EVGA Z370 Classified K Motherboard Review

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Lawrence Timme says:

Was this supposed to go on rush kit?

tehsimo says:

vdroop thing is probably just a test feature built in, which is exposed to you

Excal abur says:

Love the Mustang Coming #Hype in the background wonder how many picked up on it 😀

al bundy says:

They can’t seem to do mainstream better than the Z97 Classy. Maybe next year.

Glen Coco says:

great video

Cozma Gabriel says:

More motherboads, great… I want GPU news !

Markinpuff says:

That top slot looks like MSATA?

oldmanian says:

Love me some EVGA!!!

Cmdr Flint says:

The whole LLC thing confuses the hell out of me… I’m fairly new to overclocking (CPUs anyway), but with my own 8700k system, I can set 5GHz, and 1.27v in bios, everything is stable, but if I look at the actual voltages being applied it’s way higher than the 1.27v I set…

It idles around 1.362v, under normal stress test loads it drops to 1.3v and under avx workloads I see split second spikes to 1.47v!!! As far as I understand, this is down to the LLC setting compensating for vdroop, but I see numbers like 1.47v and have a mini heart attack!

Even though my temps never exceeded 74degrees (under avx stress tests), the whole voltage thing worried me enough, i put it back to stock speeds. I play at 60Hz anyway, no real reason to OC except for benchmarks.

mrlithium69 says:

Haha @ Backwards LLC.
EDIT: Turns out EVGA has been doing this backwards VDroop thing for years. They used to call it “With Vdroop” or “Without” – that way makes it seem more logical.
I Wonder if they know something we don’t. Like maybe it leads to higher RMAs? Maybe Tom could find out?

Jesse Dery says:

I’ve been using a POST speaker connected to my front panel headers for as long as I’ve been building. An onboard one would be a nice bonus.

Andy says:

V-Droop is not a feature, it’s a side effect you wanna get rid of. So why put a setting called “V-Droop” that you can “Enable” or “Disable”??? Why would I want enable something that’s not a feature? LLC on the other hand IS a feature. It helps you get rid of V-Droop.

Charles Pack says:

Evga has called it v-droop since the days of the x58 boards, its always been backwards, not sure why it was done that way but thats how it is. On another note the whole 370 line was pointless, just intel trying to cash in on a core increase

Bluen Ginez says:

i would love an EVGA AM4 board for the next gen 🙁
theyre Intel exclusive, but it’d be heaven if they do so

Sebastião Giacheto F. Júnior says:

3:51 – Six SATAs on the back I/O, never saw that on a motherboard before 😛

Kerstin says:

3:50 Those aren’t SATA ports :p

aks mani says:


PhatboyHD88 says:

I started out years ago with all evga products motherboard graphic cards etc.. then about 7 years ago had a problem with a MB and changed over to a X58 asus rampage extreme and never looked back ,, needed a good home for my 990X cpu,, but i continued using the evga cards,, then i ordered a evga 1080 and had the heat problems returned it and got a asus strix advanced 1080 and again never looked back,,, i feel evga has the best customer service in the business “But” in the last 5 years or so have been cutting corners i feel and their products are not what they used to be… i used to swear by promote their graphic cards to my friends and family but not anymore,,, ASUS has really stepped up their game and for me personally best quality and bang for your hard earned dollar you can buy,,, just my 2 cents..

HU88ICANE says:

Is the silicon under your nails from finally delidding your 7980XE Tom?

Tyler JRB says:

Really looking like EVGA will be my next board, hopefully they make even more improvements for the next gen. Very nice looking board with some decent VRM capabilities.
P.s – Get some nitrile gloves for the workshop Tom :), No they don’t make you a pansy or nufin :D, very useful.

supershafik says:

all the big tech channels stopped making board reviews, only few gems who still do this

Jay Tee says:

Man….I do not trust EVGA motherboards at all. Seems they always cut corners, make unstable and janky products, and the BIOS always has some weird shit going on.

TommyThousandFaces says:


That being said this board doesen’t look amazing, it’s an average board. Loved the detailed review as usual.

Quintin Howell says:

My go-to for mobo reviews

james hough says:

Should say:
Do you want Vdrop? Yes / no / i dont know

reboot says:

looks bit disappointing for EVGA Classified

Piotrek Szesnascie says:

Black and white, absolutely love it!

HOODedDutchman says:

Also the pcb looks very similar to msi gaming series. Which the midrange models also only have LLC on/off/auto settings.

Remember how good evga was in x58 days. Ah the good old days of soldered cpu’s and monstrous overkill motherboards.

Kerstin says:

That LLC setting does sound completely backwards to me as well

Sim says:

I don’t see why anyone would have this evga mobo on a shortlist. It costs more and has less features compared to it’s competitors offering. Does EVGA actually make it’s own motherboards like ASRock, ASUS, GIGABYTE and MSI or do they outsource it?

Tech News for Tech Noobs says:

This is making me wonder is I should look at the Z270 Classified instead.

Kelvin KMS says:

EVGA motherboard is so ugly now !!! Not even close than ASUS ROG Maximus Series !!! Ugly White color heat sink, cheap ugly South bridge heat sink, cheap ugly VRM, No 10Gbit port, no good build in sound card, NO RGB lighting !!! No liquid cooling port and block ??? It is a $100 USD crap MB. It can not call Classified !!!

dr brundle says:

you can select silent startup , en then no bleeping anymore

HOODedDutchman says:

I wonder if it had excessive vccsa or vccio overvoltage issues like z270 did at launch causing crazy heat issues.

om puri says:

in terms of evga’s motherboards looks they are going backwards. their z370n mobos are probably the most ugly 8th gen mobo

Jozef Dujava says:

Holy shit I’m early. 10th. Now off to watch me some TTL! xD

Sai Krishan Kumar says:

Awesome video. Very informative.

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