MSI Z270 SLI Plus – $150 Motherboard – Review

MSI Z270 SLI Plus @ NewEgg – @ Amazon
Intel Core i7-7700K @ NewEgg – @ Amazon
Intel Core i5-7600K @ NewEgg – @ Amazon
Intel Core i3-7350K @ NewEgg – @ Amazon

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USB 2.0 Motherboard Header –
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Other Z270 Motherboard Options

$120 Motherboard Options:
MSI Z270-A Pro @ NewEgg – @ Amazon
Gigabyte GA-Z270M-D3H @ NewEgg – @ Amazon
ASUS PRIME Z270-P @ NewEgg – @ Amazon

$200 Motherboard Options:
MSI Z270 Gaming M5 @ NewEgg – @ Amazon
Gigabyte GA-Z270X Gaming K7 @ NewEgg – @ Amazon
ASUS Z270-E ROG Strix @ NewEgg – @ Amazon


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Immortal Android says:

you forgot to mention that it will come dead on arrival and the replacement will be dead too.

Bertil Sigfrid says:

How does it compare to the Asus Prime Z270–A?

Qusai Alshareef says:

I had this mobo for months and never figured out all these ports. Thanks man

Sliding__ __Guy121 says:

You forgot the i5 6600k

Executiveone98 says:

you have the best content by far compared to other you tubers. also your presentation and speech is by far the best. regardless of the length of your videos I’m always tuned in to the material and content. keep up the great work.

arnold archer says:

I want to build a computer But I want to know if The NVME m.2 If I could use it for my boot Drive On this motherboard ..MSI Pro Series Intel Z270 DDR4 HDMI USB 3 SLI ATX Motherboard (Z270 SLI PLUS

Cħăbir Ņǿǿ Wễë says:

hey can u tell me which one is better the msi z270 SLi plus or Asus ROG Strix z270E !?

Elmer Jiménez says:

Hey men, I can SLI with EVGA 970 SSC and EVGA 970 FTW ???? I have this motherboard for this setup.

Dr Heinz says:

Can you change the lighting?

Robert Goins says:

what is the difference between sli and sli plus?

mrredstone03 says:

I saw someone overclocked a i7 6700K to 6.5GHZ

MTS BeCo says:

Very nice vid as always. You mentioned a build with this board but I can’t find it in your upload section. Maybe you haven’t or I’m just missing it. If you did make a video, could you please leave a link for me so I can watch it? Meany regards from The Netherlands

CDubs HasIt says:

A non k, kaby lake chip will certainly work in this board will it not? Say I have a regular 7700 and I just like this board for the m.2 and SLI… it would still run it at the locked speed right? AND if I wanted to upgrade to a k chip in the future when the price comes down I’m in good shape because I already have the board..I’m not wrong am I?

Mark Kim says:

Is there bluetooth on this board?

Betelgeuse Romanèe-Conti says:

Can I use different cards for sli? Like if I want to sli a 1070 do I need to use another gtx 1070?
Or can I use like a gtx 1070 and a gtx 1060/1050ti?
And Btw, does this motherboard have the ethernet driver already installed?
If now, what should I do to get drivers?

Legion DC says:

I have 1 of these boards, but it will not let me light up the LEDs

boez52 says:

What happen to the multiple motherboard comparison video??

Raphael Chagas says:

Clear accent, no bullshit, overall infos on screen. This channel is orgasmatically good. Great job, dudes.

Duncan Firth says:

Hi i really like your video and thanks for the info i will ensure i get a Intel Core i5 7600K CPU with the board, i am torn though i also like at this price point the ASRock Z270 Extreme 4 LGA 1151, is the MSI board better?

Clarissa Hill says:

VERY detailed review of specs…. thank you

kingbamm03 says:

Hey did you ever do the build with this motherboard? I’m in the process of building a new Pc with my son and i just want to make sure I’m doing it right. any help would be appreciated.

Scorpio Gamer says:

Great review. This is the board I bought for my very first pc build. I can’t wait. Amazon had it for like 130 something. My question is I need an optical out port. I can just put in a sound card correct that has one?

EX Muslim Mol7ed says:

Mr Tech deals, Loved this video and learned so much, quick question though I have a gtx1080 zotac amp extreme a very thick and heavy card, I want to SLI it with another of the same , is this motherboard spacious enough I don’t want the two cards to choke eachother you know ? and another one is it possible to SLI with a different sized gtx1080 ? like a founder edition or smaller to the first big card ?

Neftalí says:

Did you ever get around to build the system with this motherboard?

Written Studios says:

So the HDMI port wont support a 144 hz 1080 monitor?

DBR Biking says:

Does a Z270 motherboard compatible with skylake processors ?

LolSorryForBadEnglish says:

PLEASE REPLY. Important question, does this motherboard support the gtx 1080ti.???

Cesar Lopez says:

So I can’t use a Intel i7 6700 on this motherboard?

SimplyTechnical says:

which mic do u use

That Horror Show says:

Well explained. Good information. Thanks.

RiK says:

Any suggestion on good wifi adapter for this board? Great review btw.

Lance Icy says:

can I have it?

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