NZXT Made a Motherboard…but is it worth it?

NZXT has entered the Motherboard market… But how well does the Z370 N7 hold up in the court of public opinion? Sound off in the comments below.

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Aaron Carrier says:


Roberto Firmino says:

How many times does he have to say “It’s White”

Derby Mods says:

It’s beautiful

cloudstrife7001 says:

definitely not crazy about this one. Adjustments are needed. Maybe the next model at a more reasonable price point will be something worth considering though. Personally I don’t know jack about ECS though so i’ll leave that part of the debate up to you more knowledgeable folks.

Perish says:

Well in my opinion this Motherboard is just for the guys who use NZXT products like the Kraken AiO, Lighstrips, RGB Fans.
Many dudes talking about the price miss that this board includes the HUE+ and Grid hardware that costs 110$. And then this board has actually a good price. Removing those will lower the price to 140$ and is quite “cheap” for a Z370 Motherboard.
The BIOS is probably shitty right now, but that was to be expected because no one ever created good stuff at first try.

MemeLord says:

You look like captain cold from the flash

Jeffrey Bozko says:

This board is definantly not for people that known what they are buying.

Beegee Banbury says:

well, I would say I love the design of the board, buuuuuut I dont think its worth the price. Even though its probably my favorite looking motherboard, but it just way to high for having just the basic stuff on it. Now for 180 or 150 then ill buy it.

Hunter Gunslinger says:

It looks cheap!

Mark Simpson says:

I only just found out this board existed, I was excited because I’m in the process of buying hardware for a Z370 build, I plan to use a Kraken cooler and I happen to be sticking it into a white NZXT Phantom 820, so I figured it would be a perfect match. However, while it might be the only board that can sync with the RGB on the AIO, I was reading the specs while watching your video, and it really is a bit disappointing, and compared to MSI and ASUS offerings, that BIOS is not very appealing.

Tung Truong says:

The cover parts cost 100 bucks. Tuf is the one we should go for 150 bucks.
Nice try, Nzxt.

Olav Alexander Mjelde says:

Not sure why the shields are added, would be better and cheaper to paint the board and paint the cooling?

tomana says:

Jay, I like your reviews and other videos (putting your studio together, etc) but a few things about this review :

– the dual LED segment displays are to be covered because you don’t need them unless the board has a booting failure. The LED’s glow too bright to look good with an all-black version of this mobo so IMHO I’m glad the covered them
– regarding the chipset cover, I went for the matte black version of this board so popping off the metal lid that covers the chipset is ok because the heatsink underneath is black.
– 4 year warranty, not 3 yr like other brands … just saying

moral of the story: IMHO they should have sent you the black version

PS kudos to your partner, his video segments make me laugh

William Sexton says:

This board SUCKS……

Jason Gooden says:

Motherboards get attention if it has ROG on it.

Evan Tigchelaar says:

I absolutely love the looks of this board, however there are a few issues. The UEFI doesn’t look good, the price is a bit high, you have to use CAM for RGB, and I feel like it’s missing some connectivity without USB-C. Would be nice to have some built-in RGB, but still a nice looking motherboard.

Sonic_1000 says:


Mr. Clean says:

I subbed

soundslave says:

My Kraken has a hardware fault (and I’m not the only one) and I can’t recommend NZXT build quality.

Fallen Shaw says:

i wouldn’t pay 100 for it. Mainly due to the armor plating. Don’t get me wrong I full understand and love the concept, however the way its done…. well looks like its awkward and cheap. Lets not even talk about covering up a heatsink and thereby restricting airflow and creating a heat nice options for hook ups and love the switches its still the clunky cheap looking armor thats a major no for me though. and bios just told me i would rather get a job and buy a motherboard, than use this one for free. I’m kinda picky though. I do not like awkward clunky or frustrating even it it can look good.

digger66a says:

ECS was big back in Socket A Times. The ECS Elitegroup K7S5A was Legendary, the fastest Gaming Mainboard at the Time(2001). They have been forced back to the Asian Market when 3rd Party Chipsets died.A Partnership with NZXT might be a good way to sneak back onto the Global Market.

MrSushiGaming says:

I got it because it looked so damn sexy. I know its way more expensive then the others but somehow I managed to make it fit in my 1200$ budget. I used an i5-8600k and an R9 fury x and 16gb ram (two sticks of 8gb Kingston hyperX fury ram). The case is NZXT S340VR ELITE case (white). It fit really good with my white/silver setup.

ISEE YOU says:

I have heard so much bad info on this board… Glad NZXT is stepping up their game.. but this may not be a good idea lol

Isaac Thomas says:

I think the main point I like about this is that the chassis fans are all lined up… nothing worse than hunting for that last fan header

jonas Hyldgaard says:

a blood sacrifice has been overpaid xD

stinger15au says:

Its ok at a $150 price point but even then only “ok”. But $250 is way too much money. $300 was just a joke.

TheBigManUno says:

Hoping NZXT can make their next boards better after initial reviews. The company right now is very customer oriented and would be good if they got their hands into multiple aspects of the PC industry. I mean imagine NZXT cases, AIO, mobo, why not RAM and even monitors and keyboards. Hell Alienware sort of did it.

Steven Stroud says:

Last ECS board that I purchased was 39.99 soooo… yeah lol

Steve Andersen says:

not sure what NZXT is thinking here…not a fan of this MB at all.

kidsmack baus says:

as someone who has never built a pc and doesn’t know the difference between motherboard brands, I felt like the beginning of this review was a little harsh. It seems like NZXT is just giving the consumer options. Maybe the red lights of the code read out clash with your white themed build, cover it with the included plate if you’re not using M.2. If you ARE using M.2, remove the other vanity plate to remain symmetrical. Is your CPU small and run relatively cool? Use the included vanity plate to stay color consistent with your build. I think Jay was missing the selling factor that they were going for… but then again I have literally NO experience so…

Tigress Arcnon says:

Blood for the blood PC god!

brandon hartzell says:

@jayztwocents i cant find out what i mother board i want to use could you please help?

MF DOOM says:

shitty bios not buying

Nico Norway says:

looks like a $50 piece of crap. Really tacky and cheap looking.

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