Gigabyte AB350N ITX Ryzen Motherboard Review



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Iain Donald says:

honestly I think it would be nice to have the 24 pin at the top for most standard case layouts

BNMC0919 says:

Waiting until Ryzen 3.

Michael Sackett says:

Finally a good review, thank you sir!

Darcy O'Queef says:

m.2 slot is pcie or sata based? reviewers always forget to give this critical information and we lose money buying the wrong m.2 ssd

Cori Finelli says:

can i get a picture of our cable management in the node202 as i will be building in that case and would like to see what i will need to do in it before i buy the board

Eric Turner says:

ASRock has been using on board WIFI for awhile now they have like 4 or 5 Ryzen motherboards that come with it either already installed or a slot available to buy your own and install it, My ASRock X370 gaming pro comes with it and it works great.

pmhops77 says:

Big thumbs up for the Bios tour!

The Gaming King says:

Fuck that i3

Me says:

Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac next please

NFreund says:

One reason for a P/S2 Port: An IBM Model M 😉

Seth Banosan says:

Please review asrock fatal1ty b350 itx

Davide Monti says:

i got my 1600x to 3.9 with a b350 msi. tomahowk arctic

Ujiltrom M says:

0:50 If anything, I know for a fact that using a PS/2 device allows more voltage stability than using USB when overclocking. That’s why the ASUS Z270 Apex has one. Certainly more helpful under LN2, but I’m not sure if it helps under water or air.

2:52 Have you tried pushing the uncore voltage to 1.1V?

Gabe_N says:

Fun fact:
PS2 is the best way to connect a mechanical keyboard
USB have some kind of a bottleneck even tho you are using the razer RGB godlike ultimate over 9000 with ass RGB lights
It will still register 1 key press every time you press a key
With (just like normal 5 dollars non mechanical keyboards)
With some keyboards being able to register 4 to 6 I think

xXNarutoGaidenXx says:

Idk whether to get this or the Asrock AB350 itx board. My Bitfenix Prodigy case has cable routing holes at the sides of the case, so this Gigabyte board would actually be perfect. But I’m worried as to whether the RAM overclocking would be less than the Asrock, and whether the Realtek LAN chipset would be any worse than the Intel LAN. Anyone got an opinion?

Phanbot01 says:

I just ordered this earlier today. I was on Newegg’s auto-notify list for the Asrock X370 itx board, they sent me a notification at 3 AM about the board’s availabliity which I didn’t see until I woke up at 9 am the next morning. Jumped onto my PC only to see it’s out of stock. Thanks Newegg!

Shido Itsuka says:

Hating i3 unlocked :^)

Elite Dangerous Club says:

Honestly, did you check out the voltages going through the processor… Because you will find the bios is screwed! Check out OC3D TV review and then come back to us! Because this review told us nothing…

KinkyKinga1 says:

briliant review greg. if ryzen 2 sorts out the current ram speed issues with an improved intergrated memory controller, I might just have to pick one of these boards, and a small case so I can throw it all together with my current 1700, a 250 gig NVME drive, and 16gb ram for my mum

Blood D. Aaron says:

the asrock x99 itx is stranger though

The808producer says:

This board got manual vcore adjustment ? How ? I got AB350 ATX and its got only offset… ??????

Rowan Streeter says:

The layout actually seems pretty standard for ITX, my MSI Z87i has almost identical layout, minus the M.2 and the wireless is a PCIE 1x card in a slot at the top near the 24 pin power.

Brett Prior says:

Spoiled … If you’re a veteran builder, you were around for more days with zero location standards what so ever, features either… Like basic ones. But around for more of those days than you were during these lazy days of mindless PC building. It’s all so cookie cutter, modular, standardized, easier than an IKEA tv stand to put together these days…. Spoiled.

Rocket Maniac says:

That’s a dumb layout, hope they release a second am4 itx mobo since I like gigabyte mobos.

Chemtrail Dreams says:

Seems like a lot of youtubers just don’t know that the PS/2 port is for enthusiast gaming keyboards

Olli Arokari says:

Too bad it’s Gigabyte… Never buying anything from them again after owning a A970-UD3P mobo and a R9 270X windforce gpu.

Wabbi says:

I like how this guy who started building/using gaming PCs what like 2 years ago. disses PS2. Guess what? there’s more than couple reasons​ why they are still there. People still want it. Lower Latency. Near Universal support. Nkey rollover.

Metatron's Cube says:

I just got one of these boards for my second ryzen 1700 system. Instead of waiting on Threadripper, I’m just going to network render two 1700’s. After doing the math, it ended up cheaper too compared to the 1950x(1600$ for two full 1700 system’s). I’m sure the Bios will get sussed out eventually, my asus b350 prime plus runs ram fine(3200) with the latest agesa updates. I really dig the overall color theme on this board too, hopefully having the connections on top won’t be a problem.

LazyGeekgamer HD says:

Science studio you just gave my idea with that mobo thank you so much man

Justin Star says:

I am surprised you didn’t include VRM temp go along with your overclocking graph.
Nice vid anyway, thx

Patrice Casas Ocaña says:

amazon Link is wrong (AB350M not N)

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