Gigabyte Aorus X370 Gaming 5 AM4 Motherboard Full Review

Want to Ryzen? Youll need a decent motherboard then…


xiaobaozha says:

My Gaming 5 died yesterday after 1 day. Default bios settings, no overclock. Not happy.

A. K. says:

is there any b350 and x370 has dual bios ? from the video it seems this one has dual bios

claystudiofx says:

any x370 that support thunderbolt 2 or 3 ?

Jason Gregory says:

With the dual NICs, would it be possible to configure it such that one of the NICs is used exclusively for my PLEX server and the other NIC for all other network traffic?

nauti0007 says:

Somebody has a solution for DD4 that won’t go above 2400 MHZ ? Even with the F5D bios … My DD4 is G.SKill TridentZ 2x16Go 3200 CL14 (F4-3200C14D-32GTZ). Thank you !

Star of Eden says:

i need to know..will it be possible to use faster ram on this board ..say 3400 or 3600 running it like that or by using xmp to get it to work perfect..or is 3200 max here?

GEM Max says:

I agree with bios statement I lost a Board cpu ram and video card because of a gigabyte bios update

philip dias says:

No bclk overclocking?

Mikkel Moebius says:

Come on man, didn’t think we would catch you mistake a about 0:40.
“X270” 😀

The Gain Domain says:

Which 3200 ram did you use for the testing? can anyone tell me plz 😡

Tyrann says:

Hi i was wondering when you said that the corsair lpx 3200mhz ram worked that if it made a difference if it was the 64/32/16GB kit and what timings or any corsair lpx 3200mhz would work? trying to decide what memory to get as i just ordered the gigabyte board. Thanks

Alvin1020 says:

About to get this board. I’ve heard BIOS problems from Gigabyte before though – is this really any good?

Matt Kochanowski says:

my skylake gigabyte board has m2.ssd slot actually on the bottom side of the board. Pretty decent solution if you ask me. Just wonder why they did not decided to implement it here.

anon amous says:

This guy doesn’t have a clue. More money than brains.

ZaferSama says:

I ordered the twin brother of this mobo, K7 but I am a bit uneasy cos of the m2 position as you pointed out. I am planning to get a 500 GB Samsung 960 Evo. The case is Corsair 760T full tower which is pretty spacious and has good ventilation. Do you think the heat from graphics card can create any serious problem with M2 SSD? If so I will reconsider getting M2 960 evo and will probably go with a Sata SSD. Any other advice from anyone is welcome. Thank you in advance.

Akshat Dubey says:

Looking to buy this with Corsair LPX 32GB(16×2) 3000 MHz. Has anyone here tested this combination? Really hoping this will work

Ameoba says:

What’s the difference between “5” & “K7”?

ramin rostami says:

pleaseeee gigabite ax370 K7
i hear it can run ryzen with 3800mhz GEIL ram

Nathan Langhans says:

how did you get 3200 gskill ram to post!!!????

Jonathan Barnes says:

So wait does this board support Am3 coolers?

G Yogaraja says:

This shows it’s been a while since I last built a PC. Since when we got motherboard LEDs?

Free Money says:

all these fake scores. lol Asus are kicking asses man they’re #1

Bulk R says:

Any chance to get BCLK support on the Gaming 5 with a bios update ? If not, Asrock Taichi is a better option for the same price.

Rick Cash says:

Before going to Apple laptops, I used to build my own computers. I have the bug to try again, but I like to just buy the pieces and have them work, without overclocking. I wanted to build a medium gaming comp($1k). What is the best mobo for Ryzen 5, for the $, running straight from the box? Plan to use 5 with 1600X.

Helen Ewels says:

paid review..i see the motherboard post shows FF which means no boot up …so how can you have done any benches OP ????

Jan Kajander says:

what exact model of 3200mhz ram did you get to work with this motherboard? im updating into ryzen this summer and looking for decent mobo that can oc well and stable, also need the usb ports like this one has. 🙂


what memory you used ???

LimitIsIllusion says:

i bought this mobo and a 1700, but i havent bought ram yet. Im looking to buy 3200 mhz ram, but everyone seems to be having trouble without the higher speeds. Does anyone have this motherboard running 3200 ram? and if so, what type of ram did you buy? i waited this long to jump on ryzen so most of the issues would be fixed, but i have seen very few updated reviews of ryzen and people complaining about ram speeds seems to have stopped. this may mean the issues are fixed, or people gave up. I dont want to buy ram twice though, id prefer to go with the ram that gives me the best chance.

Marco Panzanni says:

Hello Tom, what is the G.Skill Ram kit that you are using on this motherboard? (all perfect, any issues with it?), thank you.

David Holmes says:

Thanks for the review. Mine is on back-order.

LO.Y.E says:

that is one very sexy board

mrsamska says:

Can anyone link me the case used in this video? It looks awesome.

Marlon Orellana says:

This or the asrock taichi x370?

W-_-T says:

If only I could actually find one in stock. I want to give my money to AMD and build a new system but no motherboards is a bad day

Henri Pihala says:

16:27 Right on!

Bestiplays says:

Where can I buy this cool aorus led lamp?

Just PK says:

does this have wifi?

Neil Bertram says:

I was looking at the memory compatibility document on Gigabyte’s web site and found it to be pretty hit and miss with the various memory models. You can get a 3000MHz kit to work but not a 2666Mhz kit? That’s fine if you’ve got spare kits hanging about, but what if you are a retail consumer and can’t afford to buy multiple kits just to get one to work? I do like the aesthetics and the feature set, but I am little scared of the shady BIOS stories and warranty comments from previous users.

Helzenberg says:

I had two Gigabyte mother boards and this is going to be my third, but the two had Bios problem, luckily I am a technician and Gigabyte offered the full bios on the site for recording, even with two Bios system gave error in my Z77. Now
with these protection keys I hope to be even more secure in case of failures, I do not know if Gigabyte is making the complete files available for recording, Bios site has 16MB but I sincerely hope to never use it.

Patrick Kroon says:

You always give a lot off information, good job. I don’t care about the length off the video (Y)

sgredsch says:

really nice review, i was hoping to find some information on the vrms of the board, but instead i was entertained alot – really enjoyed the video! keep it up! 🙂

Adam Saint says:

OMG… someone else who has had voltage probs with Gigabyte boards! I have a midrange Gigabyte Z97 board and it was putting 1.5v into my 4790k after an update!! :O yeah… that’s toooo much!

Tomáš Brou says:

I just bought this mb with ryzetn 7 1700 and Corsair Vengeance RGB LED 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 2666. Will it work good together or not?

BrashTix says:

Yo TTL , where did you get that RGB motherboard acrylic gigabyte stand in front of your pc??? I want one!

ArcticGamer says:

Decent video. I want to know when i can actually receive one. I have had two separate pre orders so far, in the UK and NO SITE, has had ANY stock as of now. I have even contacted gigabyte directly, who gave me a crap answer of “you may have to wait 1-2 weeks”, but no explanation as to why. REALLY ANNOYING, being left in the dark.

faustsmith says:

Does this motherboard have built-in AC wifi?

GraveNoX says:

15:40 Laughed so hard!!

yoochoobb says:

5:38 _The top one is the BIOS switch_ – These are the two switches at the lower left of the board. What is the bottom switch for? I haven’t watched the rest of the video yet so maybe you explain it later, but I didn’t hear you explain about the bottom switch.

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