MSI X470 Gaming Plus Review | The perfect budget motherboard for Zen+ ?

With the recent release of the Zen+ series of processors such as the Ryzen 7 2700X there is a new refresh for AM4 motherboards. In this review we take a look at the MSI X470 Gaming Plus motherboard.

The MSI X470 Gaming Plus motherboard costs $130 USD and offers all of the overclocking features you’d hope for in an AM4 motherboard, and great tweaking options and Nahimic audio.

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chainsaw2010 says:

Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming Ultra is what i just ordered the other day. Hope it work outs for me.

Antti Tolamo says:

Well is GTX 1080 really benchamark for budget build?

I’m not budget builder but my will to pay stopped to 1060 GTX price. And I think you get even cheaper with 1050 or in processor
build GPU.

Garth Massey says:

Thanks Paul i bought the same MB 2 months back the extra 4pin helps when i am over clocked at 4.2 but it is not needed for every day use.

Seth Hamel says:

Can you use ryzen 3 on this motherboard?

Trap or Doom says:

Dude your voice is insane for commentary, rare shit for sure. Very impressive indeed :D.
(You did however sound clearer when you were speaking with the video. Not quite sure why)

TheGranitePerson says:

That red color looks sick on this board but I am also looking at the Aorus Gaming Ultra. No I’m not letting something like color make my choice. Overclocking is going to have a lot to do with my choice. I just bought a 2600 cpu, at $165, Super cheap, I had to buy it.

Manti 2k says:

Nice video…. I had a doubt to ask you sir…
My pc specs
Amd 2700x
Msi x470 gaming plus
450W PSU corsair
Gtx 1060 6gb zotac
Antec df500 rgb cabinet
The main doubt I have is I currently have a ram stick of 8gb running at 2933mhz it’s zion blaze
But since I need to keep the rgb vibes… I want to switch it to Tridentz RGB 8gb 3200mhz CL16 ram… Will it be compatible? I don’t see that ram in QVL list on msi mobo
So will it run at 3200mhz if I buy it? Plz.. Help me with this
Thank you☺ so much for your time

G Z says:

Does anyone know how many fan headers it has I think I need nine unless my aio comes with a splitter for the two fans

Pc ColdWar says:

nice timing also 😉 lucky you

Peter Jansen says:

MSI sucks for AMD, both AM4 and the graphics cards.
AM4: the worst RAM support, the most DOAs (dead on arrival) and the most BSODs (Blue Screen of Death).
Graphics cards: their GamingX RX 580 was a lot more noisy than the others (Sapphire Nitro, ASUS Strix, XFX) while clocking lower and not being less hot. In short, a noisy hothead. The same for their RX 480 for which they didn’t even bother to develop a shrout especially for the RX 480 but recycled the one which they used for the GTX 1060. If you buy AMD hardware avoid MSI as the plague. They spend money on marketing instead of spending it on the hardware.

I have bitten on my tongue before for that Ryzen2 review video because at least RGT got some hardware to review the CPU but now I can’t hold my mouth because this is kind of promotion and I have to warn people that MSI is not the best choice.

LtRyanP YT says:

Jesus, you look like a freaking Skyrim hero.

Jesus McBeth says:

Great start

Shadow Samurai says:

So is better or nah

3800Tech says:

Finnally!!! someone is reviewing this board.

magottyk says:

MSI make the claim of 11 phase design. How’d they get that number? are they including the memory power phase too now (they don’t break it down in the details)?
This is a point to be highly critical of and the manufacturers need to be heavily criticised for the false phases their marketing includes. Indignant is the word that comes to mind and is what should be directed at manufacturers rather than words to the wise to consumers. You didn’t admonish the deception, you go on and say it’s really all ok.

It’s hard enough getting the nitty gritty on tech specs to base decisions on without having to decipher the misleading claims on what many use as one of the primary considerations for choosing a motherboard.

We won’t see differentiation of true phase designs for expanded choice, especially on second tier boards like the B450’s until manufacturers are forced to stop using misleading specs and get away with phakses as phases. Who wouldn’t like a 6 phase B350, it’d certainly influence my decision. If a board has phakses but claims real, I will drop it from consideration unless it has something really special that I must have that’s not offered on other boards.

Using a standard 40A per phase metric:
You can’t tell me that you’d prefer a 4(2)+2 as fake 8+2 design over a real 6+2 design or a 3(2)+2 as fake 6+2 over a real 4+2 design, even though the theoretical maximum power draw might be higher in the fake design (assuming no power bottleneck elsewhere in the design like 2 chokes but only 1 set of mosfets per phase) given that as you get into higher power draws voltages tend to become less stable, which additional real phases help offset.

So please when reviewing these boards, check the manufacturers claims and berate them if they are feeding the punters bullshit on their phase claims. We won’t get choice until people get pissed off enough and that starts with the reviewers.

Please note that fake phases are fine so long as the manufacturer makes it clear that it’s a double component design on a lower actual phase count, then they can be commended.

Ilham Arief says:

Msi x470 gaming plus or msi x470 gaming pro?

MSS47Ag says:

11:30 lol! Paul should do a dramatic reading of 21 Savage’s Bank Account

TheSinisterEyes1 says:

budget for x470… i think you are looking for b350/b450

Jure Pičulin says:

£120 is quite a lot to call it “budget”.
No comparison with X370 or B350?
Are there any real benefits over a comparable X370?
XFR2 seems to be working on X370 with updated BIOSes.

Jonathan Mercado says:

It really is a solid feature set for the price

Jesus McBeth says:

F7 the elite ways xD tnx

Gem Bocobo says:

Will this be great for the R5 2400G?

Nightlordford says:

Good info but I was watching your eyebrows the whole time

Derya Gokalp Yilmaz says:

i wanna install 2 Pcie Nvme ssd’s both are 256GB 970 Evos in raid0 But in manual says M.2_1 ONLY SUPPORTS PCIE and doesnt say anything about M.2_2 . Should i be worried about that or just get a higher ssd?

ForgeofSouls says:

As it was said to me, MSI and ASUS is like comparing “You’re comparing Lexus to Mercedes at this point.” Thanks for the video, I’ll be going with this guy. My build is almost complete.

naiffer shephard says:

Excelente video sigue así

Ross Woods says:

Does it have SLI support? PCPartPicker says it does but I can’t find any word on it elsewhere.

Marlon Williams says:

Ryzen 5 2500 MSI X470 Rx 570 Aorus Gaming 4gb Great board and I can do whatever I want. I have zero issues. Nice Review and Spot On.

XxLogo says:

Got mine and the ethernet port doesn’t even work lol

hartoz says:

Thanks Paul,
I have this board and the only thing I’m not completely happy with is the audio.
When playing games I get a low frequency rumble from the audio, this was improved with a driver update, but it’s still there.
So I’m probably going to invest in a separate sound card (not such a big deal considering the cost of this motherboard) or try using the SPDIF to an external DAC.
I also found that running unsupported DDR4 memory is possible, provided you manually entered all the memory parameters into the BIOS (none of the supported DDR4 was available in my region at time of purchase (hooray for Australia)).
This does mean that on a BIOS reset, you have to wait as the PC reboots 5 times as it hunts for the memory timings (even though you gave them), but after that everything is fine.
Also worth noting, you can plug the wraith prism cooler into the RGB header on the motherboard and synchronize it with the motherboard LEDs.
Overall, a great Mobo for the money, especially if like me you trying the Ryzen CPUs for the 1st time (upgraded for 4790k to 2700x ).

RDell076 says:

Thoughts on the b450 version of this board?

paulb4uk says:

Nice looking board but my MSI boards Intel socket 1155 died kind of puts me off MSI.

Van's Videos says:

I found this at micro center for 100 bucks.

SliM420 GaMing says:

MSI is sub-par.

Jesus McBeth says:

Great review and indepth benchmarking!

Damienov says:

ASROCK Fatality X470 Gaming K4 next please, its in the same entry level X470 as this video review.
Also Could you please talk about Memory Compatibility between these boards.

Mathias Muetze says:

He reminds me of Hovey Benjamin

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