Massive Overkill: ASUS Crosshair VII Hero X470 Motherboard Review

We review the ASUS Crosshair VII Hero X470 motherboard for its VRM and overclocking quality with Ryzen 2 CPUs.
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The ASUS Crosshair VII Hero X470 motherboard is one of the most “overkill” that ASUS has made ever, leveraging 60A power stages for Ryzen 2 CPUs, e.g. the Ryzen 7 2700X. We cover overclocking features on the ASUS C7H X470 motherboard, VRM design and phase count, PCB design and layout, and more. This review of the ASUS Crosshair VII Hero X470 should help you decide if it’s “worth it” for Ryzen PCs, and is analyzed by a professional overclocker. We’ve previously looked at the Gigabyte X470 Gaming 7 vs. Crosshair VII Hero, which you can find linked below.

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Host: Buildzoid
Timestamps: Andrew Coleman


Bogdan Ilie says:

any chance you can plug a 2400G and test against the old 320/350/370 motherboards?

Gamers Nexus says:

Our Gigabyte Gaming 7 analysis:
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Find Buildzoid’s channel here:

Mark r says:

I wouldn’t buy this board because the ryzen chips dont overclock far. Usually you would buy a premium board for its overclocking ability. Id go for a gigabyte board.

HornieCow says:

screw Ohm’s law! 1.85V * 200A = 22W lol How could you ever be able to run 200A on such small connections? the whole thing would melt.

r b says:

The ASP1405 is the same as the voltage controller in the X370? which was 4+2 phase? so how are we getting 10 vcore phases with the same chip?

nbates66 says:

Really liking the indepth breakdowns, I take it there won’t be any plans to look at the mATX or mini-ITX AM4 motherboards? I’ve noticed most of the (very few) choices currently available on X370 and X470 chipsets aren’t anywhere near well-built as far as the VRM area goes, compared to ATX boards.

Professor X says:

Can you review gigabyte aorus gaming ultra.

Tuomas Heikkilä says:

Buildzoid should honestly sell “Ridiculous Overkill” T-shirts

Jeremy Turner says:

Lol…alright alright

Prjndigo says:

The 4pin cpu power connect will only provide 115w reliably and if one of the pins isn’t in proper contact it will fry the board. DO NOT ADVISE PEOPLE TO FUCK THEIR BOARDS.

DerpFails says:

And still not an Apex-equivalent

knexfan100 says:

I just want ASUS to stop fucking glueing on their cpu backplates with the world’s strongest glue….


Carpefull says:

Please Bring us TAICHI Ultimate! If this Asus is Massive Overkill…Taichi should be like…Tremendously Massive Overkill 🙂

Kevin Doyle says:

Yayyyy another Buildzoid video! 😀

Jack dN says:

Good work JAMERS Nexus!

PC MacGyver says:

In other words, Ln2 mode = self destruct button :p

666nataS says:

For what purpose these boards are when the CPU itself cant go higher than with any other mobo on market ?

David Shekelstein says:

>only 6 SATA ports

Earl Jay Caoile says:

Buildzoid’s volume is rather low. Any way for you guys to increase? Also, I’d be interested in hearing about the VRMs of the Asus X470-i. A video on that would be great.

corruptor5150 says:

Considering the price of the board I would hope it’d be over engineered either for extreme overclocking or possibly higher core/thread count Zen 2 CPUs.

halistine jenkins says:

Extreme4 / K6 Gaming pls

somekindofdevil says:

Can you review motherboards like Asus Prime or Asrock fatality instead of most expensive, most overkill motherboards? I mean you already can tell that it’s a massive overkill by just checking its price.

Nidhal25 says:

If you guys missed it, this motherboard is *massive overkill*
*M A S S I V E O V E R K I L L*

thelasthallow says:

i dont get why these AMD motherboards are so overbuilt, the cpus can only do 4.2GHz, 4.3 if you are really lucky, and because of this the power draw is never even a factor.

fak1t says:

Any decent x470 motherboard for 150 bucks? Using 2700x

Jonas Sjöman says:

Why would they not put an true 8 phase on this board, saved 2 powerstages and doublers? Is the controller that much more expensive?

Emmanuel Nabagabo says:

Some good stuff here!

TheKrazyGoob says:

The dial-up modem sound at the end gave me anxiety flashbacks but also some bulletin board system nostalgia.

Gorgone Impertinence says:

if is possible review the new “ASRock X470 Taichi Ultimate”

Wolf moon says:

Gamers nexus could we get an instructional video from you and/or buildzoid on how to probe and use voltage read points on our motherboards with a multimeter as I know many of us would like to know but don’t know how.

Church says:

I swear all these high end X470 boards are built for 12 or 16 core chips. It’s either that or they are just compensating for thier shitty VRM heatsinks by just making the VRM output so little heat the artwork they use for a heatsink doesn’t matter anymore.

Devilaxes says:

Is this to be considered the best current am4 motherboard?

BoomWithPeter says:

So for a normal user X470-PRO from Asus is good enough

Mateusz Kwietowicz says:

Crosshair VI had support for non AM4 cpu coolers – it had extra mounting holes, but it doesn’t seem like VII has those…. too bad…

Georg tsang says:

High end x470 boards in a nutshell: Overkill amounts of overkill

The Raddest Scorpion says:

Can I convert my Jeff in a Capture?

StopaskingformynameYouTube says:

I don’t know what a JEF is.
The only thing that comes to mind is this scene:

Unfreundlich says:

stop saying *like* jeeez 59 times…..

Andre Costin says:

Interesting they didn’t fill the test point vias. I thought maybe to stick a clip or hook in there but it’s too small. They’re unplated too which doesn’t make sense to me. I. Guess the probe tip wont slip out, which is nice.

Bone Crushing Metal says:

The consumer’s liquid nitrogen motherboard.

MrAdminus says:

Gave up at 4:40 something, stop drawing and erasing just to redraw again..

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