Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7 & Gaming K3 Motherboard Review

Want one? Gaming 7:
Are you looking for a high end Z370 motherboard? If not, maybe a more budget offering? Either way, here’s my review of the Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7 and Gaming K3!
Products shown provided by: Gigabyte
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Jofa01 - Overwatch and more! says:

Hey man, I love your videos alot. Keep going!

Nexan says:

Hi, what’s in the LED enclosure? 4:44 cooling? Where can I buy this

Junior Thomas says:

Wanted the ASrock Taichi z370 but bought the Gaming 7 cause it was on sale

E P says:

awesome video, super informative! thanks

MammothGaming says:

sexy mobos (: what are your views on the vive vr as I am probably going to get it for xmas.

AzBo 93 says:

I swear the designers of motherboards forget where the majority of fans are placed in cases, I think the location of the m.2 slot on the Asus crosshair hero vi is the best place for m.2s
PS. youtube doubled my comment too scared to delete the other one incase youtube deletes them both.

Matt Briggs says:

Speaking of motherboards , I’m trying to sell my asrock x370 taichi, 8GB DDR4 memory and zotac GTX 970 for £300 do you think that’s too much? P.s great video!

Marcus Taylor says:

1.45v to get 5ghz isn’t a good overclock, either you have a bad cpu, a bad board or less than adequate cooling. I got 5ghz instantly on the OC profile with the gaming 7 and my new 8700K at 1.35v (lowered from 1.36v). With a delid I would be expecting over 5.2ghz on 1.4v.
Even 1.35v I more than I would run 24/7.

Christopher Joy says:

What tower is that on 4:50 ?

Nevan Ford says:

hey m8. I’m looking at getting this on monday to pair with an I7 8700k but I’m not aiming for overclocking just gaming.
What speed ddr4 ram should I grab? looking at 32gb ram atm.
Oh and would my currant EVO_BLUE 2.0 750w psu still be ok?

The Kingcobra Gaming says:

I have an i5 7500 and got the Z370 for Christmas. Does that mean they won’t work together? Did they really make a motherboard that only accepts 8th gen intel cpus? Please help

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