the performance at both stock and overclocked. With plenty of features, is this one of the best Z390 motherboards on the market? Lets jump in and find out!

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LVCA says:

Is it requiered to use both of 8 CPU power ports?

Jaime Duende de Gongora y Gongora says:

i listen in some places that the Bios of Aorus is a crap is true or fake?

Genos says:

What do you think about using this board to the i7 8700k?

Jose M says:

HI!! I When I activate XMP Profile1 in the bios I have problems. The system is not stable, it restarts and I have to enter the bios to deactivate or activate Profile 2.
In Profile1 I have 4000mhz but the system is not stable.
In Profile2 I have 36000mhz and in this case the system is stable.
How can I use the maximum capacity of my memory?
I have updated the BIOS to F6 and the problem continues.

I have Hyperx RGB 2X8GB to 4000Mhz , Aorus Master z390, i7-9700….all bought and assembled new.

What happened? Is there any solution?

Nikolay NeonWindWalker says:

I buy Aorus Z390, leds works only in windows, WTF!
I don buy Gibagyte anymore!
BIOS dont impress me

Rich S says:

I ordered this board from Newegg here in the States.  They have it on sale for $259.99 plus $20.00 mail in rebate so it’s only $239.99 total.  I was looking at the Asus Maximus Code XI, but I’ve seen that they are only using 4 channels for their VRM, so I am not going to bother with the Asus.

Robert Rainey says:

Wanted to ask you opinion of the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Xtreme as I’m a noob but think it might be a step up from the Master? Not sure the Xtreme was out when you made this video. I am a new sub, thank you! 🙂

Phil Corner says:

all those crying about the asus vrm debate just look at how the formula is consistently at the top of the list.

Derek Remington says:

The only thing I don’t like is those m.2 covers, they look very blocky on the board, one would think they would make them look better, but I guess they figure they will be covered by GPUs and other cards so who cares

Bitter Male says:

would love to see gigabyte z390 aorus ultra review

Damian Bragg says:

Were the Z370 and Z390 boards tested with the same CPU?

w1p30ut3r says:

I saw Asus Maximus Formula XI getting better benchmark… But, HOW?!

LanLock Gaming says:

your video is basically a video saying go to the motherboards website for information on this motherboard. i want my 8 minutes back you useless turd.

Michael Vettas says:

Just purchased this board, totally agree with the amount of USB 2.0 ports, sure we need a few but we have all moved on

Dylan F says:

Drives me crazy how no one takes a video shot of the board with all the LED’s on that’s not just a super close up panning across the board to look artsy.

Show me the damn board turned on in one frame!

Sorry for the rant but its frustrating, like 4-5 videos in and no one shows it.

Derek Remington says:

Where do you go to buy all of the empty product boxes, I want to make a cool product wall as well? 😉 Lol just kidding, how are bios on the z390, did they finally update them? I love gigabyte, my z170 g1 gaming is still running like a champ, but I’ll be honest, the bios is a nightmare to navigate, debating on if gigabyte is still a good option to upgrade to from my old 6700k system. Ive been reading that Asus has been dropping the ball with quality control but who honestly knows, you can’t trust Newegg reviews, the only ones who review there are either 5egg fanboys or 1 egg rma problems, no real feel for quality on Newegg reviews anymore, half the reviews on i9900k aren’t even reviews, just people saying they can’t afford them or are not in stock, and Newegg allows them.

endrizo says:

Check MSI godlike board

AlainCh2 says:

If you feel this good review is not enough, tech-wise, feel free to absorb this one. It helped me in my (forced) choice.
Here you have the best tech rambler I ever heard of 🙂 – in dept is not enough. – Component specs are not enough. – No words for this guy 🙂

Check his full channel. Outstanding. I bet you never tough even to consider some aspect.
HE TELL YOU WHY THESE ARE IMPORTANT (ignoring marketing wise speeches) even GamerNexus refer to this guy. Astounding.

(Disclaimer: I’m not involved with any of this guys or channels or whatever else – I’m just a old tech guy who love to read manuals)
I’m forced to change Motherboard. Less then 60 days old, my MSI Z370 G+ is acting – RMA means no PC – so I have to replace
– Natural choice take last release and plug in the 8700k.

Ikazmn says:

I can get 2 SSD and 1 HDD in this mother board

strawberryTaco says:

So, how about msi?

Bandit Darville says:

I’ve been told the Aorus Z390 Ultra actually has more stable Vcore delivery. I bought it for 245,- so i can’t wait to get my hands on it.

David Dropski says:

this board is bullshit.. they talk all this shit about sound chips ..and caps and they don’t give you 1 piece of softwar to utilize it not 1 … not even the funking sound manager don’t believe me download the manual from their web site and look at the end … and the bios is total jankey shit too..theres your honest review

Perfectionist Mind says:

How is it being BEST even while it has 16 VRM while MEG Godlike has 18…

Matthew Elliott says:

Right, so the MSI Godlike it is! Woot Woot, thanks, good video. And damn at the motherboards… can I brother get that Gigabyte Aorus 7 there? I mean it’s so last gen. It not worth the cardboard it printed on…amiright? I can give you 4 boxes of Original Sweet Tarts (only$4for4atWalgreens)

DJTorchMUsic says:

Asus makes a strong argument.

Raiden Dot says:

Full of fail. This is the mediocre board, why didn’t you review the *Xtreme? That one has L/R audio chips, and 10gb ethernet.

iamFathicC says:

Can u send me a matx ryzen board with rgb header thanks

dudi miah says:

best board ever

Walter Liao says:

Does anyone know how many PCB layers this one has? Thanks!

Matthias Müller says:

I orderd one. The cooling made it. I will use air cooling, Noctua D15 and a silent 🙂 case, Define R6 with a 9900k and a 2080TI. I hope this fits 🙂 In two or three weeks it will hopefully be deliverd.

Boorock70 says:

The Aorus Pro Z390 looks better in the graphs… I don’t know how & why but it simply outperformed Aorus Master !
… and it’s cheaper too ?

Pham Chi Hieu says:

Best Z390 Motherboard is Z170 OC Formula of Asrock kkk

Thomas Day says:

my brother baught me the 8700k three weeks after i baught the z270, so now i have to buy the z390 and im buying this board … any chance you can spare a decent aio cooler (doesnt matter what one, just any capable of cooling the cpu oc on this board) willing to pay something towards it! im skint after this xmas and cant afford to buy one brand new though. thanks for the videos.

DSM Dallas says:


simpolang says:

correction, this is NOT the flagship but one tier lower. the flagship is now the EXTREME.

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