MSI Z270 Gaming M5 Motherboard Review

Review of the MSI Z270 Gaming M5 motherboard released for the new Kaby Lake 7th gen Intel chips and Sky Lake 6th gen chips from the last iteration. How are the features of this generation of motherboards? What is MSI software offerings? And how does it all look. I will try to answer that in this video. I have also just gotten a i7 7700k ready and fun is going to be had.


Laza says:

Its a Mini Atx board, is it? xD Nice vid!


Hi, i have a similar motherboard but my led doesnt works, no light, no led, i’m so sad. So can you help me, what is the version of your bios and gaming app software, thank you. Sorry for my english, i’m french loool

Valentino Aditya says:

What does this card offer that’s better than Asus Strix Z270E? Strix Z270E is somewhat cheaper and has wifi and bluetooth but M5 is better looking.

muzaffar syam says:

why not wait for AMD motherboard :v

king mana says:

purchased a z270 m3 for my second build,but after looking at the m5 I will be returning and getting the m5 as my mobo great features.check out my first build on my page kingmana.

Movie Man says:

Happy valentines day! Love your motherboard!

TyJo says:

Joshino, what song do you use as your outro. I’ve been trying to find it but i wasn’t able to. So help would be greatly appreciated!
And the video itself is very amusing to say the least!

Gemars says:


Mike Jeanty says:

Thumbs down for not showing the fame boost feature which is very important

joseph chua says:


PleaseShutUp says:


VAVLIE says:

why did you delete this video before?

Avyiel says:

While I feel that a stable camera would be somewhat easier on the eyes, your voice is the best part and more than makes up for that. Nice to see other content here!

DaKakashi says:

why reup?

Mark Catt says:

Thanks for the video. Not a huge deal but most builders recommed not placing components on top of an anti-static bag. I use the motherboard box myself. The bag keeps the static out of the bag, the outside is essentially a Faraday cage. Thanks for the review, MSI makes great boards for sure and that is very nice indeed.


I’m damn early

stealfoury says:

I think MSI are they best

TheAngryGhost says:

I cant even afford this, i am playing paladins in 40fps :|. Why is the amount of fps in paladins same in the highest quality and the lowest? It doesn’t make any sense, I am suck at 40fps forever.

The Irish Ace Delaney says:

Is there much of an upgrade from this board that has the same support for the Socket 1151 and so on. If so can someone link me an even better board than this

Etch says:

wow lol why did you delete the previous video?

Tuka Luna says:

that awkward moment when i was going to buy this board soon and Joshino releases a video about it XD

Raymon Roos says:

I must say, these reviews are quite helpful.


please dont do these reviews no one cares you should do other free gaming videos

c0pyimitati0n says:

What would you use the USB type c on board connection for?

NewFormofSilence says:


Termiclonker says:

I know that it isnt a paladins vid but .. Maeve is my pussy cat !

Vojtěch Strnad says:

When did you stop doing that like/dislike ending that was unique for every video? I especially enjoyed the one from a PS2 video that went “If you think this video had a good flow of battle, give it a like. If you think it was a bottleneck, give it a dislike.”

ThatOneGuy says:

You just got shat on by Ryzen

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