MSI B350m Gaming Pro AM4 Motherboard Review

Shopping for a budget motherboard can often be an exercise in frustration.  That is until you just give in an buy the one that looks nice in your case. When it comes to the MSI B350M Gaming Pro, it has the looks, and a few extras that might make it jump to the top of your list.

To start things off, this is a Micro ATX AM4 socket motherboard, that boasts an AMD B350 chipset, allowing overclocking on all of AMD’s first and second generation Ryzen CPUs and APUs.  A pair of red DDR4 DIMM slots, (2) 1x PCIe slots, a Turbo m.2 NVME slot, and a single 16x PCIe slot with Steel Armor reinforcement, which is a welcome addition given the Gaming Pro’s price of just $65 at the time of writing.

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Dran Marks says:

I just bought the motherboard. What is best processor and memory card for the board on a budget

Wizard Koer says:

Which BIOS version are you using? I can’t seem to OC with my 2200G, I click on the ‘auto’ next to the core clock thing and it just doesn’t let me input anything.

Joe Man says:

Thanks for the info. Been researching mobo’s after years since last build. Lots has changed. Looking forward to future updates.

elink1 says:

Is this the temperance version of a channel that used to be a bit wetter?

BturvZ says:

Can I put an asus strix gtx 1060 oc 6gb gpu on this?

OleSlyChicken says:

Can you use amd fx prossesers

Cephachrome says:

is this compatible with the r3 2200g

HyperDrive says:

I have this mobo now, too bad if only they got the door hinge from msi with it

Pendejo9000 El gamer says:

Ryzen 5 1600X works?

Aniel Danzot says:

So basically I can use a ryzen 2600x?

Jesse Nuzzo says:

does this motherboard come ready to use the ryzen 3 2200 g? pls answer

Hyp3rNova56 says:

As soon as he said there are 2 ram slots I left lol

diren 44 says:

Is it compatible with vengeance rgb 3000mhz dual rank 16gb

Daniel Gonzalez says:

i just picked one up for 20 dollars black Friday special great board

Advertify says:

Can you use Ryzen 5 1500x ?

TerquishGaming says:

can you pair 3000mhz ram with this motherboard

Vx Jam says:

So pretty much I want to make build with this motherboard with a Ryzen 3 2200g. Yes i am aware u have update bios. But just asking, does this motherboard works with the apu?

David Tovar says:

if this iis my first build, would you recommend it

Herpetologist S says:

I’ve been looking for upgrades better then Ryzen 5 1500x but not everything compatible with this Motherboard, any suggestions?

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