MSI B350 Tomahawk AM4 Ryzen Motherboard Review

Is this your motherboard for Ryzen on a budget?


Joshe Martin Sy says:

is the audio codec on this board good? (comparison to aorus gaming 5)

Pradhyumna Gupta says:

assembled a 1700 system with this mb. when i go to download any large file a d there’s a lag in the network the system freezes. has anyone experienced this?

Porodilište Mostar says:

Is there a difference between this and the Arctic tomahawk? It costs a bit less and it’s white which is a little suspicious… I mean it is also Tomahawk, there should be no difference.

Joshua Charlesworth says:

I just built my first PC using the B350 Mortar and a Ryzen 1600X with a watercooler. I cannot get this thing to overclock at all! the moment I take it out of Auto and into 3.7ghz and beyond my computer begins crashing. I even manually set my voltage to 1.400V. I disabled the core performance boost and it doesent seem to make a difference. Is my board defective? Anyone with a similar experience or some insight into what I’m doing wrong in the bios?

perseverance8 says:

Does anyone know how to turn off motherboard leds? Can the leds (red) be dimmed? This board does crossfire, I believe many if not all of the B350 boards support crossfire.

Luredreier says:

Does the UEFI/BIOS of this motherboard support P-state overclocking?

Level says:

Was gonna go 1600x (x370) w/ after market cooler and gtx 1070. But thinking about swapping to 1600 (b350) w/ spire cooler for a while and gtx 1070. Thoughts?

Rehan Khan says:

Good review, I have one of these and a 1700 with gskill 3200 Ram. No issues with auto boosting memory to 2933. New bios on the way this week should fix a bunch of AMD related things. Solid board and best value of those I looked at when buying.

PizzaFace Dave says:

Great review, as always, but i cant seam to find any anything in the video review or the written review about stuff like the sound experiences if its good or bad and the software that comes whit the motherboard, MSI are making a big deal of Audio Boost with Nahimic 2. The B350 boards look alike for me so more on other stuff would be great.


i have same motherboard and ryzen 5 I TRIED TO OVERCLOCK MY CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB 3000MHZ TO 2666 JUST BY ENABLING A-XMP and ram voltage to 1.34 but my motherboard keep restarting the pc!! am not sure what is the cause? i updated the bios to 1.3 i didnt change anything in ram timing.. any idea man?

Douchebags Refuted says:

What RAM did you use?

Barron Joshua Volante says:

should i buy this or the gigabyte ab350 gaming 3? any recommendations? thankyou

Daniel Dukai says:

For an R5 1600, what would you pick? Tomahawk B350 or Asus Prime B350 PLUS ATX? 2666mhz or 3200mhz of RAM frequency?

Beyblade420 says:

“drop a Ryzen 5 in it.” Haha, this board is for both R7 and R5. Does an awesome job either way!

Dumb Raider says:

What is better with Tomahawk, 1700 or 1700x? Can I get to 4 GHz with either?

Daniel Martinez says:

You can buy this board with R7 1700x for 409 US. Dollars at Microcenter! I thought I was tripping at first then I noticed that it was selling the board to me at 9.99 .

Aceman says:

wheres  the qvl?

virpz says:

Channel named OC3D that reviews motherboards but then there is no VRM dissecation. Only blah blah blah for newbies lol

Keagan Jacobs says:

Will try 3200Mhz on Monday when i get my stuff 😀

Chris Van Alstine says:

I am actually in the process of buy parts for a Ryzen build and I’m kinda stuck. I cant decide which cpu the 1500x or the 1600. Also on the motherboard I might overclock eventually I have a 480 8gb to pair with it. Anyways what would you recommend?

ruben g says:

I was hoping the MSI logo would light up but oh well.

Spugn4 says:

I’m interested in upgrading my pc with this Motherboard and a Ryzen 5 1600 CPU : can anyone kindly suggest me which ram Kit would work with No issues at all on this MB? Thank you

NZR NAZR says:

slow booting…dont buy

Nomy George says:

just got this motherboard and its a beauty for 150 cad 🙂 thx for your awesome review m8 helped me make my decision

John Handcock says:

Why would that board not handle a 1800x?


I think he liked it!

TheFullSetup says:

b350 tomahawk arctic turning up tomorrow. was pretty happy with my b350 prime plus but for the little extra money you get a whole lot more with the tomahawk.

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