MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE Motherboard Review – The £600 MOBO!!!

Today Leo takes a look at the monstrously expensive MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE motherboard with a UK RRP of £599.99 in the UK. Leo asks the question – can this really be worth £600 to anyone? Watch to get the answers. Read the full review over at HERE: Coming soon!

Test System
CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K
Motherboard: MSI MEG Z390 Godlike
RAM: 16GB G.Skill SniperX DDR4-3400MHz
CPU Cooler: Fractal Design Celsius S24
Graphics: Nvidia RTX 2080 Founders Edition 8GB GDDR6
SSD: 1TB WD Black M.2 NVMe and 512GB Samsung 960 Pro
Power Supply: Seasonic Prime Platinum 1300W

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Tim Carpenter says:

Who buys this at this price? The X399 platform makes sense at this price point. More lanes, more channels. The 1920X is a bargain to jump on the platform.

sabishiihito says:

This board costs more than the X299 Xpower and either of the MEG Creation boards and for the life of me I cannot figure out why. Sadly this seems to be the only MSI Z390 model that has a special overclocking BIOS in the wild.

Darren Wood says:

I was just browsing your channel for this video yesterday, and now it is here!

glitch says:

Holy thumbnail

Phil Dawson says:

Wow you could build an acceptable pc for that price.

Ostravia says:

No thanks. Who would buy actually buy this?

Duc Do says:

i have watch.thanks alot i have watching videos now1

LFly R says:

Complete and utter crap of a motherboard. At 600+ pounds they don’t even give you a proper (and in this case necessary) aluminum fins heatsink for the VRM-s which these overheating and hardware wise buggy Shintel cpu-s desperately need.

Jags A Gamer says:

The Godlike and ACE boards do not support Intel Quick Sync, Hence DO NOT fully support Intel 9th gen CPUs.

RanK ColouR says:

I’d rather get a Z390 board that costs half the price and spend the difference on a couple of rads so I can run a good 9900k @5.1 at 75c.
I don’t mind expensive kit but most of this board seems a bit…pointless?

Phil Dawson says:

Jason statham says it a megladon yesssssssssss sirrrrrr

Machina Inc says:

If it had PLX chip that many PCIe slots would make more sense. Connect 2 to Chipset and 2 to CPU.

I’d prefer the PLX chip to the other bits and bobs that comes with the board.

Codename Memphis says:

Clicked cos of thumbnail, stayed for Leo.

Opium Pulses says:

Great video – very detailed and informative. I agree it’s a little over the top, but man it’s a great board…

Andrei Neacsu says:

Great review, thanks!
Z390 Godlike, a MB more expensive than those for Treadripper, but for maxed out by the 9900K which is the end of the line for this board.
As I was finishing this list, in the last two minutes you just said what I wrote here during the video.
From what I know, and I might be wrong, the extreme-OCers want the boards with the shortest possible traces to the RAM slots and the PCIe slots.
If you want to make an E-OCer happy, build a micro-ATX board with a beefy VRM on the back side of the CPU socket. It does not need to fit in a case, just needs to be compact.
Other nice features that do exist are buttons for flash recovery, start, restet, and some diagnosis display that are all placed next to the 24-pin power connector, not at the bottom.
What E-OCers do not want are the following:
– OC button
– headphone jacks
– extra PCIe slots that are not at least 8x and not connected to the CPU directly
– M.2 heatsinks
– more than two M.2 slots
– plastic shrouds
– RGB features
– Fan controllers
– Paying for all of the above.

On the opposite side, an extra-stable workstation MB does not need LN2 switches, the always useless OC button/dial, extra PCIe slots that are not at least 8x and not connected to the CPU directly, lack of ECC support, RGB, plastic shrouds, etc.

So, my conclusion is that this motherboard is for posers who want to show-off how rich they are and how little they can actually use of their products, while seeming to be tech-savvy. It’s kind of like a blind man buying a quantum dot 72″ TV for the hottest features and the best living room experience.

halistine jenkins says:

excellent thumb nail. HAIL KING LEO!!!

Peter Scrace says:

Sticking with my Maximus X Formula

steve parker says:

Good vid you blood brit. love your content. I hope more to come.

Kisho 911 says:

October is over get outta here with the spooky thumbnails!

Isamar Mora says:

I need one of these! shut up and take my money! hahaha

Randall Draco says:

This pricing is ludicrous.
At this price point, the Threadripper platform is a no-brainer.
This serves only one purpose – maximum E-penis extension for intel fanboy gamer, whose father is a CEO 🙂 Other than that, there is no reason for this platform to exist.

Gay Gay says:

Too many of those “enthusiast” boards that don’t even have proper heatsinks. Instead, they go more for visual presentation than for efficient cooling design. And the worst part is, most “tech youtubers” never talk about this problem. I would never trust such a youtuber, just saying.

spididerman says:

I’m currently saving money for a new-build and I want to get rid of Sata ssd drives and hard disk drives and want to run my system on 3 M.2s. 1 500gb M.2 for my boot Drive and 2 2TB M.2. one for only gaming and the other for everything else, computer programs and personal files. The reason I want a separate drive for my games now is because I now find myself deleting something to get a new game, and I like the idea of getting rid of SATA cables. I currently have one 250 gig SSD for boot and a 1tb hard disk drive for storage, computer programs, personal files, and games on it.

Trang Tran says:

ok. thank you for review!

Wilfrido Palencia says:

Increible video, que potencia ha de tener este artefacto

Trang Thùy says:

Love the style that you have mixed….123

sabishiihito says:

MSI and Gigabyte seem to have abandoned OC-specific boards aside from Gigabyte doing very limited production of LN2 boards that aren’t available for sale but are given to well known OCers to post pretty bench scores the rest of us won’t even have a chance to match.

Dan says:

The edit on the thumbnail is terrifying

gary slatter says:

#nVidia, #Intel and now #MSI join the #piss-taking pricing! Who do they think they are, #Crapple…

Andrew Ballard says:

the…the thumbnail…

Dan says:

Luckily, I ordered Gigabyte Aorus Extreme Z390 Motherboard on Newegg before it ran out of stock.

LiveToLearn says:

12:25 msi “doglike” 😀

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