MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC Motherboard Review + Linux Test

No ECC Memory compatibility on this board, unfortunately!

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Intro and Outro Music By: Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Branmuffin B. says:

*feeding* engagement *machine*

Alex R says:

How are the mini ITX options for this platform?

oogrooq says:

They need to stop writing “Gaming” and “enthusiast” on the motherboards.

Josh Russell says:

17:45 – Welcome back, Steam. (Must be Tuesday.)

Aidan says:

You look really tired ;-;

Lazer Brainz says:

That USB BIOS feature is freaking awesome. I wonder how that came about… 🙂

Luke Keast says:

Sorry for the name drop but I have to say this channel is awesome and I love how neutral Level1Techs, JayztwoCents TechTeamGB, and JerryNeutron are and have been especially surrounding the Ryzen release and when it comes their vids on AMD and intel, some of these other so called tech channels need to learn that not all their audience is 12-21 and not lived life and studied sales and marketing.

John Richardson says:

I like the hoodie look

Miguel Sensacion says:

// Comment
/* for */
— Engagement

Celso Soares says:

I thought MSI considered AMD subpar..

Durasara says:

Waiting for the crazy iommu testing video you teased about on twitter 😉

WOOD says:

I almost bought this motherboards today but I decided to go for the aorus x470 gaming 7 instead

Kevin Connolly says:

no ECC? awe…

Geforce are for n00bs and CHILDREN. I use Quadro to edit 10-bit content says:

The fastest RAM speed and kit I can buy is 32GB 2933 NVDIMMs. Does that board by chance support it? muhah

Thomas Richter says:

I wanna see a review of a Epic system with 24 U.2 slots for a massive ZFS system with the u.2 slot pci lanes connected directly to the CPU.

Leonis Bacher says:

Quality… speaks for itself.
Less is more, Level1.

joshuarmarshall1991 says:

I’m trying to look up the outro music. What is it titled? I see the linked site, but they have many songs listed.

ofosho says:

Nice. Great video.

Lonnie Leslie says:

Please test the Gigabyte X470 Gaming 7 WIFI

ArhGee says:

Wendell!!! Thanks for the amazing video!!! Get some sleep!!!! REEEEEE!~!!!

Capta Praelium says:

“No ECC” … “Gaming” ……..Sounds right to me!

Dirtyfastfoodcup says:

Wendell, what ever happened to Dot Dot??

Christopher Johnson says:

Nice video Wendell

cdoublejj says:

digging the back ground music (not distracting)

chainsaw2010 says:

Asrock can learn a thing or 2 from MSI’s ram section.

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