MSI B350 Tomahawk & Mortar Arctic White Ryzen Motherboard Review

Arctic White AMD Ryzen Motherboard? Oh Yes Please!
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Larry White says:

Thanks Tom the MSI boards look great and the price is right

Luredreier says:

The SoC power will also be used for the APU down the line, so I’m worried that this thing might get overheated once you add an APU and starts overclocking it.
I suggest talking with “Actually Hardcore Overclocking” if you’d like to check the details.
But basically a APU will stress those things way more then even a high end pure CPU.

bobsagget823 says:

If you overclock on the B350 mortar, is the CPU still able to downclock & drop voltages (shift P-states) at idle??
There’s so much conflicting information on whether ryzen is able to shift P-states when overclocked, PLEASE for the love of god answer this question if you still have this hardware.

Sacco Belmonte says:

You should definitely do a showdown with many boards and how their LLC differ (with voltmeter if possible). That’d be really helpful for the community.

I see too many gaming focused benchmarks all around youtubers (getting tiresome) and some OC tutorials but definitely not deep enough. People barely knows what LLC really does and would be interesting to know how different boards from different vendors for different CPU brands behave given their VRMs and LLC implementations.

Thank you!

Alexander Wilson says:

blue tinge? blue TINT !! FFS 😉
Probably got too much tinge on your mind.

Rufen aka Konjini says:

ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 DUAL O8G.
The also had rx480 one but can only find a 4GB Asus Radeon RX 480 Dual OC Aktiv no 8gb or rx580 yet to be found.

The Bit-Kid says:

why haven’t anyone reviewed the normal mortar that’s what I have

My Heisenberg says:

..and the msi mystic light sucks(jled connector) flicker, not much colors, not able to dimm

Helltech says:

If it wasn’t for the grey stripes on the atx board I’d actually like it. The grey stripes ruin it. I’m not a fan of the silver accents either. I want a nice white board without the flash. Jesus. Why is that so hard to do.

Mattia Ippolito says:

How much different is it the MSI B350M mortar from these you reviewed? Is it just a matter of color theme?
What do you think of building a system with this motherboard and a ryzen 7 1700 (@3.8/3.9 GHz) and an AMD Radeon Pro WX5100? No gaming at all! My use will be Lightroom, adobe programs and two software for light show design which need to run simultaneously….the visualizer is pretty heavy for the graphic card……I need something reliable and stable 200%


Serge Leon says:

Nice to see as I’m awaiting on the delivery of my White/Gray/Black Ryzen build parts and have the Tomahawk artic coming my way. It will go nice together with my Coirsair LPX 3200 white edition ram sticks that are supported at 3200 right out the box.

Garrett Dustman says:

It’s bullshit that these companies are cheaping out because these are AMD boards. The same boards for intel have more features for the same money.

Barron Joshua Volante says:

rgb led support?

Steveindajeep says:

“happy as larry” – It originates from a boxer called Larry Foley in the 1890s, before
boxing was fully legalised. He won the biggest prize of about $150,000
dollars and a newspaper article in New Zealand had the headline “Happy
As Larry” and the phrase stuck.

MarMar says:

What about the quality of vrm? Is it a true 4+2 phase? Cooling when overclocked?
Some other reviewers discovered that msi is using the cheapest possible mosfets for their entire b350 lineup. Any thoughts?

Fábio Sosnoski says:

So, this MSI B350 Tomahawk must be the best B350 board? Have you tested the Asus Prime B350 Plus or the Asrock K4 Fatal1ty also?

Ryan Stelly says:

I love your vids however Id like to see you an review of amd  /vrs intel being that you get them in at the same time.

Marios Lazopoulakis says:

Does mortar optical spdif passthrough 5.1 dd/dts ?

jagsfanrick says:

Tomahawk can be got for less than $97 with $10 mail in rebate from Newegg. What a deal i guess.

Mojalistic says:

+1 sub <3

Glen Wootton says:

The Cryorig A40 AIO with the Airfow fan would be a great choice for the micro ATX version? Great looking board at a fantastic price. Great review TTL

Quarnozian says:

5:14 Looks like USB3 connector to me.

You corrected yourself on the second board though. 🙂

bluemanpaul says:

Everyone has different budgets but personally I just can’t see the value in a £110 B350 board like the Tomahawk when £40 more will get the ASUS Prime X370.

Genman242 says:

whenever somone says aggressively priced I just picture that company furiously typing said price

Barron Joshua Volante says:

what board is best for overclocking?

Mon Day says:

I made till the end. Woh!

Sajjad Akram says:

Dude do you shit from your mouth? Lose motions

Alec Butler says:

Just bought the Arctic White micro ATX board and I was worried about those exposed VRMs! Thanks for the sigh of relief haha.

Jatin Prasad says:

Sir, it’s the 3rd time I saw your review, in fact, i saw your all revs the way you explain things it’s awesome.

sir, i am looking for uatx mobo so could suggest me which one is best.

genomeprojekt says:

Very nice. I guess the blue tint because it’s “Arctic White”? And the Arctic region is bluish from the pictures.
I hope you get the chance to review the x370 Gaming Pro Carbon too.

Eugeny Zorkin says:

VRM components on MSI boards are a piece of crap.

Peter Jansen says:

According to Buildzoid you can only overclock up to 3.8 GHz with those MSI motherboards with most Ryzen CPU’s. 3 phases, 75 cents per MOSFET if we would buy one (less for MSI) Not great! Just to be clear, you can get higher than 3.8 GHz with the average Ryzen CPU but you risk destroying your motherboard long before you want to replace it because the power is too much for some components.

gpal13 says:

Hey Tom!! I read on some forums (random google searches) that some ryzen motherboards allow base-clock (BCLK) overclock,
but they don’t suggest it cause it’s not async :/. People talking if bclk higher than 6-7 then PCI drops to gen 2.0 automatic +there is a way to set it manual (something like: gen3.0 130pci.. ) but won’t boot if values are too high.
So what you think/know about it?.. Is it safe to play with? Would love to see a video from you playing 30mins+ with bclk LoL.
As I remember from older platforms safe at pci oc was till 104 if higher damage may occur e.g. graphics card, pci slot, sound card, etc. I don’t remember that auto gen switch, maybe cause it was gen1 at the time lol.
My logic says If it’s safe to play with, then oc using gen 2.0 or 1.0 pci till matching gen 3.0 performance?!? dunno.. but what i know without bclk oc we can’t squeeze all the performance we can eg Ram speeds, CPU, you know 😀

ps. I don’t have ryzen yet (don’t need it) if bclk oc is possible would buy after september when ryzen technology (drivers bios windows etc.) will be more mature, mostly cause would be fun to play with lol.
ps2. I rly like yr work m8!! Keep on doing it!! tc hf 🙂

Ali0The0King says:

u know whats funny while watching i realized that the wall behind u is the same as my friends wall

joris yauw says:

The matx with the inwin 301:D

Attila WoI says:

27:40 “White Power supply”

Tracksavvy says:

If MSI made a x370 board just like this but with some rgb and a nice io shroud it would have easily been the top selling board out

Alain Lafleche says:

If i use a samsung 960 pro can i add a pcie wifi card without affecting the pci-lanes on my nvme 960 pro and the performance ?

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