MSI B450M Mortar Motherboard Review

AMD recently launched their new B450 chipset for the Ryzen 2 CPUs. I’ve got the Micro ATX MSI B450M Mortar motherboard here, so let’s take a look at all the features and help you decide if it’s worth buying for your PC.

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White Titanium edition:

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S73R O1DS says:

Dose it support rgb ram

john campos says:

Hello, I’m planning to buy the titanium version of this. May I ask if the MOBO (either this version or the titanium version) good for overclocking? My set for this are: CPU – R5 2600x, GPU – RX 570 8gb OC and 16gb ram 2400mhz.

john campos says:

It is me again. What should I buy, msi b450m mortar or Gigabyte B450 AORUS M?

Perry Len Punsalan says:

does it matter which m.2 slot you use if you only have 1 m.2? if i use the 2nd slot will my graphics card cover it?


How about my ryzen 3 2200g. Is it good for this mobo? Tnx

Soviet Pingu says:

Bought this with a 2600 and a 1070, and absolutely love it. P.S You’re channel is super underrated and I think it’s awesome that you reply to every comment!

Jason Webb says:

I have this board and in hardware monitor it has a MOS temperature reading. From what I have seen it looks to be the vrm.

Gaeemz Guy says:

Currently I’m trying to find the cheapest and most reliable motherboard for a Ryzen 3 2200g without having to face any issues, but is this motherboard too much for a budget under 400$? if so, what affordable motherboard can i use?

wilhelm trolle says:

can you have tow gpu’s on thise board?

Risto Kappet says:

Did MSI really paint audio jacks red…

XBeastX says:

How about Ryzen 5 2400g with gtx 1060 3gb? Will it bottleneck?

Brendel Ace says:

Can i use my 2x4gb ddr4 2133mhz in this motherboard? My processor is ryzen 5 2600

tonkatoytruck says:

Still testing with the MSI B450M Mortar but have hit 3466MHz with 1T,
13-12-12-12-21 @ 4GHz with 1.4Vm, 1.4Vc, 1.15Vsoc on the R5 2400G.
Testing for stability now. Mosfet temperatures are really good
considering there is no heat sink on the Vsoc. May jump to 1.5V on the
memory. (Team Force Dark Pro (2x8GB) 3200MHz at CAS 14) Dropped tRC to 42, tRFC to 300. Have not fussed with the iGPU clock settings yet.

William B-P says:

So is it possible to use DDR4 3000MHz RAM? Thanks. (Specific model: G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 3000MHz)

Gian says:

This or MSI B450 Carbon AC?

Markinpuff says:

Looking for a good micro-ATX board for a intel I-5 8600k. Any suggestions? I like this board look. Do they make a lga1551 version?

ghosts 3D says:

It’s good with a ryzen 5 2400g?

jga jga says:

can you help me I just bought this motherboard and the aplication for change the rgb dosnt work how I cant change the colors of the rgb

The Laptop Gamrr says:

Great video! I’m considering getting the titanium version because of this video.


Is my fury 4gb ram will work in this mobo?

xSeymour says:

Should I get this, I have R5 2600 and rx 580?

PC Fusion says:

Will this be a good enough motherboard to upgrade to 3rd gen ryzen

Kinjiro Kiraragi says:

is it the same thing as the titanium version?

Daniel Burlinson says:

Literally just bought this along with a Ryzen 5. Trying to find a decent deal on a rx580. Thanks for the review!

OSS1226 says:

Today 12/6/2018, just discovered MSI had “discontinued” B450m Mortar and B450M Mortar Titanium, why, since is was just announced in September, I’ve also noticed on B&H most of their MSI B450 motherboards are on backorder, can’t find any info as to whats happening with MSI B450 motherboards. Can’t get any info from ‘MSI”.


Soooohhhh, and Oooohhh

reynaldo junio says:

if I have a ROG GPU how can i control its rgb lighting ?

tonkatoytruck says:

Actually Hardcore Overclocking gave this board top marks for quality components, good bios, and excellent VRM cooling. Ranks it better than most X370 and X470 boards.

alamrisa says:

I don’t recommend crossfire… Pcie 2.0 4x bandwidth is low and it goes through the chipset, not directly wired to cpu.

ian christopher viloria says:

What kind of ram compatible for this mobo and with no issues?

Styx says:

Such an underrated channel…
Nice video dude!

Timotius Aditya says:

Does this MB’s M.2 support both sata and nvme?

Eyoub SM. says:

Can i use a rx 580 8 gb in this Mainboard because the description says : maximum graphic memory 2048 mb
I’m kinda confused what does that mean

dedbones03 says:

What audio version?

føx. says:

Is there a possibility to connect a led strip with 4pin rgb header?

vetjoh says:

a micro atx board in an atx case is ugly af and should be against the law lol

Arif Mazne says:

Can you make a video on the Asrock B450m pro4?

FIetch2002 says:

If your getting this board I would buy it now, contacted 8 sellers and they all said this board wasn’t in stock and there is a shortage of them until mid February, managed to get one with 24hr delivery for £100 on nova tech but there selling out really fast!

KarnagePG says:

This board is on my hitlist and will probably pull the trigger on it. Only thing I’m weary about is the lack of heatsinks on the m.2 slots. Does anybody have any problems with using them both and excess heat?

XeoMak says:

Nice review. I’ve just ordered this on Amazon £76

Maxxarcade says:

I just ordered this board for an HTPC build using a 2400G. This will be my first MSI board, and first Ryzen build. Hopefully everything will work in Linux.

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