MSI Z370 GODLIKE Motherboard and Intel Core i7 8700K Review

The Godlike Gaming from MSI is their top Z370 E-ATX sized motherboard jam packed with a lot of features! Let’s check out.

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Lucas Sena says:


Jonathan Watson says:

So expensive ****

liam benecke says:

What are the wallpapers on your monitors?

weaselinjeans says:

That is immense!! Out of my price range at the moment but some piece of kit!! Great production as ever Marc.

Lars loves Tech says:

looks the bollocks…costs a small fortune…Mmmm….hard to decide it actually costs more that an asus top of the range X399 for thread ripper so not sure it really justifies it’s price tag…this is for braggers only…well very rich braggers anyways…as always marc awesome review

Sam Smith says:

Wouldn’t touch MSI with a pole… had so many issues with them.

nightgamble says:

Hi there, what case is used in this video?

freddifrosk123 says:

i love those calbles in your pc. where did you get them from?

NRosanes says:

Anyone know what monitor is that?

the_boss_NL says:

Did you get the corsair vengeance rgb ram to sync up with the mobo?

Dorich says:

For the price of this motherboard you can actually build really good budget gaming pc… but still it looks awesome.

Man keep up with this crazy good content.

Black Manta says:

5 m.2? Waste.

VerDeLanceDeNigro says:

the 1%

2salty 4me says:

How do you get your background like that? I’ve tried some things but never really found out how to get an animated background/

Xx_TakeMyLzzTrash_xX says:

Desk link?

AtracBreezy says:

Just upgraded from a 3570k to the 8700k but I opted for the ASRock Extreme4 since it was only $135. 3570k is going in a spare build and I’m getting rid of the 8350. If anyone wants it HMU, we can do the transaction thru Amazon. I have 8gb ram and a fairly nice Mobo included with that.

Otto jr says:

in Estonia is it 300-400 euros

Ashley Chetty says:


MrGts92 says:

which monitors do you have? They look amazing, and i’n the market for a new monitor.

WADER 007 says:

Can i ask you something? I am going to buy ryzen 5 1600 in a few months and i need a motherboard for less than 100$. More if it has rgb or if it was rgb and below 100$ it would be sick. Thanks.

KSJ0723 says:

Such a beast of a Motherboard, great video as well!!!

Marc Sticken says:

I mean we need this for am4, fucking sexy beast.

Rebecca Wayne says:

MSI totally screwed up their Godlike motherboard release. This was originally advertised by MSI at the start of this year as the Z270 Godlike Gaming. The originally planned Z270 Godlike Gaming was the exact same identical board as this Z370 Godlike Gaming, but just with the Z270 chipset. When X299 was about to come out, I saw the ugly MSI X299 XPower motherboard at Computex, with its ugly “reactor” logo on the PCH, and I told MSI that they really needed to convert their Z270 Godlike Gaming to be an X299 Godlike Gaming board instead, which could also then compete with the ASUS Rampage VI Extreme. But MSI never did release the Z270 Godlike Gaming, and they simply switched the design to use the Z370 chipset, bypassing the X299 which would have been a far better use of the flagship motherboard design (and flagship price) than the Z370. So far fewer people buy the Z370 Godlike because its hefty price and numerous I/O features are limited by the Z370’s small number of PCIe lanes, and there is far more demand for the ASUS X299 Rampage VI Extreme compared to MSI’s flagship X299 XPower board.

Apeka Boss says:

how much RAM are ?

Ibnul Zaeen says:

I’m getting this for my new pc for sure

i Lateee says:

can i run my i3 on this? if yes ill buy it i need the rgb

baby ducklin says:

Awesome video as always Mark.

Mr Youtube says:

MSI at it again with the red 🙂

Daniel Dickey says:

way to cheep out on the sli bridge… for $500…smh

Jonny C says:

8700k is a pointless processor upgrade for anyone gaming on an i7 haswell & £500 for a motherboard – really?

The Vipor29 Linux and Retro Channel says:

beautiful build

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