MSI B450 Tomahawk Motherboard Review

AMD recently launched their new B450 chipset for the Ryzen 2 CPUs. I’ve got the MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard here, so let’s take a look at all the features and help you decide if it’s worth buying for your PC.

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David Matta says:

can you post 300helios 8th gen. review i need to compare it with g5 i want to order laptop as fast as i can

vBDKv says:

I’m torn between this and the Asus Strix B450.

alanpk0 says:

Thanks for saying that the LEDs can be easily turned off.
And about the easy-to-use bios update. It made my mind about the purchase.
One of the most informative reviews around.

Brandon Keffer says:

I am extremely satisfied with my Tomahawk B450. I too am running 4.0GHz on all cores, but with a 1600x, with 16GB RAM at 3000mhz cl16. I have had zero issues with it as well.

big fam says:


Jefferson Lorenzo says:

Im planning to buy ryzen 5 2400g without gpu. Should I buy b450 tomahawk or b450m mortar?

Bernie Fajardo says:

nice review! I think I’m getting this one for my upgrade. nice feats and not to mention the accent is not red-black ;D.

Thor Invincible TO says:

Will I be able to over clock my r5 2600 to 3.9 GHz with this mobo?


Please is the MSI B450 tomahawk MoBo compatible with the athlon x4 950 CPU

iiDRzx says:

tomahawk or gaming plus?

Hakmer Siregar says:

Can you guys review MSi B450 A-Pro as compared to Tomahawk?
I’m confused on picking between the two as the Tomahawk is 31 USD more than the A-Pro in my country.

Ian says:

Just to clarify if you use the M.2 slot you wont be able to use any of the SATA connectors or just 2 of the 4 wont be usable. I know you said the 2 on the right but I was confused as to mean that the 2 pairs of connectors on the right side of the board or the 2 on the right side when the board is oriented as you showed.

Ed Jackson says:

Wait with front panel USB 3.0 will I only be able to access one of my Front Panel USB ports?

SUWHI says:

Systeam ? thx :3

AXR Lipee Jr says:

does this compatible also to ryzen 5 2400g?

Space Cow#303 says:


Thurman -_- Merman says:

So this motherboard can only support DDR4 2666 RAM?

naturalthalent1 says:

What do you thing above this msi motherboard and R52600x? i want to oc to 4.2ghz…4+2 VRM is enough?.


How much MHz does this RAM have?

Robert says:


Gautam Diwan says:

Really nice video Jarrod 🙂
On a sidenote, which lighting software do you think is in descending order from best to worst (I don’t care about asrock lol)

stryderx1 says:

Again nice review, thanks! I think MSI could put 2 pcie in this one but it seems they think you have to use usb Wifi adapter. I still have old Asus Xonar Dx sound card I would use with that motherboard.

rangestyle says:

Can I expect to XFR/Precision boost or overclock a 2700x on a B450 Msi Tomahawk? Hoping for something like 4.3~ on 1-2 cores while gaming.

Alessandro Melvasul Timpone says:

How can someone call this a “review” if they are just, and nothing more, reading the specs of the Motherboard a nothing more?
Don’t get me wrong, this a “good” critic, but I heard no review about the MB itself, the only things you added are some of your results but without showing how you achieved, your methodology and so on:
1. I updated the bios(around 4:00)
2. That you used RAM at 3466
3. That you managed to put his 2700 at 4.0 GHz
3.5 Telling that you did not go any further in it with extra testing
4. And an image from a thermal camera

Carlos Motta says:

Excellent review, my friend. Hell yeah, this MOBO looks damn solid.
I have to praise you for the impeccably clean build. Couldn’t expect less from the methodical Jarrod.

jean says:

your are exellent

fahad says:

What about the b450 gaming plus?

mike fox says:

My old AMD A88X motherboard has 8 sata, 4 seems low.

Zoo logico says:

Jarrod what’s your opinion on the Eluktronics Mech-15 G2?? Haven’t found that much info but the specs looks amazing and have heard Eluktronics are pretty well build and have a great finish, for the price it just seems like the best you can get. Thanks and have a great day!!

Omar Ehab says:

If I use the M.2 slot, Which SATA Ports will be available and at what speeds?

Brandon Kissol says:

Jarrod pls make a review of the ASUS ROG Strix SCAR II and compare it with the Zephyrus M with both GTX1070 because that variant of those two laptops are similarly priced.

Matt Christie says:

I do like the idea of the BIOS flashback. Can even be done without a CPU, on most boards. Good shot you got there of the I/O shield. Was good to see the BIOS flashback button is recessed a little, preventing accidental use. Buildzoid had a look at the B450’s as well. And of course it was mainly focused on the VRM’s! Definitely worth a look though. Also did another interesting video about sub-$150 boards (Link below)

I just had a look at the board on from your link. $99 USD. Then I went to the $149 CAD. So I feel your pain, when you have to pay $189 AUD! Always a little depressing when you have to multiply the cost by 1.5 – 2! LOL!
Nice review Jarrod. And great production as always! Hope to see more hardware reviews and testing. And almost at 30K subs! Good for you bud!
Have a great day!

Potato Man says:

This or the MSI b450 gaming pro carbon ac?

Space Cow#303 says:

I wish I could afford a gaming pc with Gtx 1060

Tony Bologna says:

lol using a Ryzen 3 for this myself.

Mr. Dynamite says:

I actually like your PC parts reviews more

Kuba. M says:

This or ASUs B350-f gaming?

Rance says:

What, how did he get the RGB to work with the LEDs?

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