INSTANT OVERCLOCKING?! MSI Z270 Gaming M5 Motherboard Review

INSTANT OVERCLOCKING?! MSI Z270 Gaming M5 Motherboard Review [This is NOT a Sponsored Video]
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Angel Lopez says:

I just build mines now.. but it wount display nothing

Javy Low says:

So basically I can overclock to 4.7ghz just by using game boost ? That is awesome ! BTW i have the same motherboard and CPU. Oh yeahhhhhhhhh !

LeagueofAzy says:

Just got this mobo for my new build, i have a question what sli bridge would i need to get for this motherboard i have 2 msi gtx 1070 gaming x

Hurriven says:

hi i have the same motherboard ans the same cpu and also 16 go ddr4 at 3200mhz, but in the bios i only see 2133mhz, is there any risk by activating the xmp profile to get my 3200mhz ?

cRux says:

Can i disable POST screen? no need for me to see temperature on it while playing :O

Igor Gebien says:

For anyone looking to buy a motherboard for your first build, don’t hesitate and go for the “Z270 Gaming M3”
It has very little difference from the M7 and you will see a great difference of price.
If you are not planning on doing Nvidia SLI, definitely choose the M3, it’s a great motherboard ^^

Peik Korhonen says:

Damn it looks good! I really wouldn’t invest that much money on my motherboard personally but if i would get it for free like you i would freak out!

havocgr1976 says:

Have the same programs in my MSI Z170A Krait gaming,but I am afraid to press that overclock button, dont have water cooling ;/

Takaroku says:

Do you need to update the bios when you first buy it?

Ram Lrm says:

I am not a fan of intel processors so I do not care for it.

Mitchell Khan says:

Can someone explain to me what the slots labled 1-5 are? I know what the m2 is but what about the slots?

FaithGiant_FauxLife says:

@lionheart Hey man, can you tell me if there’s a big noticeable difference between the m5 and the m7?
I play a lot of FFXIV and WoW….
Do you think either board would show a big difference?

Tyrone Ritchie says:

You sexy bastard

Leandro Duberti says:

What do you recommend me to set up my first pc ?? It does not matter the price if not that it serves not only for gaming but also that for edition and productivity. Pro carbon, m7 or m5 ????

Dark Nova says:

Should I buy MSI Z270 M5 or ASUS ROG MAXIMUS IX HERO Z270 DDR4?

c0pyimitati0n says:

I’m building my first PC and I can’t decide on a motherboard.. This overclock feature looks great, but the ASRock boards have killer reviews…

lucas lahaije says:

lol was looking at this motherboard yesterday. but I don’t have enough money :'(

Pritam Chakraborty says:

does it have HDMI 2.0?

Lightsone says:

1151 or 1150??

ABaDy tube says:

hey is this motherboard can handle two way sli with 2 gtx 1080 gpus and perform well in 4k resolution 60 fps in Tomb Rader ?

RedBuda1 says:

Anyone know is comapatibe with an i7 6700k?

Josh Phoenix says:

Not exactly the right video to ask this on but are you happy with 80c temps with the I7 7700k? I know its max safe temp is 100c but my instincts say 80c is too hot. Thinking about buying this board and cpu but man that cpu gets hot

Jan says:

ps2 2k17 😀

dartzu says:

Great timing, buying this mobo in 2 months!

touhami _dz says:

do a m3 vs m5 vs m7 if u cant
i dont want what to choose
what diff features they have ..

Fernando Venegas says:

hello can you help me??? i want to know  if an old moster cooler master V8 fit good in this motherboard i just remplace the fan and this cooler goes flawless…. thanks!!!!!

Pickle says:

16,8 million colors is RGB

paddy bradshaw says:

i probably would only buy it cause it looked cool

Ken Graham says:

NOt sure, but the MSI Command Center I downloaded is blue background and had the OC genie tab, where did you get your MSI Command Center with the Game Boost tab?

YaBoiDaniel_ says:

i recently did a build with this motherboard, its heat syc lighting wont turn on, What do i do?

Tech'sFinest says:

Man! This motherboard is sick.

Ikea1009 says:

for the usb flashback, can you also use it as a reguler usb on your desktop?

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