Gigabyte AX370-Gaming 5 AM4 Ryzen Motherboard Review

This mid-high end motherboard from Gigabyte is a real killer. Lots of new and updated features including DDR4, PCIe 3.0, USB 3.1 and Type C and of course support for the new AMD Ryzen CPUs. I tested this with a Ryzen 7 1800X and managed to get a 4.15GHz overclock on this – which looks to be a pretty decent number!
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Luredreier says:

Hum, would have been interesting with more motherboard performance data.
And I’m not just talking OCing.
For instance MSI tended to have better non-OC performance then Asus on the Haswell processors back in the day if I don’t remember wrong.
Faster boot time, ever so slightly better benchmarks when at the same clock speeds and so one.
But the same motherboards that had better non-OC performance also where a tiny bit behind in OCing performance for some weird reason…
The performance of the IO ports, the boot time, that kind of things would have been nice to know.

Daniel T. Holtzclaw says:

8 Sata… I could use that. Looks like a pretty sweet board.

Isaac Clarke says:

This motherboard gives me a full sail, 100% chub. I want an ITX version plz Aorus.

Bulk R says:

Any chance to get BCLK support on the Gaming 5 with a bios update ? If not, Asrock Taichi is a better option for the same price.

PC Bauer says:

Hi I have a question why are s.der board two LAN jacks? Gruß aus German

Brandon Inkel says:

if anybody could answer this that would be amazing! so under info for this board it says 3200(o.c.) does that mean 3200mhz ram with that as its base clock will work or will I need to use 2800mhz and OC it to 3200?

francisco1495 says:

if it didnt have that white color, i would definetely get it

Eshwin says:


philip dias says:

Can you test ecc ram in this thing?

xiaobaozha says:

I hope both stock and QA are a focus. I have unfortunately just had to RMA my AX370 Gaming 5. F4 bios, default settings, no overclock with a 1700x. System build completed last Sunday, all ok Sunday evening and then would not post on Monday. Of course I am hoping this an isolated issue but the lack of stock aggravates the time till I can enjoy my new system.


Gigabyte needs to cut the BS and Send out some Board already 3/16 and still out of stock everywhere . fakkkkkkk lol

Vincent Walker says:

Been looking at this and the Gaming K7, and other than the colour scheme I can’t tell the difference, anyone have any ideas :/

Charlie L. [UK] says:

is the upgrade kit for the h100i gtx from corsair really for free ? i mean on there webside you you need to pay money …

leandro zacovichi says:

looks really nice

Tek Particles says:

Good stuff! love how comfortable you are on camera, really helps you get the info out effectively!

Manny Suarez says:

any word on the msi 350

Axe Axee says:

I like this board,,, tell me why I should like it over others.

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