MSI Z170A Gaming M7 Motherboard Review
Nicolas11x12 reviewing the MSI Z170A Gaming M7 Motherboard.

Manufacturer: MSI
Model: Z170A Gaming M7

Full Specifications:


Ryan Brown. says:

did any one laug hwhen he said sata cable labels

mbsfaridi says:

Finally a Z170 motherboard review worth watching.

IPlay2day says:

Hey can anyone please tell me how many usb 2.0 headers this MOB has, in the review you say it has 2.. but on a website where I want to buy the MOB, it says it has 4x usb 2.0 headers. Now I am confused. Does it have 2 usb 2.0 headers or 4? I need to know this because I will also install nzxt kraken x62 and the nzxt Heu+. Can anyone please respond.

El Misfit says:

this or asus viii hero?

Mohd Qayyum Redi says:

need help here,msi m7 or asus maximus viii??any suggestions?

MissTech Nique says:

Is Hdmi 2.0 onboard?

sinan polat says:

Does a Intel core i7 4970 work?

ネーナ・トリニティ says:

MSI 970 Gaming, AM3+ mastur race!

IKEA Kökslån says:

*fat beat in background* sata cables and satadatacabe labels sweg

Alo2videogaming says:

So…has this mobo wireless?

Google x says:

By the time i am watching this now there is probably another realy nice motherboard out already if there actualy is and is in the same price range witch one should i get ?

Allen Pagaduan says:

Nice review

Sanaullah Hossain says:

msi gaming m7 or m9 ack?

Mextrape studios says:

hahaha i bet this is the guy who makes the vid with the camdy mice and scalpell

belhadj amine says:

hi its very urgent,
what type of sli bridge it is ?
because im planning to get 2 nvidia gtx 1080 in sli but they advice to with High Bandwidth type bridge.
thx for the answer .

Video Station KH says:

will it support intel core i7 4th gen?

ResQ says:

2:33 Dors support for dual channel xmp mean that I can only enable xmp if im using 2 of the 4 ram slots? Thank you for the very informative and well made review! You deserve a bigger audience! 🙂

anjopag31 says:

The way you talk reminds me of another friend of mine with the same name. Not the accent or the voice, just how you express things

Corey Hendy says:

or 172 pounds on e buyer if ure in the uk

Fish Dish says:

does it have windows 10 ready

Phoenix Berk says:

how do i know that my usb it 3.1

3lectronic0 says:


Tristan Norris says:

I’m thinking of upgrading from z97 to this board an i7 6700k…. 5 months later is this the best $225 mobo on the market?

Jenns Paetau says:

if i install 2 m.2 ssd in raid 0 will this bump down my gpu from pci 16x to 8x? or will it still run at 16x? thank you great video!

Rudresh Ryan says:

Very well done review.

kaustav ray says:

what does flashing of a motherboard means?what does that do?pls help

Pez P says:

If you put in 2 PCIE m.2 SSD’s, do they both get the full bandwidth as in, will it be 32Gbps + 32Gbps or will it be 16Gbps + 16Gbps?

BackGround909 says:

yes, thanks for the review 

needed info on the new Z170 motherboards

Paul Rak says:

Hi Nicolas, great informative review once again. You deserve more subscriptions. Keep up the great work.

Marko Vibovec says:

What’s your watercooler on this motherboard?

Andrea Cinesi says:

good and professional

Laurence Lacson says:

Great review!

Kaasplankjee says:

Would you recommend the msi z170a gaming m7 or the msi z170a gaming pro (carbon) for a game pc with the i7 6700k?

Sergio Vision says:

so Asus maximus VIII hero or msi gaming m7?

Mick Dundee says:

Will a i5 6600K work with this motherboard?

Jaime Eduardo Verdugo says:

Really nice review, keep up the good work! 😀

The Nerd Delegation says:

Thanks! I’m still torn between this and asus rog

Pajca Pro says:

whats the difference between this one and Msi Z170A GAMING M3 ? (sry about my english)

WaffleSplash says:

Could you also do a review and overclocking test on the Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 please


what is better the msi m5 or m7?

Sam Smith says:

First good and legitimate z170 motherboard review. Great video.

Husam Khalifa says:

continue the good work. I really like your videos.

Chinmay says:

Does it support amd fx series cpu

Fadilizer says:

My hero viii is really unreliable, would this be a good replacement?

Christian Turner says:

Does anyone know what the difference is between the m5 and the m7? I can’t decide 🙁

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