MSI X470 Gaming M7 Motherboard Review


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Jonathan Bruce says:

I’m running a 1700 on gigabyte x370 gaming 5 with rx460 atm. am thinking of upgrading almost my whole system. I currently have DDR4 @2933 memory anyway and also a H100GTX AIO in my Obsidian 750d. Would love to know your thoughts on what to upgrade and whether it’s worth it, especially since I’ll be using it only for rendering and occasional 4k editing. I already have an iMac Pro 10 core anyway and I use Media Composer 2018 and Da Vinci 15 Studio for video and Phase One software (Capture One Pro & Media Pro) for my photography I do .
For it’s either upgrade my pc or a new MacBook Pro, but not both! especially since I am upgrading my monitor to a 4k as well, so I have to watch my budget.

basshead says:


Splyce1 says:

review the msi z370 gaming m5 please

Jeffrey Hramika says:

How is 4.2 that most people are getting cherry picked? How’s come AMD was no double checking that reviewers were getting products that just work and not cherry picked? I mean if you was getting 4.3 or 4.4 or 1.4v okay cherry picked.

AnteICash says:

When are they going to start putting the 24pin connector facing outside the board??? FFS

Francisco Viper Díaz says:

Thunderbolt 3.

Zakiel PC Gamer says:

if i have a 1800x and buy one of this MB am i get more performance??

Excal abur says:

Top review Tom and well done MSI!

radostin zlatev says:


Raklödder says:

Never go full MSI.

HalcyonDraconis7 says:

I happen to prefer the matte black subtle styling for computer components if they’re not meant to be ultra flashy.

Chokkan キーボー道 says:

So this one should come with a brown paper bag then? haha I actually like the look of it.
Important question: Where can I get that T-shirt?

乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚 says:

The VRM is uses really cheap parts, but since there is so much of them, it runs pretty cool.
I still wouldn’t pay so much money for a board with cheapo parts.

Han Lockhart says:

Performance is all that matters to me. I don`t care how ugly it is. Unless it was pink. Or yellow. With flowers on.

Kris says:

same though here, board design and also some feature aren’t what a next generation high-end board should be

Wajid Raza says:

Wow you’re awesome ! Thanks

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