Huanan “Dual X79” Motherboard Review

As soon as I heard Huanan was making a dual-socket version of their x79 motherboard, I knew I had to get one. Six weeks later, what exactly did I get myself in to?

So, is this Chinese motherboard worth getting?

But first… What am I drinking???

Full Sail (Hood River, OR) Harrington’s Bourbon Barrel Aged R3D Ale (2017). As the name implies, this is a bourbon-aged Red. And honestly, I was expecting a little more from this one. Very malty up front, but then the flavor just kind of flattens out and fades into a very boozy finish. This one was just kind of ‘meh’ for me. 10.3%

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noleftturnunstoned says:

Glad to see your channel has grown!

shidunce says:

I don’t understand why single core performance is so important for gaming.
If game can run in multi threaded mode (no only in single core), then it will work better on system with 12 cores.
So, lets say we have 4 cores CPU of 4 Ghz is roughly the same as 8 cores CPU of 2 Ghz.
Am I wrong, guys?
Maybe its because not all games can run with limited number of threads/cores ?

Indra Malelo says:

Cheap? I don’t think so; meet today needs? Absolutely way behind; what a waste resources..

Destinys Watch says:

Can this board support x2 5675 xenon chips with 16gb of ram

borandiUK says:

Did I miss the part where you went over the audio codec, the network controller, USB 3.0 controller, the effect of NUMA on dual proc systems, confirming the QPI speed?

LHCheng says:

Please reply to me

Hans Wurst says:

what ??? @21:00    ????? the GTX 1080 will be bottlenecked by this system ???  how did you come to this conclusion ? i dont think so

Tim Ramich says:

When did they make this? That’s 7 year old tech.

Peter Andersen says:

Ended up with this board, boats and runs fine (VRMs are getting somewhat hot when on full blast). Currently using 64 GB ecc 2Rx4, working fine.. Does any one know if it will support 32GB 4Rx4 dimms? I have the change to buy 128 GB for relative cheap..

Avocatul Poporului says:

Would be good for pvp in mmo games?

sinephase says:

too bad the PCIe is so nerfed on that chipset.

Shane Johns says:

Really not fair of you to rate it in single core performance mode if you’re not willing to throw the best chip into it that it can handle. Afterall, you’re rating the motherboard itself, not the choice you made of the chip to put into it. There are TONS of applications where this mobo would shine at that cost, not the least of which is virtual machines. The error-correcting RAM support is just a great added boon as well!

Thomas Rainier Saballa says:

Hi, can you please put the links/seller of all the parts? Would love to build my own workstation 🙂

ravioliwheresthespaghetti says:

If I had money to throw, I would build a similar setup just for the fun of it.

hill160881 says:

I will stick with my maxed out X5690 5,1 Mac Pro and not worry about the glitches.

der Jack says:

This is an interesting stuff 🙂
I used a mini ITX/mATX x79 Board with a 2665 + 16GB R ECC Ram – 950CB! Worked very reliable with good power in comparison to DIRT CHEAP. > 140€ (@the time) + 50 + 40 + watercooling. Registered ECC is dirt cheap if used. These boards don´t care and it was used in my scenario in WIN 10 Pro. BUT if you go over the price sweet spot of the CPU like V2 Variants you get into the 150€ + category where a Ryzen 1700 sits!

Joe Hayting says:

lmao beers and computers


Alan Xu says:

Gaming ?

Thomas Happy says:

Thank you for explaining the motherboard and already subscribe to your Channel because of your great content.

Tomas Hernandez says:

Hello Jeff! i assembled exactly the same machine but with dual 2680 v2 , same 64gb of ram modules from samsung, i was wondering if you look into having this setup run quad channel for ram. Thank you for sharing!

DvDwx. says:

your video are really good review of what this board can handle… anyway is possible to overclock this cpu’s… try search about SetFBS mod (BCLK Overclock)… any chance to test if this board can handle Nvidia SLI running?

Paul Rayment says:

If I was to purchase this motherboard I would be more incline to set it up as a server running Windows Server 2012 and use it to relearn the MCSA and sit for the exam.

calaphos says:

4 memory channels / dimms on a dual cpu mainboard is a bit of a letdown, especially at that price. There are multiple used / old stock serve rmainbaords at similar or lower price points which feature the the full 16 dimm slots, quad gigabit lan, more SATA, more PCIe, etc.

sinephase says:


Panji Catur Maulana says:

R u rapper ? Lol

Carl Johnson says:

im looking to buy this same board to replace my old poweredge 1900, in genreral its with the pcie slots I can add my raid controller and 4port ethernet card it should run all my vms and firewall for my home server

Orion Wilson says:

That beer looks amazing

Embpsay says:

Your issue 4 beeps should be “power shortage”, how many Watts is your power supply capable of? You did not tell us in the video. Memory with ECC must be mainly supported by processors not just motherboard! There is no support ECC from i3, i5, i7 processors, only Xeons and may be some i9 from Intel do support ECC memory. All AMD Ryzens do support ECC memories. Your memory do run on dual channel but i think they should be on Quad channel or 2x Dual channel? What is exactly name of the motherboard and version of BIOS? Brand? So C602 chipset is consumer one? X79 should be better.

amirbahalegharn365 says:

checkout this MB: ASUS Z10PE-D16 WS

Thefreakyfreek says:

I know it’s probably fine but why flip one of the air coolers so that it won’t suck the warm air from the other one I run a i7 7700k and it never gets hot utelising air cooler

Suvorov Aleksei says:

cOOL Could you run corona renderer benchmark, I think its very nice for a home rendering cpu station?

Suley Lu says:

HuanNan was a very small computer gear factory. But they used all resources to build cheap X79 boards, by that way they grew up quickly.

Cid Sapient says:

why wouldnt u just get a server mobo instead?
i guess i dont see the purpose in a dual x79

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