MSI Z170A GAMING M5 Motherboard Review

Skylake has finally arrived and this is the MSI Z170A Gaming M5 packed with loads of features and stacked with a red black theme it certainly is dressed to impress, but how good is this bad boy of the mid range Z170 Overclocking boards? Let’s find out!

Link for Equalizer APO –

Link for Killer NIC Test –

More information on the MSI Z170A Gaming M5 Here –


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Intro/Outro Music – Different Heaven – OMG (NCS Release)


TheEmptyLunchTrae says:

Does this board support 2560×1440 at 144Hz?

Tevo41 says:

I’m getting the i5 6500 with 1x8GB DDR4 until I can afford another stick. I understand that a non K can be OC’ed using a z170 board. I am a bit of a noob at oc’ing, should I get this board (after installing the appropriate bios in order to OC non K) or should I just go with a non OC board. I currently have an amd fx8350 OC’ed to 4ghz with 16GB DDR3 ram and RX480 8GB GDDR5, will I see an improvement with an intel cpu?

Brendan Trieu says:

can this motherboard connect to the wifi wirelessly? or do you need the Ethernet?

dropcmd says:

Very nice review! 🙂

RYAN B01 says:

Who do you think would live in a house like this?

WaffleSplash says:

where are the front panel connectors?

ApEx_Devastator says:

so you cant use a usb wired headset?

DES PRO says:

please do asrock k6 or extreme 6 review for skylake cpu ofc 🙂

David Maisonneuve says:

What are you think is the best msi gaming m5 gigabyte ultra gaming or the asus z170 pro gaming

Joquinlo Jimnez says:

so… if I have an USB headphones which motherboard should I get?

Exenic says:

I don’t have an optical drive so I cant download the drivers from the disc. What website would I need to go to for the drivers?

Mike Jones says:

what headphones do you have in this video??

LeuLeBlanc says:

So, I have a question, it’s one of the few things I don’t know about mobas.
Can I put 2x8gb ddr4 3200mhz sticks in this motherboard instead of 16gb sticks?

X MKG says:

is this still relevant in 2017 or should i look elsewhere?

Cz Kodie says:

do they have lights?

Liam Borrowdale says:

Can this handle 6700k and a 1080 gtx? i’m new to this and bought this motherboard.

Frank Wang says:

i love the music. can u link me?

DoomFinger511 says:

I went with my gut and paired the same CPU and motherboard. Felt real good when I saw this video and you paired the exact same combination! Now I just need to find the right RAM. I was thinking of getting a set of 8GB DDR4 RAM (16GB total so I can use a dual channel) with the ballistik covers from curcial from $107.

James 3605 says:

do i need to buy a WiFi thing

Crazysau tamrakar says:

does this board support ddr3 ram????

El Vlado says:

From 0 to 10, how would you guys rate it?

superleggera says:

Where do I find Realtek HD Audio manger? I have this motherboard, but not this software?


So… I recently bought an Unlocked Intel Core i5 Processor… Does this motherboard house this? If not, is there a good, decently priced gaming board for it?

Tru Blu says:

Been my board for 5 months now absolute beast.

XSpt (X_Splinter) says:

Does it have Wifi?

Siraaj Khan says:


Hunter Cates says:

What is the license he talks about

Lhaigh376 says:

can i use 64G of ram

Claudio Benigna says:

I would give it 5 stars. The mayority of gamers use a USB mic. So i think they cheaped out on the mic amp on purpose 😉

Chris Ray says:

Would you still buy this motherboard today if it was on sale for $109?

Dose dan says:

is the gaming M5 better than the M3? the specs look better but it is less money?

Lestat de Lioncourt says:

Tom Cruise?

alexander hanson says:

will this board work with ddr3 ram

StraiyEU says:

What Board should i get the MSI Z170A Gaming M5 or EVGA Z170 FTW?

ws508 lol1234 says:

Ha I noticed that when he put the heat sinks back on he put them on upside down

Mel Pim says:

Hey guys just want to ask which is better, asus z170 pro gaming or the msi z170a gaming 5?.. they’re about the same price here in my country so im torn between the two… thanks for your time 🙂

ElectronAaron says:

how many usb ports does this have?

2Oejy 4me says:

help me pls so i got that mobo and the system temp is 32-38celsius and the front 2 fans arent working but the back is ok.


did you have any problems with any popping sound with the realtek drivers like the Maximus 8 Hero? cause i’m torn between this motherboard and the Maximus 8 Hero but i heard many are having issues with the audio drivers, any suggestions on which should i buy??

Nicolantonio De Bari says:

SOOO GUYS! Big question here! im looking to upgrade, the m7 gets me wet, but the thing is, if i get an m5 i can buy a liquid cooler too seeing that its cheaper… i like to play games on high, but i am not a fan of overclocking… i would never boost and overclock my pc in any way… what do you reccomend?

j1202275 says:

Its a solid motherboard, there.

DesmonAU says:

Would i be able to install an MSI R380 4G and also an Elgato Capture HD60 Pro onto this motherboard? Cheers

Daniel Paredes says:

Can i put my msi gtx 1070 here?

Du Fung says:

Yes newbs, it will work with every single consumer graphic card solution.

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