Is this The BEST Value B450 Motherboard Right now..!? (Steel Legend Review)

A motherboard with a digital camo look, good features AND a good price…? Well this is what the B450 Steel Legend from ASRock aims to do, but can it? Today we take it through the full paces of a typical Tech YES Motherboard review, ranging from VRM details and stress tests on the onboard audio (which has the realtek ALC892 and not the ALC1220) both on mic in and audio ports, as well as testing the other features for any nuances.

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Evli Sang says:

For that price you could get a tomahawk

Gaming Bros says:

Can this motherboard work with the ryzen 5 1600x?

froggyNotGreen says:

Whats the best x470 mobo for r7 2700x OC… Other than taichi

RamosPRO says:

hows everything man? long timee, great to see you still making videos!

elia tannous says:

Amazon link doesnt work
The item isn’t there

Alan Xu says:

nice quality CONTENT!!
but i wish more on itx boards xD

MrNikezzz says:

The Outtakes are back! Yay! 🙂

Daniel Huja says:

ALC 892 is total crap audio chip, also this board is total baseline budget board, nothing special. MSI B450 Gaming Carbon AC still rulez. Had same audio chip on Tomahawk board and must replaced it with soundblaster card, cos microphone output was total distortion orgasm, unlistenable 🙁

DigBipper188 says:

90*c is still pretty low for a VRM. tCase for most moderate quality VRMs is 125*c, and you can safely have a VRM running 24/7 at 115*c without incident provided you don’t exceed the current limits that the manufacturer recommends at the temperatures you’re reaching. If we say that this VRM can handle 50 amps per phase at 125*c, that would still be 200 amps, which at the maximum safe voltage for Zen of 1.45v, is 290 watts of power that you can safely draw from a heavily loaded VRM. An overclocked 8 core 2700X would be more like 150 to 180w of raw power draw.

If you run the VRM below spec and pull power at the rated current of the chokes, which is 60 amps, the VRM can max out at 348 watts. There is not a single Zen chip that will draw this much power on B450 without sub-ambient cooling and a metric shit tonne of vCore.

Lee Cason says:

I got this for my build weeks ago because of it’s dual m.2 drives, rgb, and realtively full featured ports and add ons. I got mine for 93. But saw a week later it at 87

Psychotic Ace says:

I’m confused how was his computer working when he had no motherboard? Very confusing review when I couldn’t see the motherboard

froggyNotGreen says:

Has he done any x470 mobo reviews yet?

Anton Schaf says:

Hi, wich program is he using to measure in and out of hte soundchip?

Mpit 1089 says:

F*ck the vrm, all we need is RGB.

Farkhad Sharafutdinov says:

If this Mobo still has no LLC and those “friendly” Vram voltage stepping 1.3 / 1.35 / 1.4 as Pro 4, well good luck Asrock, for similar price MSI and Asus a way to go. Plus a Sinopower SM 4336 tend to be hot

Scrap Tech Tips says:

Yo Bryan can ya make a video about how you guys edit your vids

Greg Winfield says:

thats a pretty solid little solution for a good price. thanks bryan.

ValkyrieStar says:

Technically, there’s only 3 specs of USB 3,

3.0 which is 5gbps, and 3.1 which is 10gbps, and finally 3.2 which is 20gbps.

Marketing bullshit has made things way more complicated by calling things 3.0 gen 1 / 2, 3.1 gen 1/2 3.2 gen 1 x1 gen 2×2 etc don’t know why.

Type C is just a different connector which can support more than just USB.

USB Marketing specs are a mess.

Meteor Media says:

How is 100° C ok… This is just borderlind acceptable, since the internal temps are always 20-30° higher than surface temps and 130 is usually the absolute maximum these want to run at… So this is literally just right before meltdown.


Man i really like the look of that board. The urban digital camo pattern really helps hide the components/chips etc.

Aᴍᴀʀᴛʜᴀʀ Dʀᴀᴋᴇsᴛᴏɴᴇ says:

Am I the only one that thinks that Bryan’s “Peace out” sounds more like “Peas out”?

Helge Schaare says:

Biostar makes better B450-Boards as AsRock anyway!
That Board is not gold, do not buy it!!!

keshav ram sahu says:

Does it support Ryzen 3600x processor ???

John Braman says:

$109 on amazon and $89 on newegg but out of stock.

FlanK3rCZ says:

Good review man! Can u test b450-pro tuf?
The rgb control in bios is great function.

iPizza the MLG pro says:

How good is gigabyte b450m ds3h mobo?
How much can I of my r3 2200g and 1200 on it?

Anton Penchev says:

solution to solutions

Faren Sabri says:

My gripe with entry/low end Asrock mobo is that they tend to get into random problems (usually instability) after a few months of using them. I’ve built a few for clients and friends by request, and quite a few times they reported they had crashes and such.

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