MSI B450 Tomahawk Socket AM4 Motherboard Review + Linux Test


5:01: VRMs
10:56 : Memory Tests
18:50: Linux Test

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Intro and Outro Music By: Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Peterfixit says:

wheres the gpu passthrough video gone, it was up but now its private? why?

Mon Mor says:

You never mentioned or showed ambient temp when overclocking and stressing the VRM? Not mentioning or showing ambient temp in the room seems deceitful. You also did not show what tempatures the VRM reached.

Kevin Brett says:

New to your channel, luv the B450 reviews, I wonder if the Asus Prime is on the way?

ig33ku says:

I seem to be getting a prototype one from swiss… some kind of display model proto… ahh well cheap is cheap lol

LFly R says:

For a middle range board this MSI Tomahawk B450 is as rich as Intels high end boards are. B450s are gonna spread widely amongst gamers and content creators. This means that they are gonna sell and have BIOS support well beyond 2020. Awesome :-).

Paul Jackson says:

Nice video. Are there any downsides to overclocking Ryzen other than heat and power draw?

Josh Russell says:

Yay, Ryan’s getting fired!

MarcasswellbMD says:

So Bottom Line FlareX 3200 14, 14, 14 14T Is where it’s at for Ryzen for Now, At Least till we see Zen 2?????

Locks Rocks And What Nots says:

“Hey! Mikey likes it!”

kdc300z says:

Shit joke

Vagg D says:

Great review, thanks you for the linux part… just one question, does the B450m Mortar use the sane vrms ?

Mohit Gaddam says:

Msi b450 gaming plus would also do the same i think so

Damian Rath says:

As I don’t know what you have in your pipeline, may I request that you do a piece on the new ASUS B450 as well, please.

FreeAndEffed says:

As a system builder, that looks like the current go to board for 95% of ryzen builds relevant to the market. And that‘s quite relaxing, it simplifies design choices for lower cost builds a lot.

Sabre Zero says:

Will this work on ryzen 3 2200g?

Jordan Waughtal says:

The was good intro!

OhItsThat says:

This is so unrelated and probably been discussed a million times but when did you and why did you decide to start showing your face on camera?

Paul Demagio says:

When did videogame dunkey start a tech channel?

Troy Bantz says:

I’m definitely jealous of your 2700X. My 2700 can only run 4.1 ghz on Windows. 4.2 ghz no matter the voltage auto freezes when running anything beyond windows itself.

Loving my 3200 14 14 14 34 memory. Going to see if 8 can push up to 3466 and see what I can manage.

Keep up the great videos. New subscriber but have liked what I have seen so far.

Jordan Waughtal says:

I think it would be interesting to look at the ripple/drift on the VRMs.

tfw no name says:

this with r5 2600x (all atock) gonna be okay?

Yaman Srivastava says:

I have b350 tomahawk should I goo for b450?

Jan Girke says:

I would go with a board thatt has a Display Port too.


good video very good stuff

Rui Caridade says:

How i missed this channel till now is beyond me :/ . lm-sensors work ok? Can you please review/give your opinion of msi pro carbon ac.
Thank you for your work 🙂

Jerry Oswald says:

The Tomahawk will do more damage to Syria than the MSI Mortar.

M4TT EXE says:

so…. does this USB-C port works on this or…. what my B350’s with many others don’t work and i dislike that got a V20 and was like *oh shit let me charge my phone*
MSI: hold up buddy

Brandon Burton says:


Baptism ByFire says:

I hope this board is worth it. I already got the PTSDs from to many BSODs.

ilTubodiEliGabri™ says:

5 USB, i mean FIVE…come on MSI!

NeilTR says:

they don’t place a lot of USB ports at the back anymore 🙁 . My b350 has 8 type A ports.

John Doe says:

THX for the Linux part @ 16:50

Dave says:

Is it me, or has Wendell lost a ton of weight?

Ryan Sherman says:

if you want micro atx b450 or b350 is only option

Archer Folf says:

I lost all my files to storeMI, but that’s probably my fault.

onenite2nite says:

it would help if you put links to older vids in sd links.

899 Panigale says:

Great video.

Mark Rose says:

Attention companies: send Level1Techs more hardware for review. The Linux situation is important to me, and this channel is the only one that goes into detail there.

Rui M says:

Is it worth the extra 15 euros for B450 Carbon pro ac? I´m buying a ryzen 2600x and only pretend to do moderate OC to it to get some gains. I ask this because Carbon AC offers Intel lan chipset and ALC1220 but I dont know about performance and vrm. Tx for the great content.

Luredreier says:

The problem with having too few phases isn’t that it’s incapable of providing enough power.
But that the power delivered is more uneven.
Think of the difference between a 800 W PSU with a higher ripple and a 500 W one with a low ripple, technically the 500 W PSU is a *better* one in terms of component longevity and system stability even though the 800 W one can provide more power.
Because the current and voltage is more stable with the 500 W PSU.
That’s also the case with a motherboard with more phases.
Essentially with more phases each phase is responsible for a shorter amount of time before a new one takes over the job.

charlie brownau says:

Another great video ruined with shitty loud music

darren spooner says:

yawn !

Raklödder says:

hahahaha the intro alone is worth a thumbs up anyway thank you for making this video b450 is really how right now and i want to know more hehe

raikoh05 says:

Nand likes to run hot, only controller likes to run cool. Its really not a big deal

Mike Roy says:

Good review. Nice to know they have improved the base offering. I’d be interested in that board for sure.
It’s got a lot of features, good EFI, stable, good price. What’s not to like?

John Stehlik says:

Running to Microcenter soon.

MetroidChild says:

I shall assume no ECC on this board?

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