NZXT N7 Z370 Motherboard Review


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Iam Sam says:

Let me save you some time: OVER-PRICED, just like when it was released.

RushDark says:

well nzxt the next time you done a mobo dont screw up

Savvy Wayne says:

Still looks like crap someone made in there back shed

Elbethium says:

Not only is it crap, overpriced…it looks quite horrible, seriously. Looks so plastic and flimsy, omg

*hugs his formula x*

RedeemerBlood says:

Bought one and totally regret it. The only thing more trash than the motherboard is their customer service. I’ve had an open ticket with them since April that they just refuse to respond to. Never experienced CS like this in my life.

Dean Barrett says:

lol looks better without the shroud

Tears of Rage Clan says:

I’ve heard from others that NZXT support is horrible. They were all right as I recently had to contact NZXT about getting a replacement magnet for my H440 front air filter after one of the magnets fell out because it wasn’t glued in the filter frame. Long story short, they will NOT send a replacement magnet but instead want to sell a new filter….. No more NZXT for me.

Kevin Gee says:

This basically summarizes what I think of most of NZXT products as a whole. Good looking products, but functionally mediocre while being way too expensive. The exception lies with their cases, to which a lot of them have some good value and perform pretty well. However, everything else….. no thanks.

NERO says:

ugly white

Trolling 4 Dollars says:

Blunt and true. Thats why I watch every vid

KunaiKrazy says:

Board looks good without the shroud. It’s so cheap looking with it since it is non branded/non stylized plastic. Gigabyte nailed aesthetics and features (aside from NO onboard Wi-Fi) with the Gaming 7. RIP this motherboard. So much wrong. 90.00 USD…max. Maybe not even that much.

The5GIO5 says:

Nzxt took some drugs

Im1CrazyCow says:

TOM I have hours worth of NZXT HOROR STORIES…..and all mine are on their Forums……..oh be it they have buried it now deep but the 19 complaints are still up there …….I would NOT RECOMMEND THEM TO A PILE OF SHIT……..I used to love thier stuff but the past 3 years they got like #NGREEDIA to full of them selfs and just didnt care abour customers……….I had 7 different excuses for the same issue 7!!! GL I tore out after 8 months of cat n mouse with them I have 8 of their newest AER Fans and the WE CRAM IT up yer ass software thats as limp as an 80 yr old, along with 300 in other parts to support and full deck out rig WHAT A COMPLETE WASTE OF $$$$$$$$ !!!!!
I could tell you about the BS they told me to only watch a Tech Channel on YT 3 hours later get the very same parts they said were on huge back order but they gave HIM 3 of the BOXES …oh and they delivered them… I payed over 750 bucks for all my junk and they send him shit for free so dont you think the Customer should be helped first………hahhahahahahahha NOPE so good LUCK Tom I bought parts fopr 6 other PC’s while i was stuck in NZXT hell, Built them some with NEW Beta software from Lian Li, Corsair etc and of the one issue i had with Lian li I got a phone call at 8 pm my time to deal with it…….it was only a $45.00 part but it was the point they cared ill never forget……NZXT for almost 30 days did not even reply back to emails, Problem tickets submitted and what was their BS excuse, we are so over busy…….so when I asked if i could send all this back on day 37 even though i had not heard from anyone on until after 30 days i was told NO!!!! and it still took months to get the shit that did not even work replaced…………and its still not right i tore it all out and its in a box labeled NZXT POS dont USE!!! ……I said all this BEFORE I am about to watch your video but if i feel need to edit ……………nahhhhhhhh even after a yr the pain still hurts…….if a customer spends over 10k @ your company over 15 yrs dont you think you should at very least respond….I wont leave you hanging but NO THEY DIDN’T Sooo I wont buy , recommend , use, repair, any of their junk ever again………I might PISS ON IT but that is too good for them!!

Abrasive Plague says:

At $120 I could maybe see it as okay (not really). At over $200? They can sod off. It’s a piss poor planned board. What were they thinking?

stirlmc1 says:

This board looks extremely cheap and low quality to me. The plastic is only there to hide the crap below.

Trent F says:

Big daddy asus huh. Asus are shit, the only board they have worth buying is the rog maximus but that doesn’t really give me much confidence in them. Gigabyte, asrock and msi are offering more for less $ than asus. Asus don’t deserve that #1 spot.

Martin darlington says:

good honest review – let’s hope their next offering isn’t rubbish.

Leduan Reina says:

Another typical ECS product, rebadged by NZXT.

mad dog morgan says:

this board is for the stupid that must have a white build your better off with an artic or friggin hand painting a halfway decent Moboard.

Marcus a says:

I built a white and black theme build but I would not use that mobo it looks ugly af.

Michael Gusevsky says:

USB 3.0 =USB 3.1 GEN 1

Dual Scimitars says:

They cant fix this board.. its pure shit.

Mark Kennedy says:

Fred Flintstone must be in charge of Styling……Utter crap looking Motherboard!

Gears442 says:

hello Tim

David Minor says:

It makes a person wonder that if NZXT had gone with another mb manufacturer if that company would’ve made a better product???

WhiteWolfTech says:

280 € for a ECS board, yeah… Thanks, but no thanks.

Brother Ares says:

While I hate the BIOS and all of the software from NZXT, if they released an mITX version I’d love it. The motherboard covers are very nice and will be great for modders.

Soda88 says:

> 3 fins
> heatsink

RizeAllard says:

They should invenst more time into it to develop, before they came out this poor quality motherboard. Shame on NZXT….

Michael Gusevsky says:

No vdd control? Lmao

Flavius Cosmin says:

nice review but this board is a complete disaster. NZXT doesn’t know about the included RGBs? WHAT? You can’t make it look pretty with m.2? Why on earth didnt they take advantage of the shroud to make some nice heatsinks for the m.2? And you can’t overclock it unless you want to cook your cpu? WHAT THE FUCK MAN. Honestly Tom, why did you even bother with this piece of shit.

Gear Seekers says:

“One of the biggest FFFFF-ruining” HAHAHAHAHA!

PimptatoPCs says:

It honestly seems like NZXT could save this thing with a new Bios and some matching M.2 heat sinks.

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