MSI Godlike Z370 Coffee Lake Motherboard Review

It may be called Godlike but should you worship it with your hard earned cash?


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Data Harvest says:

Just to give you the information about the WAN ports there, routers just forward data packets to their end-destination, so its common to use the WAN Interface of a device for network segmentation., nothing is different about performance within the networking capabilities.

Lenus Tek Typs says:


Thomas Michael Schwarz says:

First I thought you talk too much. After I saw a few videos I subscribed and if you would say “buy X” I would buy it blindly knowing it must be perfect. Keep doing what you are doing!

Inner Life Photography says:

this guy resembles to a very famous pornstar. can’t recall his name but he died of snake bite

Love Kush says:

Were are H 310 / B 360 motherboards . They are Good like

PinkasBrown44 says:

God won´t pay this board for you…no matter how much you ´like´ him.

Nuke Iraq says:

“Godlike” and no display port for the Intel graphics???

Nicholas Too says:

Like your content. First vid in your channel, for me.

TeflonPimp says:

I wish MSI would include all those great Killer connnections into their performance line.

cstkl1 says:

Bro are you sure its throttling.

1. Msi has a faulty avx offset. Setting offset will flag IA: max turbo limit.
Even during non avx load ( hci/prime 26.6) it will flux between both multipliers.
You will see it in game and even during 3dmark physics/combine test.
However its weird that when you run cinebench it doesnt.

Setting zero offset ( bumping up voltage to accommodate to avx multiplier).. zero issues.

Here is the kicker. Setting xmp will trigger IA: vr ring max. So now the ring multiplier will flux based on the offset.

Quick google shows this issue been there since z170 but as usual alot of ppl been blaming other settings.

2. Testing hynix ram chipset aka 3200c16 on this board. The secondary timings are totally off. Using xmp or msi 3200c16 preset.. u will always end up 1error with hci memtest pro 6.0.

Please check the first one. Its not throttling. Just some flaw on avx. Tested up to 1.32v on 8700k

Rav Bhu says:

BTW: G.Skill Releases Extreme Trident Z Memory Kits, Tailor-Made For Intel Coffee Lake CPUs and Z370 Platform – Up To 4600 MHz Clocks Come NOVEMBER.

Trolling 4 Dollars says:

… and it only has 16 PCIe lanes to the cpu. If it had 40 (or 60), it would make sense, but not with this chipset.

geen naam says:

why would you pay more for your motherboard than for your cpu
this makes no sense, go x299

Patrick Jones says:

Like the board, hate the lack of PCI Express Lanes. I was looking at upgrading but I have 4 SSDs, 4 HDD, 2x RX 580s and I wanted to get a couple Samsung 960s. Such a shame but that is more on Intel then MSI.

Troy says:

Do you think this is Win10 compatible..?

Liam Fletcher says:

da FUK… is a “Nerd on” !!!!????? fucking bellend

Jaylaz says:

Nice board, but $799 AU, gtfo !

AlanIIEngland says:

£500 + dream on

Jon A says:

Rubbish Motherboard Tom

youwannaseesomemagic says:

lmao, another ovepriced shit

bonnie the bonnie says:

Asus whore…

Sean Gordon says:

Just looks like MSI copying Gigabyte’s X399 board. Aesthetically of course. Definitely not a bad thing. Great video as usual Tom! The MFGs should save all the NVME slots for X399.

Justin Grojean says:

An absolutely ridiculous price tag and it doesn’t even include 10Gbit LAN.

KingBmore says:

Would you happen to have any corsair vengeance rgb ram to test on this board. to see if you can control the rgb
i love the board but i cant control the lighting on my ram

David K. says:

I think the VRM on that mobo use crappy Niko mosfets and the heatsinks look plastic, how cool did they run?

SRAVAN S says:

Yep but i can buy i think 3 gaming m5s

Momiji says:

motherboards more expensive than cpus?
EVERY SINGLE cpu in the lineup?

paradirob says:

You don’t have to say: “‘if’ I’m honest.” The truth is that you are perfectly honest and superbly informative. Now, if I’m honest, I’d say you’re the best, PC-enthusiast channel on YouTube.

Lina Niazi says:

i’m an unperson but i don’t know if i’m lucky :p
on a serious note nice video mate, do you think the godlike is the best one out of the high end motherboards for a 8700k intel??

V1C10U5 says:

top notch review good work

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