Gigabyte AB350 Gaming WIFI ITX AM4 Motherboard Review

There has been a lot of hype and expectation over the arrival of an ITX Ryzen motherboard. Sadly the first one needs some very careful hardware choices to even make it worth consideration.


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Ramjet14 says:

I took a risk and purchased this board before seeing this review. But I got my DR Zaber Sentry case and I wanted to build a ryzen system. So this was the best board at the time, and in stock. So if another better mini itx board comes out for ryzen I wouldnt hesitate to buy it.

Blaze 125 says:

So a Ryzen 1600 at stock clocks would be okay? .. also these things usually seem to get better after a time with BIOS updates etc.. and i guess you can always add an aftermarket VRM heatsink if you need.

MarcasswellbMD says:

Love the show no matter the out come.. We need to hear the truth to make improvements.. You may have saved about a 1000 viewers a whole lot of trouble….

phant0m92 says:

I’ve a got friend running a Phanteks Evo ITX with an AIO cooled 1700. If he flips the AIO to top exhaust and has a 140mm intake in the rear would that help?

James Gray says:

Cracking summation Tom. If only they’d listened about the BIOS last time…

Steve Morris says:

I always find it astonishing that companies with the research &
development facilities in a tech industry such as GigaByte have products with
such inherent shortcomings that diligent reviewers are able to uncover.
It surprises me that such companies do not send over pre-release samples so
that they can incorporate the findings of reviewers. It would probably save them
a lot of time and money to do this and allow them to produce more refined
products for general release.

LowBuckPC says:

Kick in the plums award, LMAO!

Calvin Bottoms says:

Can you do a hackintosh build with that mobo?

Metatron's Cube says:

How does it handle the 1700 and 1600 with stock coolers and lower 65w TDP?

MzNToS says:

Please take a look at the Asrock AB350 Gaming-ITX and see if it is any better.
Luckily this board has the connectors on the usual places

Colby Custer says:

I have owned this board and he hit it on the head. This board is trash. I really doubted him but the voltages and vrm temps are outrageous. Do not buy this board even for stock usage.

the one you dont see says:

downdraft fan makes it workable sad.

elyche says:

Can you confirm if the new bios that released two days after this video went live offers any voltage fixes?

Aint1S says:

I know it’s not funny, but it is so sad to see a reviewer actually have to go to great lengths to actually say something positive at all…

After all, you have to be an objective reviewer to be good & Tom has that in spades.

If you live in the Southerner to Midwest States, forget this one… 20°C isn’t exactly something sustainable during spring, summer, nor fall. Especially inside a proper ITX case, it would be a *no.*

EasyToRemember says:

Thanks for the info it really helps

ArtisChronicles says:

Not gonna lie, always been interested in mini itx boards because I’ve always been interested in building a small pc. Maximum portability 🙂

mark benney says:

I do hope Gigabyte use’s this review as a positive.
And maybe come back to you with a upgrade VRM cooler.
Still would be very nice board for running a mono waterblock that EK always seem to be out early with Gigbyte.
Had the mono waterblock out within a short time for Aorus 270 board . I am presently using

ATARI800XLfan says:

The reason they chose that layout was so that bigger coolers like the wraith max would fit without interfering with the ram. Product page shows that now.

Sinister Puppy says:

Thank you for digging into so much detail on this. At least when I build a rig I try to plan on it being with me 5+ yrs. A critical piece such as the VRMs running this hot might cause an untimely death. 🙁

I’m itching to build Ryzen rig once DDR4 prices drop back to sane levels.

B Mcginnis says:

Great review!! Please please get the new Asrock 370 or 350 itx and review it!!!

vespaman0 says:


Diglo1 says:

Well VRM heatsinks today aren’t as good as they used to be. Intel x299 boards they are just insulators and looking back at AMDs FX 970 and 990 chipset boars like Asus M5R97:

Now that’s a heatsink.
Well this Gigabyte AB350 Gaming WIFI ITX AM4, you could just put aluminum “heatsink” with thermal tape and be done with the issues of overheating. I would have liked to see the temps without the heatsink….

Jim R says:

Use another stack of standoffs if you want more clearance for the M.2.
Standoff, standoff, mobo, mounting screw: =[[]]=[[]] | | <==[] Voltages, I noted those spikes on my AB350 Gaming 3 motherboard from Gigabyte. I backed off the overclock because of the voltage variation and am running a 1700x at 3.5 GHtz. Voltages are still not under control.

19leeryan says:

Butt Mud Flinging, nice one.

Georg1979 says:

The problem here is that Gigabyte should have shoved “X370 level” VRM on a “B350” board to keep the VRMs cool. Which they can’t afford to do, because it would make to all of their X370 boards a tough competitor.
The difference between the X370 and B350 chips are tiny anyways in terms of features, in my opinion. So motherboard makers have a hard time choosing their components to position their boards in the right way, not to compete against their own products.
Let’s face it, all the magic and wizardry is in the Ryzen CPUs. The difference between the “mid” and “high” level boards in my opinion are not justified in the price they are asking for it. I think they just want to make a good profit, so making monster good B350 ITX board is not in their best of interests. But that’s just my opinion.
I still think that all the motherboards on Ryzen need a Rev. 2 because feature sets from bottom to top level are a bit of a mess. For example leaving off dual BIOS, certain buttons, Voltage checkpoints off of certain overclocking boards. (My 7 year old mid range board have all these and more. And it didn’t cost more, than a simple B350 board with only 4 SATA ports mediocre audio, one LAN, no PCI [ YES PCI ])
That’s how things have changed in 7 years. It’s all marketing, snake oil and RGB. Show me a review from the last 5 years, where someone puts in more than a video card into a board. Right? Than why are all the other expansion slots there? Because like they say: sex sells. I get it. All the other stuff is boring. But this made most modern cases a fishtank with less options than before.
All this wouldn’t be a problem, if everything would be in it’s place, priced properly. And the choice of features wouldn’t suffer by it. End of story.

Fuddy Duddy says:

Honestly, i’ve been running a Z87i Gaming AC with the same heatsink on a overclocked i5 for 3 years now and it has never caused me any issues. Ryzen is even less power hungry than the 4670K (an R5 atleast) so it should be fine.

LeftHandedRocker says:

Thanks TTL. Really want my next build to be an ITX Ryzen one but with this currently being the only option for me, really appreciate your honest opinions in your reviews. 🙂

CyanideRevelations says:

Lee Mack sure knows his stuff.

Rod Sal says:

Its sooooo cute

UB o0Jealous0o says:

fml ordered a day before this video went up with an aio cooler I just got today…sad panda I had my 1700x ready with a 1080ti ftw3 on the way now this is gona take some time to return. do u think having the mini d frame from inwin help at all with temps since it’s open? from what I heard won’t matter

desu ne says:

gaming and wifi do not belong in the same sentence

Gorf Rollehcab says:

I had similar issues with the ab350M gaming 3 microATX (entirely different to the ab350 gaming 3). The hot VRM just made it impossible to get the build quiet at idle. VRM was putting out so much heat that I had to ramp up fan speeds to annoying levels to push that hot air out. Its funny because most builders who want the best bang for the buck buy standard sized mobos anyway, but demand for high quality silent ITX builds comes from consumers who have some extra money to spend.

Edward Blake says:

Great review…
Sounds like it has the same vrm setup as the rest of the gigabyte b350 range. Your basic 4+2+1 setup with ultra crappy mosfets that will get into a thermal runaway at quite low temps. Had to ditch a gigabyte AB350-D3H for all the reasons you listed.
I wish more reviewers gave the relevant information and concerns about a product rather than being shill’s more worried about their relationship with their suppliers.

Mike Roy says:

Good for calling it like it is. Doesn’t look too bad as long as you are using a downward firing cooler and a 1600x or lesser cpu.

Brooklyn TheFurry says:

Define Nano S is a performance Mini itx case.

Nopiw says:

In this video: ttl doesn’t understand load line calibration or why Vdroop exists.

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