Gigabyte Z270X Aorus Gaming 7 Motherboard Review

Our review of the Gigabyte Z270X Aorus Gaming 7 motherboard for Kaby Lake.
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The Gigabyte Gaming 7 has been pitted against MSI’s Gaming Pro Carbon. Using these two boards, we discovered that Kaby Lake’s CPU temperatures fluctuate heavily based upon motherboard manufacturer and BIOS auto settings.

Full CPU review contains more depth:
Full motherboard review:
The motherboard will eventually be here:

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Test Lead, Editorial: Steve Burke
Video Production: Andrew Coleman
VRM Analysis: Buildzoid of

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TTV Kenya says:

Subscribed the moment i saw that cat xD 10/10

Super Qosmio says:

Hey Gamers Nexus. Do me a favor and do a review on asus ROG motherboard MAXIMUS IX “CODE” It’s somewhat a new board slapped in the maximus line up! Why is it worthy to be in the maximus line and above of the mighty MAXIMUS HERO. Also would like to hear your thoughts and comparisons against the the other makers and brands. Thanks.

Hardream says:

What are the differencies bwn this and the gaming 5? 🙁

harshlens says:

Hello, a power button on the board available ?

Knives77 says:

Did gigabyte ever fix this voltage/temp problem?

ScifiMike12 says:

The auto VCore issue was also present with their Z170 boards. My Gaming 7 had that with a 6700K. It wasn’t until the later BIOSes that they finally fixed it. Sad to see it back again.

Randy Kelly says:

what BIOS you running

Paul Dietz says:

Dude you’re like the most watchable dude on YouTube when it comes to PC vids. Total bro-crush here. Have any of the z270 mobos you’ve seen or checked out really impressed you? They all seem pretty meh to me. I like Asus so far for this chipset. Also any whispers on the floor about the GTX 1080ti?

CalifLove says:

Hey Gamers Nexus, Thanks for the videos and all. Recently came across your chan and really getting back into the itch to upgrade and modify. Currently running a Asus Z68 Deluxe w/ 2500K @ 4.8Ghz. For years it’s been at 4.5 but again, recently in part due to your channel and others, been tinkering with settings and got an Corsair AIO and now able to get 4.8 fairly stable. Anyway, I went ahead and purchased this specific board really only because it’s what B&H had in stock at the time (today)…wondering if there has been any followup on Gigabytes part as far as updating and/or acknowledging the voltage drama. I do see they released a bios the day after you posted but the notes make no reference to voltage issues, only XMP ram profile updates. Hoping to get my 7700K kicking around as high as stability and fan noise allows… We’ll see!

Lokmane Den says:

great video as always

Mustard Tiger says:

lol that cat

SuperZeldaFTW says:

@gamer Nexus. What is the difference between the K7 and 7? It is a 40$ difference .. But I cant find anything besides Audio Differences.

Roneified says:

Should I still be concerned with the voltage issue with their Gaming K7 running a 6700k?

I knew that 7700’s were having heating issues but this video makes me concerned for their voltage issue.

Timefliesbye says:

This video contains pussy. That is all.

Scott Thomas says:

Love the background wall. What is that laminate?

PROfromCRO says:

GN is more and more dank every week ;D

Farmer Andrey says:

Dude, are you a horse? What is that hair???

therminatron says:

usa ports lmao

war4peace1979 says:

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!
I actually was close to buying the Gigabyte Gaming 7 but your review stopped me. Thanks again! Keep up the good work!

Lord Illuminata says:

The G7 is prced $60-$70 more due to Thunderbolt III. Other boards require an awkward $70 AIC.

lexii miller says:

your cat is always near components.. maybe you need to use an anti static band for a collar :^)

Neo Smith says:

I may be slightly behind the times, but why the lack of USB ports?

Leticia Rodriguez says:

on gigabyte site there is a bios update posted on 04/01/2017, un day after this review. Can you confirm if that update fixed the voltage issues and the mouse movement in the bios? Thanks in advance. Great review.

Darryle Ross says:

Looks like there is a beta bios to address the voltage out now.

elvewizzy says:

For the 90C CPU, I’ve had the same issue with my kraken fresh out of the box. To fix this, attach the kraken to the CPU, leave it for a few minutes, then take it off and clean the copper plate on the kraken. This made for better contact and dropped (my personal) CPU from 96C to 58C

Wheyan says:

Thanks for bringing up the bios voltage issues. They have addressed it now and thanks to you I was able to realize that you only needed 1.2v to run 4.5ghz vs the standard 1.285v. And, after adjusting VCCIO, SA, and VCCPLL OC down even further..temps are even better. Once they get the bios even more refined I think Gigabyte will have a genuinely good board on their hands.

NeloDiavolo says:

Kitty cat B-roll is way easier on my eyes than the over used out of focus to in focus shots. This should be the standard.

PinkasBrown44 says:

I am starting to go crazy. So many good videos on the gaming 7 and the Asus hero IX and I just can´t make up my mind.

I like the sound core 3d, the dual NIC, the reinforced PCI-E slot and RGB option from gigabyte. But Asus´ Supreme FX should fall too much behind their competitor and is supposed to be less power hungry, cooler, with better UEFI and better overclocking. I only care about moderate OCing and am an extremely audiophile individual. So difficult…

Singh is King says:

Spectacular amount of detail in your video. Well done. Thanks for this video.

i_hate_cars says:

Great info about VRM!! Couldn’t find it anywhere else. Thank you so much.

Jijia Bai says:

Dude your cat is back!

Doge Doge says:

Dude, you look almost exactly like me. Except a few years older.

All Black Everything says:

yes! a motherboard with a power button. These are getting more rare.

Henry Chinaski says:


daishi5571 says:

This and the supposed full review on the website are missing a number of details (I did like the power draw issue pointed out) including ports, layout, network and sound if this the level detail that is included in a “review” you are not spending long enough looking.

Ted Horton says:

Love the cat but hope he/she is properly grounded near that board! Little furballs of static they be sometimes.

w1LLz1 says:

Phwaa!? Didn’t know you boys use Buildzoid!!

Thomas Anderson says:

I cant decide between Asus or Gigabyte. What I have in mind is to get Gigabyte Aorus Z270x Gaming 7 or the Asus Maximus Hero 9. Whats the difference between these two boards and also the difference between Asus Maximus 9 and Asus Maximus 9 ROG. Also I considered Asus Maximus Formula 9 but its just to confusing what should I get.

Sandis Roginskis says:


ingram says:

Do USA ports give you FreeDOM-sync?

All Black Everything says:

When it comes to Buying Components like boards, this is the first place I go. I don’t want someone reading the features on the box, I want someone to get down and dirty with the actual components of the board.

mars3710 says:

Does anyone else think this cat is awesome?

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