MSI Gaming M7 Kaby Lake Motherboard Review

The MSI M7 is the latest addition to their Gaming range of Z270 motherboards, combining excellent looks with great performance.


Boom74 Ck says:

4:52 Tom said pcie 3 instead of usb 3 again

Abyssic1 says:

Hey guys, i got a 20% off code for cablemod. first come, first serve.


Exposures By Dean says:

Nice Vid!
What camera did you use to record the video?

PinFish53 says:

Intel Junk

Phill Hudson says:

hi mate theres a bios update , it cam out on 8/2/2017.

Adriano Salomon says:

Epic video! My choices for a future upgrade are between this and the Asus Maximus IX Hero, after seeing the bios is a bit not how it should be I’m leaning more towards the Asus now, I’ll wait for that review to make my choice !

sebastian wilkins says:

does anyone still use ps2 connections. they really take up space we could use for more usb or other ports

mathyoooo2 says:

Wow this board has a lot of problems

Dan L says:

Great review. I currently own MSI Gaming M7 Z270 Motherboard and it works rock solid with i7 7700K and it’s capable to overclock at 5GHz w/ 1.375V. Of course, overclocking CPU & GPU comes down to silicon lottery, however. Indeed, using extremely high frequency RAM kit significantly requires more VCCIO and VCCSA Voltage to further stabilize memory overclocking. Either 4133Mhz or 4266Mhz kit are very fast, but very small percentage of i7 7700K CPU are capable to run at advertised speed. Even if RAM is struggling to keep at 4133Mhz in CAS 19-21-21-42, then I can either raise the timing, or lower down to 4000Mhz and set it to 19-19-19-39 w/ 1.36V SA/1.35V IO.

When I set Auto for 4133Mhz, BIOS automatically sets VCCSA @1.488V and VCCIO @1.448V which is extremely too dangerous for i7 7700K to handle that amount of heat. As a result, program crashed and gave me BSOD error: Page Fault In Nonpaged Area. I probably got defective RAM and I will buy same G.Skill TridentZ 4133Mhz kit and manually lower down to about 1.3-1.35V for CPU VCCSA/VCCIO. Not to mention, there was an absolute performance between 3200mhz and 4133Mhz which is amazing. Gears of War 4 is a perfect example that loves high speed memory!

Billy Gillis says:

For the people saying they dont care because ryzen is out must not enjoy pc parts all that much, even though ryzen is out i still like learning about the hardware. the more you know the better off you are. also, this will kinda give you an insight of what may be to come for msi boards made for ryzen. it is very possible that they could be similar but with improvements, maybe with the ryzen board there will be better connections on the back like he was talking about, who knows.

LeftHandedRocker says:


BrannDailor says:

msi really screwed the pooch with this generation of motherboards.

sure some of it looks good and im sure it will be a very capable and enduring board.. but it feels very rushed.

Lawrence Timme says:

I don’t get why fans won’t go below 50%

PinFish53 says:

Just more JUNK

David Martins says:

How to please the manufacturer even if the product is not all that convincing…

RealOne Zx says:

After this March the 2nd none of these reviews will have a point.

stryker914 says:

I was thinking about getting some of those 3000RPM noctua fans (and I have a gaming carbon board), but I guess not if they’re gonna be loud all the time

010FSL101 says:

need some am4 board reviews!!

John Athanassion says:

Maybe someone watching this video can answer my question. I see boards with 2, 4 and 8 dim slots. And I see videos of people populating only two or 4 slots of memory. Which is better to use and will it make a difference; say for example, I use two 8 gig sticks in four dimm slots or four 4 gig sticks in 4 dim slots. And will it be better to use a board that has two instead of four dim slots. Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

CPC_RedDawn says:

I have the board and I can confirm that as of BIOS version 1.2 they have fixed the CPU SA and CPU IO voltages using high frequency memory.

I have Corsair Vengence 3600MHz RAM and using its XMP profile the SA and IO voltages are much much lower than set in this video. They are literally JUST above 1.2v and both do NOT turn red anymore when inputting the same voltages manually.

I have not yet tested the LLC issue yet but good news as of the SA and IO voltages.

pbisbad says:

Was the crosshair VI video removed/changed to private??

Richard Åsberg says:

Great and informative video as always.

One thing though rarely discussed but also very important IMO is the quality of support and user forums. Especially for products like motherboards where you might have lots of questions and/or minor issues you want to get help with.

I used to be a 100% ASUS guy and I built a number of rigs bases on ASUS components throughout the years but after realizing far too often how ignorant ASUS are when it comes to their support/user forums where some of the threads have been running for well over a year without even a comment from an ASUS representative I had it with them and ditched everything with ASUS’s name on it and went to MSI and haven’t looked back nor regretted my decision once.

In comparison to ASUS the level of attention you get as a regular customer/consumer is like night and day. For instance I had an issue in the past with an Intel 750 and my current Z170 M7 motherboard and literally within days I was in direct contact with one of the guys in the MSI BIOS dev team. Now that is what I call top-class support!!

Looking at the other side of the fence, when I (and lots of others…) had an issue with our ASUS Maximus motherboards where the internal clock would reset the time every now and then for no good reason we waited for ages for ASUS to do anything about such a stupid problem but a solution was never presented…. Embarrassing is the only proper word for it if you ask me.

This turned out to be a very long comment and my intention was not to initiate a this vs that brand war. I just wanted to mention that I as a customer don’t only care about all the bobs and bits of a certain product although they are also very important of course but I also care about the framework around the brand and product where the level of fast, friendly and professional support is a very important part in my eyes.

In this area MSI really excels in my experience.

Keep up the good work and looking forward to all the videos to come!

MarcParis says:

Thanks for this review.
For CPU chassis fan header that could not go below 50% fan speed, could you use Speedfan to correct this issue?

ScoobyJD says:

This and the ASUS ROG STRIX Z270E are almost the same exact layout…. makes me wonder.

Craig Cordeiro says:

Thanks so much for this video! You’re explanation of Load Line Calibration helped me figure out several issues I’ve been having with my overclocking attempts.

Flavius Cosmin says:

26:16 I care, thanks for all your hard work putting in all the details!

nofreenamestoreg says:

Come on, we want AMD 🙂 It is time TTL 🙂

Kush V says:

Everyone is waiting for Ryzen review Tom!

Lupul Alb says:

Intel is going down !

Nic says:

Intel is irrelevant. Time for AM4 M8

lizard2006 says:

I’m having a issue with this board. my temps on 7700k float around a lot. cpu usage is 100% with Msi command center. There is a temp sensor that shows 50c to 55c most of the time and if you go into Aida it shows that higher temp, a cpu package, then individual cores temps. What is this weird temp ??? why do the numbers fluctuate so much ?

SuperstarPecanbar says:

I just got this board and this video got me really worried. Has any of this been sorted out?

racketsong says:

I like the fact that they improved the sound section massive, yes onboard sound is kind of standard today but I recently bought an asus essence for my krait cause the bad sound sucked that much

Christian says:

I dont know why but your voice is relaxing for me…

Colt says:

I finally clued in that the 4.2GHz was the base clock for the i7-7700k lol – see 22:55min

I was like, “What a shit OC!”

Phill Hudson says:

ill tell you something else about these msi boards as i have just had a nightmare with thier support, they do not like 4 sticks of ram in the slots because they will not run XMP with them installed….. they work fine with 2 sticks of 8gb but when you try 4 sticks of 8gb =32gb of ram ….. XMP simply wont work

PHproduction says:

Does anyone know the main difference between the Z270 M5 and M7? There is a 80 $ difference, is the M7 really worth 80 $ more?

GT says:

i don’t get it, i have two intake fans on 1500 with 20DB … i cant really hear them..

Videocomputer says:

There isn’t absolutely any kind of bios fix for this in my Z97-G43 GAMING. I don’t think they have learnd from this yet. Still they haven’t fixed that sysfan rpm and on their website they lie about my board: “Total control over fans” Arctic TC fans will make this MSI F#=UP seem less f-ed up. Msi seems to be bit hard of hearing or just dumb because this problem is years old.

Game Over says:

audio out of sync?

Steve Austin says:

surprised they didn’t do like they did on the ITX board, and just have the voltage not show as they’d know you would pick up om it, my view on MSI atm is avoid

Colt says:

@12:39min. Wow Tom connected the fans under Power On!
I thought that wasn’t safe to do.

Rydia704 says:

If I have windows 8 on a SSD and Windows vista on a storage drive. What happens when Microsoft stops support? Will my system be unsafe from not getting updates?

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