Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming WIFI Motherboard Review

Today we check out this Intel Optane equipped Aorus Z370 Gaming Motherboard and discover that it is actually decent.
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Intel Optane Explained Video:


Felix R says:

What exactly does “Hi Fi Grade Capacitors” mean?

MrEdgy says:

So am I not able to run 144hz right cuz theres no DP or DVI D dual link

Ζ † N says:

so with gigabyte you either get a good bios on a shit board, or a shit bios on a good board.

Cliché as F says:

It’s not a good board , I have the ultra gaming 2.0 . The 2 meaning twice as crap

Piyush Sharma says:

Please review msi B350 pro VDh , it is the cheapest in Asian Markets.

ElZamo92 says:

Is the VRM as shit in this as the Gigabyte x470 Ultra gaming?

Grey OfPTA says:

Forgive the newbee question. I’m building my first desktop. Do you need to purchase a separate wifi antenna to screw onto the back to get the wifi to function? Again, I’m a newbie. (;一_一)

Casey Powell says:

Gigabyte has come a long ways. My first motherboard was Gigabyte and I loved it but it was a blue PCB and not much to look at. It was am3+ socket but I had to update the bios to accept the FX series. It’s still running strong in my nephews pc with an FX 6300 and a GTX 750 TI.

Carl Wells says:

Quite a nice motherboard, wonder what the overclocking would be like, I know you arnt allowed to on your samples.

Mustafa AL-Shoghri says:

Impressive, thanks for the review.

John Vandam says:


Kindis says:

The VRM is not 11 phase, its a 4+2phase with crappy 4C10N and 4C06N mosfets, definetely not capable of overclocking the 8700K.

Last Second Bloomer says:

Ah, it’s that fake 8-phase board that got debunked…

Don says:

Hey man I’ve watched a couple of old and new videos and I really enjoy the content. Keep up the good work cause you just earned a new sub

dilip archer says:

How about rgb fusion with cooler master box lite

A Brit in the Philippines says:

Hi great video,does this board support the Kaby lake i7 7700,thank you

1upnolan says:

What is on-board wifi?

Adnan Saleem says:


hussein gamer says:

are this board good for core i7 8700k coffe lake

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