MSI Z390 Godlike Review: $600 Motherboard Break-Down & VRM

Buildzoid reviews the MSI Z390 Godlike VRM and PCB, talking about overclocking capabilities and whether it’s worth spending $600 for this board.
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MSI’s MEG Z390 Godlike motherboard might be the most expensive board for the new Intel i9-9900K CPUs. It makes several interesting trades in its design, but the biggest focus is on building-up a powerful VRM.

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Host: Buildzoid
Timestamps: Keegan Gallick


liquidfrollo says:

@Gamers Nexus have you had a chance to look at the m.2 connection coverage of the new heat sink? I have the Z390 Ace and mine only makes solid connection with the far end and has a 1-2MM gap between the thermal pad and the m.2 drive top making the new shield worthless for me.

TraceX.MT says:

Clicked for GN, got BuildZoid instead. I’m fine with this

Ivy Nat says:

A $600.00 dollares motherboard MSI are you kidding me.

JFTN says:

Too long.

Ezequiel Alfonso says:

I wonder, if you have buildzoid doing this extensive analysis on you PCBs, why don’t you give him the photos from the back, it’s a little bit frustrating….

chrcoluk says:

$600 and only 6 sata slots, no display output, no back usb2 LOL.

Mohi Beyki says:

its a stupid board, not because it doesnt have a plx chip because if its an overclocking board, then it wouldn’t need 4 pcie slots because for world records you need cpu score as well and 9900k ain’t gonna cut it and then if its a consumer kinda board, 600$ price tag makes it stupid 😀 so I don’t know who needs something like this and why 😀

TbM Maize says:

Stop saying ‘like’ so much. It’s really annoying.

Hobo Misanthropus says:

Couldn’t you just disable Hyperthreading in the Bios and get a better 9700k for overclocking purposes?

Simon says:

Great value for money – just grab a 9900K for 650$ and this MB and you have nice base for a new system – but great review, as always !

Gamers Nexus says:

NOTE: Livestream TOMORROW (10/19) at 7PM EST for overclocking the i9-9900K.
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Kayden Prcalski says:

MSI will remember this.

next time on Telltale’s Hardware Reviews…

Tyrone Ross says:

*Kids will buy it.* Or better said, their poor parents.

mkd1r says:

Disgusting. A motherboard isnt worth any more than 120-150USD.

Frozen Flame says:

Asus ROG Maximus Extreme

Nekad says:

When you can build an entire Ryzen Gaming pc for the price of one Shitty motherboard lol

The Master says:

Thanks. Was actually thinking of buying this board. Not only will I definitely avoid it now, I’ll also be more hesitant to buy MSI in the future, as it seems they are attempting to pull a fast one with consumers with this product…

葉尚旻 says:

So the 6-pin pcie power can be left unplugged if power consumption is not high?

oldtech83 says:

If I may nitpick I think sometimes that orange color can be a little difficult to read, but my laptop screen is not that great.. Maybe green color would be easier to see on these board analyse videos? Green pcb is not used much on mobos or gpus so I’d try if looks like better contrast. Anyway, these are nice videos keep it up!

9NecroW9 says:

Wow, great video! Can’t believe I wanted to get one of these. What is that chip to the right of the 4 CPU PCIe slot that’s surrounded by green, btw?

Kyle Gruber says:

With the lack of what this board should have had on it for its 600 dollar price, I wonder what it’s really worth.

Bacender says:

I was seriously considering this mobo. I build a new monster computer every 5-7 years and this board was on myb watch list, but this video convinced me it’s just a bunch of worthless marketing. Thanks for the in-depth look.

Valtrius Malleus says:

You could by a ASUS R6E and a 9800X for not much more than this and a 9900K. I know what I would go with. The R7E would be around the same price imo.

Bordurã Cãtãlin says:

Maybe you talk only negative about this MOBO because you can not afford it 🙂 Give me your paypal , I will send you $600 and you can have one. Poor americans.

Fantasyze says:

at least they included a m.2 shield ‘frozr’

Trav T says:

Have to thumbs up for that thumbnail! haha

f3rns _ says:

I love how Buildzoid rips top boards. I was wondering, Does Buildzoid have motherboard buying recommendations? Thank you Gamer Nexus for this video.

Fallroy says:

Dual 8-Pin is most likely for voltage stability not for extra power – sure it’s not “necessary” but can be helpful for OC 🙂

Rasmus Aagaard Glud says:

Great review! I have a quick question though: It doesn’t support the iGPU as in it can’t be enabled in BIOS and used for Premiere rendereing and/or other Quicksync stuff? That would be a REAL bummer for content creators IMO!

Sebastian Lara says:

They did it again, likr with the x370 platinum

Lawrence Timme says:

No plx? Wtf.

Mitchell M. says:

The new RTX and Z390 Platforms are a terrible value. Sure, they ARE the best of the best; but not the best for your wallet.

hassan rami says:

thanks for the effort , great review , base on this do you think Z399 motherboards will have a good VRM unlike the X299 VRM heat problem ?
thank you.

jose pinto says:

Could you do one of these break down videos for the ROG MAXIMUS XI EXTREME please?

Derek Fagan says:

Love your channel, great video! I’m glad you’re explaining PLX as it seems ever since X99, Intel wants MB manufacturers and customers to completely forget about. I still have the X99 WS from ASUS which I believe had 2x PLX but my 5960x is dead.

jihadjoe says:

lol @ stupid review sites giving this overpriced piece of crap Editor’s Choice

AlexanderTheGreatest says:

You forgot to mention: Comes with streaming card, and the board looks really awesome. That would make it worth $500 so they’re really only overpricing by $100 imo, and I didn’t even mention the m.2 card that nobody will use. If you use that they only overpriced by $50-75 for a top of the line board which isn’t all that bad. A plx chip would have been good tho

Adam949 says:

It looks like this was probably speked too be a mining board…

Tim Carpenter says:

The 16 lane limit, given that NVMe uses 4, is an anachronism.

I am only considering TR Zen2 due to lanes, which should also be gen4.

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